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Star Quest

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Star Quest: 325 cards
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295 Absorption Shield Effect  Rare1  search
11 Algon Home World  VRF  search
165 Alpha Assassins Troop  Common1  search
217 Anti-Matter Beam Effect  Rare1  search
247 Anti-Matter Storm Effect  Rare1  search
205 Apocalypse Ship  Uncommon1  search
20 Arach Home World  VRF  search
104 Arachnids Troop  Common2  search
297 Asteroid Field Effect  Rare1  search
241 Auto Self Destruct Effect  Rare1  search
145 Avenger Ship  Common2  search
28 Baleron Home World  VRF  search
113 Bane Worms Troop  Uncommon1  search
51 Banshee Ship  Uncommon2  search
63 Basilisk Ship  Rare1  search
39 Battle Beasts Troop  Common2  search
144 Battle Hound Ship  Uncommon2  search
47 Battle Lords Troop  Rare1  search
114 Battle Maggots Troop  Rare1  search
238 Battle Rage Effect  Uncommon1  search
95 Battle Sphere Ship  Uncommon1  search
84 Battle-Masters Troop  Rare1  search
22 Bendar Home World  VRF  search
112 Bendarian Night Crawlers Troop  Uncommon1  search
127 Bendarian Slaver Ship  Common1  search
130 Berserker Ship  Common1  search
266 Bio Hazard Effect  Common1  search
252 Black Hole Effect  Uncommon1  search
303 Blast Shield Effect  Rare1  search
194 Blitzer Ship  Common1  search
57 Blood Star Ship  Uncommon1  search
110 Blood Vermin Troop  Common2  search
77 Bone Breakers Troop  Uncommon1  search
73 Bone Crackers Troop  Common2  search
78 Bone Crushers Troop  Rare1  search
76 Bone Grinders Troop  Uncommon2  search
75 Bone Manglers Troop  Common1  search
74 Bone Scrapers Troop  Common1  search
106 Bore Beetles Troop  Uncommon1  search
161 Bounty Hunters Troop  Uncommon2  search
109 Brain Borers Troop  Common1  search
167 Bug Hunters Troop  Uncommon1  search
246 Carnivorous Rage Effect  Rare1  search
81 Centurians Troop  Uncommon1  search
143 Cerberus Ship  Common1  search
146 Challenger Ship  Uncommon1  search
128 Chameleon Ship  Uncommon2  search
149 Cignus 7 [cruiser] Ship  Uncommon1  search
1 Cignus 7 [home world] Home World  VRF  search
283 Class 1 Escape Pod Effect  Common2  search
285 Cloak Effect  Rare1  search
100 Colossus Ship  Uncommon1  search
242 Comet Collision Effect  Common1  search
278 Computer Override Effect  Uncommon2  search
265 Computer Shutdown Effect  Common1  search
248 Computer Virus Effect  Uncommon1  search
181 Conquerors Troop  Common2  search
160 Conscripts Troop  Uncommon1  search
270 Contractual Boondoggle Effect  Rare1  search
235 Core Breach Effect  Uncommon2  search
289 Counter Measures Effect  Rare1  search
55 Crimson Star Ship  Common2  search
227 Cyber Fury Effect  Uncommon2  search
298 Cyborg Nebula Effect  Common1  search
325 Cyborg [Natural] Resources  Common3  search
324 Cyborg [Political] Resources  Common3  search
323 Cyborg [Technology] Resources  Common3  search
25 Cyclops Home World  VRF  search
14 Da Vor' Home World  VRF  search
173 Dark Dragons [*] Troop  Rare1  search
264 Data Link Effect  Common1  search
203 Death Blow Ship  Uncommon1  search
188 Death Bringers Troop  Uncommon1  search
65 Death Fang Ship  Rare1  search
41 Death Squad Troop  Uncommon1  search
291 Deflector Shield Effect  Common1  search
199 Demolisher Ship  Common2  search
89 Dervish Ship  Common2  search
234 Design Flaw Effect  Uncommon2  search
277 Design Upgrade Effect  Uncommon1  search
200 Destructor Ship  Uncommon1  search
201 Devastator Ship  Uncommon1  search
240 Disband Effect  Common1  search
198 Disintegrator Ship  Uncommon2  search
294 Distortion Shield Effect  Rare1  search
207 Doomsday Ship  Rare1  search
9 Draco Home World  VRF  search
88 Draconian Viper Ship  Common1  search
99 Dragon Star Ship  Rare1  search
124 Dragonfly Ship  Common1  search
82 Dragoons Troop  Uncommon1  search
105 Drones Troop  Common2  search
215 Electron Torpedoes Effect  Common2  search
274 Emergency Life Support Effect  Rare1  search
282 Emergency Maintenance Effect  Uncommon2  search
305 Energy Infusion Effect  Rare1  search
232 Environmental Sabotage Effect  Common2  search
156 Excalibur Ship  Rare1  search
202 Exterminator Ship  Common1  search
239 Feeding Frenzy Effect  Uncommon1  search
111 Fire Slugs Troop  Common2  search
125 Firefly Ship  Common2  search
36 Firelancers Troop  Rare1  search
174 Firestorm Assault Force Troop  Rare1  search
140 Flame Blade Ship  Common2  search
94 Flame Disk Ship  Common1  search
72 Flash Dragons Troop  Rare1  search
33 Flesh Flayers Troop  Common2  search
296 Floating Minefield Effect  Rare1  search
271 Galactic Barrier Effect  Rare1  search
221 Gamma Ray Effect  Rare1  search
61 Gargoyle Ship  Uncommon1  search
101 Goliath Ship  Rare1  search
15 Gor' Home World  VRF  search
38 Gore Brutes Troop  Common2  search
24 Gorgon Home World  URF  search
138 Gorgon Hive Ship  Rare1  search
313 Gorgon Horde [Natural] Resources  Common3  search
312 Gorgon Horde [Political] Resources  Common3  search
311 Gorgon Horde [Technology] Resources  Common3  search
302 Gorgon Nebula Effect  Common1  search
116 Gorgon War Masters Troop  Uncommon1  search
115 Gorgon Warriors Troop  Uncommon1  search
287 Government Investigation Effect  Rare1  search
276 Gravity Boots Effect  Common2  search
229 Gravity Loss Effect  Common2  search
102 Grendel Ship  Rare1  search
69 Growlers Troop  Common2  search
151 Hadrian Ship  Uncommon1  search
152 Hannibal Ship  Uncommon1  search
193 Havoc Ship  Common2  search
29 Hephaestus Home World  VRF  search
142 High Iron Ship  Common2  search
118 Hive Creepers Troop  Uncommon1  search
119 Hive Horrors Troop  Rare1  search
117 Hive Masters Troop  Uncommon1  search
159 Home Guard Troop  Common2  search
79 Hoplites Troop  Uncommon1  search
52 Howler Ship  Common2  search
32 Hull Breachers Troop  Common1  search
7 Hydra Home World  VRF  search
97 Hydragris Ship  Uncommon1  search
34 Hydrus Stormers Troop  Uncommon1  search
244 Hyper Flare Effect  Uncommon2  search
164 Imperial Gladiators Troop  Common2  search
169 Imperial Lions Troop  Uncommon1  search
168 Imperial Rangers Troop  Rare1  search
166 Imperial Templars Troop  Uncommon2  search
301 Imperium Nebula Effect  Common1  search
319 Imperium [Natural] Resources  Common3  search
318 Imperium [Political] Resources  Common3  search
317 Imperium [Technology] Resources  Common3  search
263 Implosion Effect  Uncommon2  search
230 Industrial Espionage Effect  Common2  search
237 Insanity Swarm Effect  Uncommon1  search
148 Intrepid Ship  Common1  search
214 Ion Cannon Effect  Common2  search
256 Ion Storm Effect  Common1  search
191 Iron Legion Troop  Rare1  search
4 Isis Home World  VRF  search
163 J.D. Juggernauts Troop  Common1  search
19 Kragg Home World  VRF  search
136 Kraggot Hive Ship  Uncommon1  search
27 Kronos Home World  VRF  search
250 Life Support Failure Effect  Common1  search
286 Lunar Outpost Effect  Uncommon2  search
96 Maelstrom Ship  Rare1  search
231 Magnetic Storm Effect  Common2  search
261 Major Mutiny Effect  Rare1  search
40 Manslayers Troop  Uncommon1  search
132 Manticore Ship  Rare1  search
137 Mantis Hive Ship  Rare1  search
21 Marto Home World  VRF  search
103 Martoids Troop  Common1  search
71 Maulers Troop  Uncommon2  search
258 Mech Droid Strike Effect  Common1  search
309 Medical Ship Ship  Uncommon2  search
98 Melcetus Ship  Uncommon1  search
158 Mercenaries Troop  Common2  search
192 Metal Storm Strike Force Troop  Rare1  search
30 Metalica Home World  URF  search
257 Metallic Virus Effect  Rare1  search
267 Meteor Storm Effect  Common1  search
212 Microwave Cannon Effect  Common2  search
288 Minesweeper Effect  Rare1  search
260 Minor Mutiny Effect  Rare1  search
293 Mirror Shield Effect  Uncommon1  search
308 Munitions Ship Ship  Common1  search
91 Murtok Ship  Common2  search
80 Myrmidons Troop  Uncommon1  search
226 Natural Disaster Effect  Uncommon2  search
224 Neutron Charge Effect  Rare1  search
157 Nomads Troop  Common1  search
254 Nova Effect  Uncommon2  search
172 Old Guard Troop  Uncommon1  search
3 Omaria Home World  VRF  search
185 One-Eyed Terrors Troop  Uncommon1  search
211 Orbiting Defense System Effect  Rare1  search
218 Phalanx Laser Cannon Effect  Rare1  search
49 Phantom Ship  Common1  search
171 Phoenix Force Troop  Uncommon1  search
208 Planet Scorcher Ship  Uncommon1  search
220 Plasma Blaster Effect  Rare1  search
249 Poisoned Atmosphere Effect  Rare1  search
259 Political Assassin Effect  Rare1  search
262 Political Corruption Effect  Rare1  search
236 Power Surge Effect  Common2  search
31 Prey Slayers Troop  Common2  search
216 Proton Torpedoes Effect  Common2  search
223 Psionic Cannon Effect  Rare1  search
62 Pterasaur Ship  Uncommon1  search
213 Pulsar Cannon Effect  Common2  search
219 Pulse Laser Effect  Uncommon1  search
196 Pulverizer Ship  Common2  search
222 Quasar Cannon Effect  Rare1  search
253 Radiation Storm Effect  Common1  search
206 Ragnarok Ship  Uncommon1  search
83 Raidmasters Troop  Rare1  search
195 Rampage Ship  Uncommon2  search
64 Razor Tooth Ship  Uncommon1  search
90 Reaper Ship  Uncommon2  search
93 Red Slayer Ship  Uncommon1  search
43 Regulus Predators Troop  Uncommon1  search
310 Repair Ship Ship  Rare2  search
292 Repulser Shield Effect  Common1  search
204 Retaliator Ship  Rare1  search
272 Retrofit Effect  Uncommon2  search
183 Rogue Warriors Troop  Common1  search
8 Sarto Home World  VRF  search
86 Sartog Ship  Common2  search
12 Sauria Home World  URF  search
300 Saurian Nebula Effect  Common1  search
92 Saurian Thunder Ship  Uncommon1  search
322 Saurian [Natural] Resources  Common3  search
321 Saurian [Political] Resources  Common3  search
320 Saurian [Technology] Resources  Common3  search
269 Scanner Effect  Uncommon1  search
56 Scarlet Star Ship  Uncommon1  search
85 Scather Ship  Common1  search
121 Scavenger Ship  Common2  search
87 Scorcher Ship  Uncommon2  search
134 Screamer Ship  Uncommon1  search
170 Screaming Eagles Troop  Uncommon1  search
133 Screecher Ship  Uncommon1  search
23 Scurge Home World  VRF  search
178 Sentries Troop  Uncommon2  search
17 Ser' Pen Home World  VRF  search
35 Serpens Invaders Troop  Uncommon2  search
50 Shadow Ship  Common2  search
45 Shadow Slayers Troop  Uncommon1  search
190 Shadow Strikers Troop  Uncommon1  search
37 Shock Force Troop  Common1  search
197 Shredder Ship  Common1  search
135 Shreiker Ship  Rare1  search
54 Silhouette Ship  Uncommon2  search
10 Skor Home World  VRF  search
122 Slasher Ship  Common1  search
177 Slavers Troop  Common1  search
179 Slayers Troop  Uncommon2  search
131 Slithik Ship  Uncommon1  search
268 Solar Flare Effect  Rare1  search
284 Solar Wind Effect  Common2  search
108 Soul Suckers Troop  Rare1  search
150 Southern Cross Ship  Rare1  search
243 Space Sickness Effect  Rare1  search
245 Space Slime Effect  Rare1  search
273 Spacedock Effect  Rare1  search
53 Spectre Ship  Common1  search
129 Spidership Ship  Uncommon1  search
107 Spitters Troop  Uncommon2  search
307 Star Freighter Ship  Common1  search
139 Star Sabre Ship  Common1  search
186 Star Sabre Shock Troops Troop  Rare1  search
189 Steel Furies Troop  Uncommon1  search
255 Stellar Shock Wave Effect  Uncommon1  search
123 Stinger Ship  Uncommon2  search
70 Stompers Troop  Uncommon1  search
175 Strafers Troop  Common2  search
162 Strike Eagle Militia Troop  Rare1  search
48 Strike Masters Troop  Rare1  search
42 Strike Troops Troop  Rare1  search
180 Subjugators Troop  Rare1  search
210 Sun Crusher Ship  Rare1  search
141 Sun Dagger Ship  Uncommon2  search
251 Super Nova Effect  Rare1  search
176 Suppressors Troop  Common1  search
120 Swarm Lords Troop  Rare1  search
155 Sword of Damocles Ship  Rare1  search
182 Tactical Assimilators Troop  Common1  search
60 Talon Ship  Rare1  search
153 Taron Ship  Rare1  search
26 Tarsus Home World  VRF  search
184 Tarsus Darkstars Troop  Uncommon2  search
306 Technological Breakthrough Effect  Rare1  search
225 Technological Disaster Effect  Uncommon2  search
280 Technological Genius Effect  Rare1  search
233 Telepath Effect  Uncommon2  search
279 Telepathic Feedback Effect  Uncommon2  search
6 Terra Home World  URF  search
58 Thrasher Ship  Common1  search
126 Tigermoth Ship  Uncommon2  search
290 Time Warp Effect  Common2  search
281 Timeportal Effect  Uncommon2  search
2 Titan Home World  VRF  search
67 Trackers Troop  Common1  search
68 Tramplers Troop  Common2  search
13 Tu Bar' Home World  VRF  search
5 Urth Home World  VRF  search
147 Vindicator Ship  Uncommon1  search
304 Virus Purge Effect  Rare1  search
18 Vor' Home World  URF  search
44 Vor' Pa Claws Troop  Uncommon1  search
66 Vor' Pa Command Ship Ship  Rare1  search
299 Vor' Pa Nebula Effect  Common1  search
228 Vor' Pa Wrath Effect  Uncommon2  search
316 Vor' Pa [Natural] Resources  Common3  search
315 Vor' Pa [Political] Resources  Common3  search
314 Vor' Pa [Technology] Resources  Common3  search
16 Vor' Paq Home World  VRF  search
46 Vor' Paq of the Dark Grove Troop  Uncommon1  search
154 War Hammer Ship  Uncommon1  search
187 World Reapers Troop  Uncommon1  search
209 World Wrecker Ship  Rare1  search
275 Wormhole Effect  Uncommon1  search
59 Wraith Ship  Uncommon1  search

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