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Reflections: The First Five-Year Mission

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Reflections: The First Five-Year Mission: 105 cards
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78 10 and 01 Personnel: Non-aligned  SR  search
135a 100,000 Tribbles (CLONE) Tribbles  search
58 Admiral Riker Personnel: Federation  search
34 Alas, Poor Queen Interrupt  VR  search
8 Armus - Skin of Evil Dilemma  VR  search
42 Assimilate Homeworld Objectives  VR  search
71 B'Etor Personnel: Klingon  SR  search
9 Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease Dilemma  SR  search
44 Bareil Antos Personnel: Bajoran  VR  search
59 Benjamin Sisko Personnel: Federation  SR  search
1 Betazoid Gift Box Artifacts  VR  search
60 Beverly Crusher Personnel: Federation  SR  search
61 Beverly Picard Personnel: Federation  SR  search
47 Borg Queen Personnel: Borg  UR  search
10 Borg Ship Dilemma  SR  search
19 Bynars Weapon Enhancement Event  SR  search
29 Central Command Facilities: Cardassian  SR  search
100 Cha'Joh Ships: Romulan  VR  search
28 Chamber of Ministers Facilities: Bajoran  SR  search
2 Cryosatellite Artifacts  VR  search
11 Crystalline Entity Dilemma  VR  search
12 Cytherians Dilemma  SR  search
101 D'deridex Advanced Ships: Romulan  SR  search
50 Damar Personnel: Cardassian  VR  search
62 Data Personnel: Federation  SR  search
3 Data's Head Artifacts  SR  search
79 Dathon Personnel: Non-aligned  SR  search
63 Deanna Troi Personnel: Federation  SR  search
102 Decius Ships: Romulan  VR  search
18 Devidian Door Doorways  SR  search
13 DNA Clues Dilemma  VR  search
83 Dr. Telek R'Mor Personnel: Romulan  search
51 Dukat Personnel: Cardassian  SR  search
52 Elim Garak Personnel: Cardassian  SR  search
36 Espionage Mission Mission  SR  search
54 Founder Leader Personnel: Dominion  SR  search
91 Future Enterprise Ships: Federation  UR  search
80 Galen Personnel: Non-aligned  SR  search
53 Garak Personnel: Cardassian  VR  search
64 Geordi La Forge Personnel: Federation  SR  search
99 Gomtuu Ships: Non-aligned  VR  search
72 Governor Worf Personnel: Klingon  SR  search
73 Gowron Personnel: Klingon  SR  search
48 Gowron of Borg Personnel: Borg  search
4 Horga'hn Artifacts  SR  search
95 I.K.C. Bortas Ships: Klingon  VR  search
96 I.K.C. Fek'lhr Ships: Klingon  VR  search
97 I.K.C. Hegh'ta Ships: Klingon  VR  search
98 I.K.C. Rotarran Ships: Klingon  VR  search
20 Interrogation Event  VR  search
37 Investigate "Shattered Space" Mission  VR  search
38 Investigate Rumors Mission  VR  search
65 Jadzia Dax Personnel: Federation  SR  search
66 Jean-Luc Picard Personnel: Federation  UR  search
67 Julian Bashir Personnel: Federation  SR  search
74 Kahless Personnel: Klingon  VR  search
89 Keldon Advanced Ships: Cardassian  SR  search
103 Khazara Ships: Romulan  VR  search
55 Kira Founder Personnel: Dominion  VR  search
45 Kira Nerys Personnel: Bajoran  SR  search
35 Klingon Death Yell Interrupt  VR  search
5 Kurlan Naiskos Artifacts  SR  search
75 Kurn Personnel: Klingon  VR  search
76 Lursa Personnel: Klingon  SR  search
81 Madam Guinan Personnel: Non-aligned  SR  search
6 Magic Carpet Ride OCD Artifacts  VR  search
84 Major Rakal Personnel: Romulan  SR  search
77 Martok Personnel: Klingon  SR  search
104 Montana Missile Complex Time Locations  VR  search
56 O'Brien Founder Personnel: Dominion  VR  search
21 Ocular Implants Event  VR  search
46 Odo Personnel: Bajoran  SR  search
31 Office of the President Facilities: Federation  SR  search
33 Office of the Proconsul Facilities: Romulan  SR  search
39 Pegasus Search Mission  VR  search
43 Plans of the Tal Shiar Objectives  VR  search
90 Prakesh Ships: Cardassian  VR  search
14 Q Dilemma  SR  search
88 Queen's Borg Cube Ships: Borg  SR  search
22 Regenerate Event  SR  search
7 Ressikan Flute Artifacts  VR  search
23 Retask Event  VR  search
24 Revolving Door Event  VR  search
82 Roga Danar Personnel: Non-aligned  SR  search
15 Scout Encounter Dilemma  VR  search
85 Sela Personnel: Romulan  SR  search
49 Seven of Nine Personnel: Borg  search
40 Study Nebula Mission  VR  search
25 Supernova Event  VR  search
26 System 5 Disruptors Event  VR  search
86 Taris Personnel: Romulan  VR  search
68 Tasha Yar - Alternate Personnel: Federation  SR  search
32 The Great Hall Facilities: Klingon  SR  search
30 The Great Link Facilities: Dominion  SR  search
16 The Sheliak Dilemma  VR  search
87 Toreth Personnel: Romulan  VR  search
92 U.S.S. Defiant Ships: Federation  UR  search
93 U.S.S. Enterprise Ships: Federation  SR  search
94 U.S.S. Enterprise-C Ships: Federation  VR  search
27 Wall of Ships Event  VR  search
57 Weyoun Personnel: Dominion  SR  search
69 William T. Riker Personnel: Federation  SR  search
70 Worf Personnel: Federation  SR  search
41 Wormhole Negotiations Mission  VR  search
17 Yuta Dilemma  VR  search

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