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KonoSuba Trial Deck

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KonoSuba Trial Deck: 25 cards
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KS-W49-T01 "Choosing the Goddess" Kazuma / “女神を選択”カズマ Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T06 "Crimson Demon Girl" Megumin / “紅魔族の少女”めぐみん Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T15 "Forced Along" Aqua / “強制連行”アクア Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T18 "Goddess of Water" Aqua / “水を司る女神”アクア Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T18S "Goddess of Water" Aqua / “水を司る女神”アクア Character  SR  search
KS-W49-T18SP "Goddess of Water" Aqua / “水を司る女神”アクア Character  SP  search
KS-W49-T12 "Immediate Opening for Party Member!" Aqua / “仲間急募!”アクア Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T16 "Is Heaven a Wonderful Place?" Aqua / “天国は素敵な所?”アクア Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T08 "Ostracized Forbidden Power" Megumin / “疎まれし禁断の力”めぐみん Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T02 "Parents' Names" Megumin / “両親の名前”めぐみん Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T02R "Parents' Names" Megumin / “両親の名前”めぐみん Character  RRR  search
KS-W49-T05 "Preparation for Explosion Magic" Megumin / “爆裂魔法準備”めぐみん Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T05R "Preparation for Explosion Magic" Megumin / “爆裂魔法準備”めぐみん Character  RRR  search
KS-W49-T17 "Pride of the Goddess" Aqua / “女神の誇り”アクア Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T17S "Pride of the Goddess" Aqua / “女神の誇り”アクア Character  SR  search
KS-W49-T03 "Proud of Explosion Magic" Megumin / “爆裂魔法の誇り”めぐみん Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T04 "Reason to Reject" Megumin / “断る理由”めぐみん Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T14 "Thoughtless and Carefree" Aqua / “お調子者で能天気”アクア Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T13 "Typical Thing in This Kind of World" Aqua / “こういった世界でのお約束”アクア Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T07 "Ultimate Attack Magic" Megumin / “究極の攻撃魔法”めぐみん Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T20 Bonus for Transferring to an Alien World / 異世界転移の特典 Climax  TD  search
KS-W49-T10 Explosion / エクスプロージョン Climax  TD  search
KS-W49-T11 Kill Quest Start! / 討伐クエスト開始! Climax  TD  search
KS-W49-T09 My Name Is Megumin / 我が名はめぐみん Character  TD  search
KS-W49-T19 Sympathy of Believer of Eris / エリス教徒の同情 Event  TD  search

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