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ViVid Strike! Trial Deck

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
ViVid Strike! Trial Deck: 54 cards
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VS-W50-T08 "Gifted Fists" Fuuka / “ギフトの宿る拳”フーカ Character  TD  search
VS-W50-T08SP "Gifted Fists" Fuuka / “ギフトの宿る拳”フーカ Character  SP  search
VS-W50-079 "Just End Everything" Rinne Character  search
VS-W50-069 "Past in Fetters" Rinne Character  RR  search
VS-W50-003 "Piercing Strike" Fuka Character  RR  search
VS-W50-T18 "Pure White Total Fighter" Rinne / “純白のトータルファイター”リンネ Character  TD  search
VS-W50-T18R "Pure White Total Fighter" Rinne / “純白のトータルファイター”リンネ Character  RRR  search
VS-W50-048 "Super Transform Time" Rio Character  search
VS-W50-030 Champion Who Goes Down in History Climax  CR  search
VS-W50-078 Classmate Bully Character  search
VS-W50-031 Decision After the Rain Climax  CR  search
VS-W50-098 Distraction-less Strike Climax  CC  search
VS-W50-006 Einhard & Fuka, Bathing Together Character  search
VS-W50-020 Einhard Stratos Character  search
VS-W50-007 Einhard, Basic Form Character  search
VS-W50-009 Einhard, Dignified Ring Entrance Character  search
VS-W50-002 Einhard, Under-15 Champion Character  RR  search
VS-W50-T07 Einhart, Morning of Encounter / 出会いの朝 アインハルト Character  TD  search
VS-W50-001 Fuka, Feelings of Freedom in the Summer Character  RR  search
VS-W50-017 Fuka, Senpai's Teaching Character  search
VS-W50-T04 Fuuka Reventon / フーカ・レヴェントン Character  TD  search
VS-W50-T04R Fuuka Reventon / フーカ・レヴェントン Character  RRR  search
VS-W50-T04S Fuuka Reventon / フーカ・レヴェントン Character  SR  search
VS-W50-T05 Fuuka, Athlete And Part-Timer / 選手兼アルバイト フーカ Character  TD  search
VS-W50-P01 Fuuka, Rinne's Childhood Friend / リンネの幼馴染 フーカ Character  PR  search
VS-W50-T06 Fuuka, Set-up! / セットアップ! フーカ Character  TD  search
VS-W50-T11 Jill, Believer in Talents / 才能の信奉者 ジル Character  TD  search
VS-W50-072 Jill, Firm Teaching Stance Character  search
VS-W50-T12 Jill, Passing Ex-Martialist / 通りすがりの元格闘家 ジル Character  TD  search
VS-W50-T17 Jill, Rinne's Exclusive Coach / リンネの専属コーチ ジル Character  TD  search
VS-W50-086 Lorrie Berlinetta Character  search
VS-W50-T02 Miura, Forced Smile / 苦笑い ミウラ Character  TD  search
VS-W50-T19 Morning Training / 朝の修練 Event  TD  search
VS-W50-T01 Nove, President of Nakajima Gym / ナカジマジム会長 ノーヴェ Character  TD  search
VS-W50-T13 Rinne Berlinetta / リンネ・ベルリネッタ Character  TD  search
VS-W50-T13SP Rinne Berlinetta / リンネ・ベルリネッタ Character  SP  search
VS-W50-T20 Rinne VS Miura / リンネVSミウラ Climax  TD  search
VS-W50-071 Rinne, Cold Eyes Character  search
VS-W50-T16 Rinne, Defense And Toughness / ディフェンスとタフネス リンネ Character  TD  search
VS-W50-068 Rinne, Feeling of Freedom in the Summer Character  RR  search
VS-W50-T14 Rinne, First Uniform / 初めての制服 リンネ Character  TD  search
VS-W50-074 Rinne, Forceful Offensive Character  search
VS-W50-076 Rinne, Ready in the Drizzle Character  search
VS-W50-081 Rinne, Ring Entrance Character  search
VS-W50-077 Roy Berlinetta Character  search
VS-W50-091 Roy, Beloved Grandfather Character  search
VS-W50-095 Scuderia Event  search
VS-W50-T10 Sprout of Talent / 才能の萌芽 Climax  TD  search
VS-W50-T09 The First Strike / 始まりの一撃 Climax  TD  search
VS-W50-T09S The First Strike / 始まりの一撃 Climax  SR  search
VS-W50-099 The Past That Can't Be Changed Climax  CC  search
VS-W50-T15 Victoria, President of the Under-19 Athletes / U19選手会長 ヴィクトーリア Character  TD  search
VS-W50-037 Vivio, Promise Passed On Character  search
VS-W50-T03 Vivio, the Tiny One / おちびさん ヴィヴィオ Character  TD  search

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