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Kiznaiver Trial Deck

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Kiznaiver Trial Deck: 26 cards
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KI-S44-T11 "Annoyingly Self-Righteous" Chidori / “独善ウザ”千鳥 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T11SP "Annoyingly Self-Righteous" Chidori / “独善ウザ”千鳥 Character  SP  search
KI-S44-T18 "Dull" Katsuhira / “愚鈍”勝平 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T18S "Dull" Katsuhira / “愚鈍”勝平 Character  SR  search
KI-S44-T18SP "Dull" Katsuhira / “愚鈍”勝平 Character  SP  search
KI-S44-T01 "Eccentric Thoughts" Tenga / “脳筋DQN”天河 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T01SP "Eccentric Thoughts" Tenga / “脳筋DQN”天河 Character  SP  search
KI-S44-T10 Calculated Ally / 現金な味方 Climax  TD  search
KI-S44-T14 Chidori, Bitter Anger / 沈痛な怒り 千鳥 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T17 Hisomu, Mysterious 7th Person / 謎の7人目 日染 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T05 Honoka, Gaze of Contempt / 侮蔑の一瞥 穂乃香 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T13 Katsuhira, Darkness of Heart / 心の闇 勝平 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T19 mission: Self-Introduction / mission : 自己紹介 Event  TD  search
KI-S44-T20 My Burden is Too Heavy / 重すぎる私 Climax  TD  search
KI-S44-T04 Nico, Incredulous Ritual / 不思議な儀式 仁子 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T08 SD Gomorin / SDゴモリン Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T15 SD Hisomu / SD日染 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T07 SD Honoka / SD穂乃香 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T03 SD Nico / SD仁子 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T02 SD Yuta / SD由多 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T12 Sonozaki, Calm And Cold / 静かな佇まい 園崎 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T16 Sonozaki, Vanguard of the Project / 計画の先導者 園崎 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T16SP Sonozaki, Vanguard of the Project / 計画の先導者 園崎 Character  SP  search
KI-S44-T21 Sugomori City Kizuna Project / 洲籠市キズナ計画 Climax  TD  search
KI-S44-T06 Tenga, Chastising / お灸をすえる天河 Character  TD  search
KI-S44-T09 Yuta, Playboy / プレイボーイ 由多 Character  TD  search

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