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BS40: 127 cards
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5 Assassin Bearcat Spirit  Common  search
89 Beam Gate Spell  Common  search
93 Berserk Crash Spell  Common  search
84 Binding Barrier Spell  Rare  search
94 Break Chain Magic/Burst  Common  search
23 Carebara Antman Spirit  Common  search
23a Carebara Antman Spirit  Common  search
23b Carebara Antman Spirit  Common  search
23c Carebara Antman Spirit  Common  search
23d Carebara Antman Spirit  Common  search
23e Carebara Antman Spirit  Common  search
23f Carebara Antman Spirit  Common  search
58 Chained-Boar Spirit  Common  search
81 Cross Slash Spell  Common  search
RV-03 Cyclo-Winder Spirit  Common  search
17 Death Stalker Spirit  Common  search
12 Death Twins Spirit  Common  search
83 Desire Ray Magic/Burst  Rare  search
1 Dinoragon Spirit  Common  search
87 Dream Abduction Spell  Common  search
78 Dyna Power Spell  Common  search
2 Euparlance Spirit  Common  search
14 Evil Churchman Spirit  Common  search
88 Extinction Wall Magic/Burst  Common  search
92 Full Fire Spell  Common  search
86 Healing Dance Spell  Common  search
16 Hundred-Eyes Boa Spirit  Common  search
79 July Draw Spell  Common  search
45 Kamichuu Spirit  Common  search
RV-11 Mantigore Spirit  Common  search
85 Mantis Edge Spell  Common  search
30 Mantis Raider Spirit  Common  search
24 Masked Tanager Spirit  Common  search
71 Millennial Forest Nexus  Common  search
34 PO-KE8 Spirit  Rare  search
90 Recovery Star Spell  Common  search
82 Rune Summon Spell  Common  search
13 Rune-Python Spirit  Common  search
91 Sacred Wing Spell  Common  search
80 Saint Flame Spell  Rare  search
7 The AncientKing Siats-Meekerom Spirit  Common  search
RV-09 The Angelia Angu Spirit  Common  search
46 The Angelia Bibibiel Spirit  Common  search
44 The Angelia Cuurin Spirit  Common  search
48 The Angelia Lemuriel Spirit  Common  search
76 The Aquapolis Ruins Nexus  Common  search
RV-10 The ArcAngelia Isfiel Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
33 The ArmoredBushin Dynastes Spirit/Burst  Common  search
65 The Autoloader Ethelred Spirit  Common  search
62 The AzureWingsDog Twinhead Shepherd Spirit  Rare  search
22 The BlackSwordOgre Dearcain Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
77 The Blue Holy Relic Nexus  Common  search
57 The BlueSearcher Kevin Spirit  Rare  search
35 The BraveShine Clearnodon Spirit  Common  search
25 The BraveShine Duckweetyplus Spirit  Common  search
3 The BraveShine Heathorn Dragon Spirit  Common  search
37 The BraveShine Mechasmanian Devil Spirit  Common  search
6 The BraveShineDragon Elas-Mordius Spirit  Common  search
27 The BraveShineSage Old Woodbacker Spirit  Common  search
10 The CavalierEvilDragon Va-Dwo Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
49 The CherubAngelia Jophiel Spirit  Rare  search
102 The ClownDeity Gingar Spirit  X Rare  search
20 The DarkSnakeGodKing Shenmadou Spirit  Master Rare  search
59 The EarthGiant Stanley Spirit  Common  search
RV-06 The Emperor Kaiseratlas Spirit  Rare  search
103 The EvilGodKing Deathpeers-Zorc Ultimate  X Rare  search
73 The Fallen Battleship Ruins Nexus  Common  search
100 The FlameSeraph Araphiel Spirit  X Rare  search
69 The Forgotten Hero's Portrait Nexus  Common  search
72 The Frozen Ocean Nexus  Common  search
50 The Fruitsel Star-Ruit Spirit  Common  search
70 The GiantBird's Nest Nexus  Common  search
RV-12 The GiantHero Titus Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
63 The GiantKing Aion Spirit  Master Rare  search
RV-08 The Gigantic Thor Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
42 The GiganticBeast Fasolt Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
56 The GladiatorGiant Jason Spirit  Common  search
11 The GreatTwinkleDragon Spinozark Spirit  Common  search
26 The GreenSearcher Pookses Spirit  Rare  search
40 The GunEmperorMachine Siegmund Spirit  Master Rare  search
75 The Heavenly City Lumina-Aeterna Nexus  Common  search
68 The Last Rose Crystal Nexus  Common  search
101 The LegendaryKing Titus-El-Grande Spirit  X Rare  search
19 The MakaiKnight Shazworth Spirit  Rare  search
66 The Odd Dragontail Rock Nexus  Common  search
74 The Parfait Conning Tower Nexus  Common  search
51 The PentanKaiser Empereur the 77th Spirit/Burst  Common  search
55 The Phalanx Giant Squad Spirit  Common  search
54 The PhantomSacredBeast Cardinkle Spirit  Common  search
15 The PurpleSearcher Deal Spirit  Rare  search
CP-01 The PyroxeneTwelveGem JulyEmperor Julyre Spirit  Promo X  search
CP-01a The PyroxeneTwelveGem JulyEmperor Julyre Spirit  Promo X  search
CP-03 The PyroxeneTwelveGem JuneGoddess Juno Spirit  Promo X  search
CP-03a The PyroxeneTwelveGem JuneGoddess Juno Spirit  Promo X  search
CP-02 The PyroxeneTwelveGem MayKing Robin Spirit  Promo X  search
CP-02a The PyroxeneTwelveGem MayKing Robin Spirit  Promo X  search
97 The ReaperEvilDragon Desirestar Spirit  X Rare  search
67 The Red Obelisk Nexus  Common  search
4 The RedSearcher Edwick Spirit  Rare  search
RV-07 The Sacred Mjolnir Spirit  Common  search
64 The ScaledArmor Hyram Spirit  Common  search
RV-04 The SevenShogun Destlord Spirit  Rare  search
RV-01 The ShamshirDinosaur Parasur Spirit  Common  search
18 The SilverScaleDragon Silverheart Spirit  Common  search
RV-05 The Soldier Antman Spirit  Common  search
99 The SpearTwinkleSacred Wodan Spirit  X Rare  search
29 The StompRaidEmperor Casso-Wary Spirit  Master Rare  search
60 The SyntheticBeast Chimeberus Spirit  Common  search
43 The ThunderSacred Donner Spirit  Rare  search
53 The TwinkleAngelia Rasiel Spirit  Rare  search
9 The TwinkleBladeEmperor SevenSwordTiger Spirit  Rare  search
96 The TwinkleDragonEmperor New-Siegfried Spirit  X Rare  search
21 The TwinkleEvilDragon Fall-the-Remus Spirit  Common  search
31 The TwinkleFangLupus Wolfsberia Spirit  Rare  search
32 The TwinkleFeatherBird Windsock Spirit  Common  search
38 The TwinkleHornBeast Gigantic Elk Spirit  Common  search
98 The TwinkleSkyPhoenix Geo-Sylpheed Spirit  X Rare  search
8 The TwinkleSwiftDragon Machdragon Spirit  Common  search
52 The TwinklingClownPrincess Trickster Spirit  Master Rare  search
41 The TwinklingGoddess Erda Spirit  Rare  search
RV-02 The TwinRowdy Diranos Spirit  Rare  search
39 The Valkyrie Ortlinde Spirit  Common  search
36 The WhiteSearcher Rz-7 Spirit  Rare  search
28 The WindRabbitGodKing Anima-Bit Spirit  Master Rare  search
47 The YellowSearcher Angelia Meliel Spirit  Rare  search
95 Titus Body Press Spell  Rare  search
61 Twinhead Elephant Spirit  Common  search

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