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X Character Pack 2: Excessive!! 100 Yen Star Dragon

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X Character Pack 2: Excessive!! 100 Yen Star Dragon: 83 cards
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X-CP02-0002 "Suzaku Kenran" Variable Cord Monster  RRR  search
X-CP02-0048 A13: Bester Monster  search
X-CP02-0045 AA12: Norton Monster  search
X-CP02-0041 Acid Crystal Dragon, Gaimlett Monster  search
X-CP02-0058 Additional Jewel Spell  search
X-CP02-0008 Athora "SD" Monster  RRR  search
X-CP02-0071 Avatar of Glass Crystal, Athora Monster  Secret  search
X-CP02-BR01 Avatar of Glass Crystal, Athora Monster  BR  search
X-CP02-0013 Big Crystal Dragon, Vulcan Monster  RR  search
X-CP02-0026 Biggest Dragonarms, Triple Buster Monster  search
X-CP02-0075 Biggest Dragonarms, Triple Buster Monster  Secret  search
X-CP02-0027 Black Crystal Dragon, Lucien Black Monster  search
X-CP02-0069 Blade of Stellar Deity, Viaraktear Item  search
X-CP02-0012 BW25: Aldiss Monster  RR  search
X-CP02-0043 Candy Crystal Dragon, Nuts Monster  search
X-CP02-0053 Colloid Armor Spell  search
X-CP02-0062 Cosmo Charge Protection Spell  search
X-CP02-0034 Cosmo Heal Protection Spell  search
X-CP02-0056 Crystal Shower Spell  search
X-CP02-0021 Delete Jewel Spell  RR  search
X-CP02-0046 Dragonarms, Bigger Brave Monster  search
X-CP02-0029 Dragonarms, Wieger Monster  search
X-CP02-0076 Dragonarms, Wieger Monster  Secret  search
X-CP02-0037 Dragoon Skill, Stardust Maneuver Impact  search
X-CP02-0064 Earth Barrier Spell  search
X-CP02-0028 ER75: Burroughs Monster  search
X-CP02-0005 Eternal Guardian Dragon, Aettir Monster  RRR  search
X-CP02-0038 EX Dimenzion, "Terminate ∞!" Impact Monster  search
X-CP02-0020 Extend Defender Monster  RR  search
X-CP02-0017 Fifth Focus Spell  RR  search
X-CP02-0083 GA 47: Effinger Monster  search
X-CP02-0023 GA47: Effinger Monster  search
X-CP02-0074 Galaxy Dragoner, Jackknife Monster  Secret  search
X-CP02-BR02 Galaxy Dragoner, Jackknife Monster  BR  search
X-CP02-0035 Glitter Stone Spell  search
X-CP02-0003 Indigo Gem Crystal Dragon, Athora Monster  RRR  search
X-CP02-0014 Iron Crystal Dragon, Evaclear Monster  RR  search
X-CP02-0049 J15: Tiptree Monster  search
X-CP02-0004 Jade Crystal Dragon, Schartreuze Monster  RRR  search
X-CP02-0061 Jewelry Chest Spell  search
X-CP02-0022 Lapis Lazuli Spikes Item  RR  search
X-CP02-0016 Life Envoy, Nectar Monster  RR  search
X-CP02-0024 Light Crystal Dragon, Graparl Monster  search
X-CP02-0042 Lost Dragonarms, Giant Fragment Monster  search
X-CP02-0019 Master Domination Spell  RR  search
X-CP02-0039 Meteorarms, Altoalizal Monster  search
X-CP02-0078 Meteorarms, Altoalizal Monster  Secret  search
X-CP02-0068 Meteorarms, Vaishal Monster  search
X-CP02-0040 Mind Faker Spell  search
X-CP02-0079 Mind Faker Spell  Secret  search
X-CP02-0025 Patient Athora Monster  search
X-CP02-0059 Phantasm Counter Spell  search
X-CP02-0044 Pink Crystal Dragon, Tarvel Monster  search
X-CP02-0032 Prism Canceler Spell  search
X-CP02-0073 Prism Canceler Spell  Secret  search
X-CP02-0052 Prism Relic Spell  search
X-CP02-0063 Proto Barrier Spell  search
X-CP02-0007 RA07: Heinlein Monster  RRR  search
X-CP02-0009 Red Crystal Dragon, Merurol Monster  RRR  search
X-CP02-0031 Red Crystal Dragon, Tarnat Monster  search
X-CP02-0072 Red Crystal Dragon, Tarnat Monster  Secret  search
X-CP02-0066 Red Gem Ball Item  search
X-CP02-0054 Revival Prism Spell  search
X-CP02-0030 RF15: Young Monster  search
X-CP02-0006 SAC17: Clarke Monster  RRR  search
X-CP02-0011 Shiny Crystal Dragon, Jenova Monster  RR  search
X-CP02-0055 Space Agent Spell  search
X-CP02-0077 Space-Time Distortion Dragon, Zodiac "if" Monster  Secret  search
X-CP02-BR03 Space-Time Distortion Dragon, Zodiac "if" Monster  BR  search
X-CP02-0060 Star Alternative Spell  search
X-CP02-0018 Star Believer Spell  RR  search
X-CP02-0036 Star Dragon Lance, Black Clock Item  search
X-CP02-0065 Star Dragon Lance, Fahrenheit Item  search
X-CP02-0033 Star Jack Destruction Spell  search
X-CP02-0015 Stronger Schlange:04 Monster  RR  search
X-CP02-0070 Super Gravity Device, Graviton Generator Impact  search
X-CP02-0001 Too Over-Dimensional Dragon, EXA Dimenzion Monster  RRR  search
X-CP02-0010 Transcend Star Dragon Emperor, Ewigkeit Monster  RRR  search
X-CP02-0057 Vivid Move Spell  search
X-CP02-0051 White Crystal Dragon, Carinyan Monster  search
X-CP02-0050 White Crystal Dragon, Kelnar Monster  search
X-CP02-0047 White Crystal Dragon, Schunerblain Monster  search
X-CP02-0067 Wild Wise Trap! Impact  search

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