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Awakening: 386 cards
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60 Abyss Tentacle Buff  Uncommon  search
61 Abyss Weaver Buff  Uncommon  search
312 Alchemy Lab Buff  Uncommon  search
193 Ambush Combo Attack  Common  search
134 Ambush Worm Buff  Uncommon  search
62 Amplification Hex Combo Buff  Common  search
135 Ancient Ignu Hero  Rare  search
136 Ancient Miner Buff  Common  search
1 Anti-Gravity Field Combo Attack  Rare  search
2 Anti-Gravity Snail Attack  Common  search
313 Anzi the Mender Hero  Rare  search
119 Apocalypse Combo Buff  Rare  search
252 Aquadart Crab Item  Uncommon  search
63 Assassins' Guild Defend  Uncommon  search
3 Astral Priest Attack  Common  search
4 Astronomer Buff  Common  search
314 Automatic Avenger Buff  Rare  search
120 Avalanche Combo Attack  Rare  search
194 Beast Control Combo Buff  Common  search
195 Beast Master Buff  Rare  search
196 Beast Within Combo Buff  Rare  search
5 Black Hole Combo Attack  Rare  search
315 Blasting Cannon Item  Uncommon  search
137 Blazing Cauldron Combo Attack  Uncommon  search
6 Blinding Beetle Defend  Rare  search
121 Blood Moon Combo Attack  Rare  search
316 Body Morph Combo Buff  Common  search
317 Bombling Buff  Uncommon  search
318 Bone Chewer Attack  Common  search
64 Bone Reaper Buff  Common  search
138 Boulder Hero  Rare  search
139 Boulder Feast Defend  Common  search
65 Breach the Veil Combo Buff  Rare  search
253 Broken Dam Buff  Rare  search
254 Bubble Fish Buff  Common  search
255 Bubbly Relic Item  Uncommon  search
319 Bulwark Carrier Buff  Uncommon  search
66 Burst of Venom Combo Attack  Common  search
320 C-Teck Cannon Item  Uncommon  search
7 Cassini Hero  Uncommon  search
197 Cedrus Hero  Common  search
321 Celerity Combo Buff  Common  search
198 Cessilia Hero  Uncommon  search
122 Chilling Curse Combo Buff  Rare  search
8 Chimchu Farseer Buff  Uncommon  search
9 Chimchu Infiltrator Attack  Rare  search
10 Chimchu Lookout Defend  Uncommon  search
11 Chimchu Militant Attack  Common  search
322 Chrono Moth Attack  Common  search
323 Chrono Wrangler Item  Uncommon  search
140 Clay Hero  Uncommon  search
256 Cleansing Wind Combo Attack  Common  search
324 Clockwork Construct Defend  Rare  search
257 Cloud Harvester Buff  Uncommon  search
258 Cloud King Kashi Hero  Uncommon  search
199 Coercive Spirit Attack  Common  search
259 Cold Snap Combo Attack  Uncommon  search
372 Colossi Artifact Buff  Uncommon  search
325 Colossi Cannon Buff  Rare  search
141 Colossi Ritual Site Buff  Uncommon  search
326 Combat Tech Fusion Combo Buff  Rare  search
260 Confused Shaman Defend  Uncommon  search
12 Constella Hero  Rare  search
123 Corrupt Wildlife Combo Defend  Rare  search
67 Corrupted Spirit Attack  Common  search
200 Corvid Conspiracy Buff  Common  search
261 Crab Rider Neida Hero  Common  search
262 Crackling Beast Attack  Common  search
263 Crackling Rod Item  Uncommon  search
327 Crazed Bomber Attack  Common  search
68 Crippling Toxin Combo Buff  Rare  search
142 Crushing Blow Combo Attack  Uncommon  search
143 Crystal Bat Attack  Common  search
144 Crystal Leech Attack  Common  search
145 Crystal Maze Defend  Uncommon  search
146 Crystal Scepter Item  Uncommon  search
147 Crystal Skin Combo Buff  Common  search
148 Crystalcore Item  Uncommon  search
264 Dancing Flutterer Attack  Common  search
13 Dawn Stalker Buff  Uncommon  search
69 Defiler Attack  Uncommon  search
265 Delivery Crab Defend  Uncommon  search
201 Den Mother Buff  Uncommon  search
70 Devourer Defend  Rare  search
14 Dimensional Hunter Attack  Uncommon  search
149 Dolo the Mighty Hero  Rare  search
71 Draga Hunter Buff  Common  search
72 Drain Life Combo Buff  Uncommon  search
73 Dripping Dagger Item  Uncommon  search
328 Dugout Sentinel Buff  Rare  search
329 Duplication Combo Defend  Rare  search
15 Dusk Feeder Defend  Common  search
266 Dust Fiend Attack  Uncommon  search
150 Earthquake Combo Buff  Common  search
16 Eclipse Combo Defend  Uncommon  search
17 Elara Hero  Uncommon  search
267 Electrified Deluge Combo Attack  Rare  search
268 Electrified Moat Buff  Uncommon  search
124 Electrify Combo Buff  Rare  search
269 Electro Eel Item  Uncommon  search
270 Electro Stun Combo Buff  Uncommon  search
271 Elishi Hero  Uncommon  search
330 Emergency System Buff  Rare  search
151 Enchanted Soil Buff  Rare  search
272 Evaporator Attack  Rare  search
152 Everok Carver Buff  Uncommon  search
153 Everok Racer Buff  Uncommon  search
154 Everok Relic Attack  Common  search
155 Exteria Defender Buff  Rare  search
273 Eye of the Storm Combo Buff  Uncommon  search
202 Feral Rage Combo Attack  Uncommon  search
156 Fiery Blade Item  Uncommon  search
157 Firesparker Attack  Rare  search
274 Fish Singer Ushi Hero  Rare  search
158 Flame Bat Attack  Common  search
159 Flamechained Elder Buff  Rare  search
160 Flamechained Warrior Attack  Rare  search
275 Flood Combo Defend  Rare  search
203 Flower Garden Buff  Uncommon  search
276 Flying Debris Combo Attack  Rare  search
18 Flying Fortress Buff  Rare  search
331 Flynamo Item  Uncommon  search
161 Focus Chamber Defend  Uncommon  search
332 Force Converter Buff  Rare  search
19 Force Shield Combo Buff  Uncommon  search
204 Forest Mender Defend  Rare  search
333 Forgewall Item  Uncommon  search
334 Fountain of Time Defend  Common  search
373 Frenzied Kreebal Attack  Common  search
20 Frostflare Axe Item  Uncommon  search
21 Full Moon Combo Buff  Common  search
335 Fumbling Alchemist Attack  Common  search
205 Fungal King Buff  Rare  search
206 Fungal Leecher Buff  Uncommon  search
207 Fungal Medium Buff  Uncommon  search
208 Fungal Spores Combo Defend  Common  search
277 Gaurd Snail Buff  Rare  search
162 Geode Hatchling Attack  Rare  search
163 Geoplate Defender Item  Uncommon  search
74 Ghostly Grasp Combo Defend  Rare  search
75 Gorged Stalker Buff  Uncommon  search
164 Granite Hero  Rare  search
76 Graveyard Buff  Rare  search
22 Gravity Bubble Combo Defend  Uncommon  search
209 Great Daku Hero  Uncommon  search
77 Grimglider Item  Uncommon  search
78 Gurgling Ooze Buff  Rare  search
210 Hazel the Hermit Hero  Rare  search
278 Healing Rain Combo Buff  Common  search
279 Heroic Starfish Attack  Common  search
23 Hollowtooth Dagger Item  Uncommon  search
79 Horrific Manifestation Combo Attack  Uncommon  search
24 Howling Blade Item  Uncommon  search
211 Hungry Behemoth Buff  Rare  search
280 Hurricane Spirit Buff  Common  search
165 Impenetrable Shield Combo Buff  Common  search
336 Impex the Insane Hero  Uncommon  search
281 Impressed Seahorse Attack  Rare  search
282 Impressed Sludgefin Attack  Uncommon  search
212 Infected Wasp Attack  Uncommon  search
166 Inferno Combo Attack  Common  search
213 Insect Swarm Buff  Rare  search
214 Jadewing Item  Uncommon  search
337 Jax Hero  Rare  search
283 Kora Hero  Rare  search
374 Kreebal Infiltrator Buff  Uncommon  search
375 Kreebal Jester Attack  Common  search
376 Kreebal Potion Master Buff  Rare  search
377 Kreebal Raid Party Attack  Uncommon  search
378 Kreebal Saboteur Buff  Uncommon  search
284 Lalu the Rascal Hero  Rare  search
167 Lava Bouncer Attack  Rare  search
168 Lava Shedding Combo Defend  Uncommon  search
338 Leaking Generator Buff  Rare  search
80 Leeching Scimitar Item  Uncommon  search
25 Leo Hero  Common  search
339 Lexi Hero  Uncommon  search
215 Life Binding Combo Buff  Common  search
125 Life Imbue Combo Defend  Rare  search
26 Light Lasher Attack  Rare  search
285 Lightning Bringer Buff  Rare  search
286 Lightning Storm Combo Buff  Common  search
287 Living Cloud Attack  Common  search
216 Living Thorns Combo Buff  Rare  search
126 Living Whirlpool Combo Defend  Rare  search
340 Looper Attack  Common  search
27 Lunatic Buff  Rare  search
28 Lynx Hero  Common  search
29 Mageship Buff  Uncommon  search
169 Magma Blast Combo Attack  Rare  search
170 Magma Spitter Attack  Common  search
171 Magma Worm Buff  Uncommon  search
288 Malia Hero  Rare  search
341 Maniacal Machine Buff  Uncommon  search
217 Mantix Raider Attack  Common  search
81 Mantix Spitter Attack  Common  search
218 Mantix Tunneler Buff  Common  search
289 Mari Bard Buff  Rare  search
342 Maxili Hero  Common  search
290 Meeka Hero  Common  search
127 Meteor Shower Combo Buff  Rare  search
219 Meyku the Young Hero  Common  search
82 Mimicking Horror Defend  Rare  search
343 Mine Field Combo Buff  Uncommon  search
30 Mirror Beast Attack  Rare  search
172 Molten Blade Item  Uncommon  search
31 Moon Pearl Mace Item  Uncommon  search
32 Moon Song Combo Defend  Rare  search
128 Moss Armour Combo Buff  Rare  search
220 Mossridge Defender Buff  Common  search
173 Mountain Fort Buff  Uncommon  search
291 Murky Waters Combo Attack  Common  search
83 Necroskull Ward Item  Uncommon  search
129 Night Hunt Combo Attack  Rare  search
84 Night Lurker Buff  Common  search
85 Nightshade Hero  Rare  search
344 Nitro Hammer Item  Uncommon  search
345 Nitro Heal Combo Defend  Common  search
86 Nova Hero  Uncommon  search
87 Noxin Assassin Buff  Rare  search
88 Noxin Hexmaster Defend  Rare  search
89 Noxious Mantis Buff  Rare  search
346 Nuke Combo Buff  Rare  search
221 Oakthorn Warrior Attack  Common  search
174 Obsidian Maul Item  Uncommon  search
347 Olax Hero  Rare  search
222 Old Oak Defend  Rare  search
223 One With Nature Combo Buff  Rare  search
33 Orion Hero  Rare  search
224 Ouves Hero  Uncommon  search
292 Overload Combo Attack  Common  search
348 Oversized Wrench Item  Uncommon  search
349 Overwhelming Blast Combo Attack  Common  search
34 Paralysis Bug Buff  Uncommon  search
35 Pathfinder Attack  Common  search
175 Pegma Hero  Uncommon  search
350 Perpetual Cannon Buff  Rare  search
36 Phase Shift Combo Buff  Common  search
37 Planetary Alignment Combo Attack  Common  search
225 Pollen Weaver Buff  Rare  search
176 Prism Cannon Buff  Common  search
177 Prism Cannon Mk2 Combo Buff  Rare  search
38 Prismatic Sun Feeder Attack  Uncommon  search
90 Putrid Shaman Buff  Uncommon  search
178 Quart Hero  Common  search
226 Raging Spirit Combo Buff  Rare  search
351 Ramparts Buff  Common  search
39 Reality Twister Buff  Rare  search
227 Reckless Spirit Attack  Common  search
352 Regen Chamber Buff  Uncommon  search
228 Regrowth Combo Defend  Rare  search
179 Rickety Mine Buff  Uncommon  search
91 Rigor Mortis Combo Buff  Common  search
40 Rippling Flare Combo Attack  Rare  search
92 Ritual of Awakening Combo Buff  Rare  search
130 Rock Bomb Combo Buff  Rare  search
180 Rock Fists Combo Buff  Common  search
181 Rock Maul Item  Uncommon  search
182 Rock Rager Attack  Common  search
293 Rolling Thunder Combo Buff  Rare  search
229 Root Singer Defend  Rare  search
230 Sacred Aura Combo Buff  Uncommon  search
183 Scorched Earth Combo Buff  Rare  search
184 Scoria Hero  Common  search
185 Scrying Crystal Attack  Rare  search
93 Serpent's Fang Item  Uncommon  search
231 Sgt. Ironbark Hero  Rare  search
94 Shade Ripper Item  Uncommon  search
95 Shadow Prison Combo Buff  Common  search
96 Shadow Puppet Attack  Common  search
97 Shadow Supplier Buff  Common  search
98 Shadow Wraith Buff  Rare  search
379 Shadowy Figure Attack  Common  search
99 Shadowy Grave Buff  Rare  search
100 Shambler Buff  Common  search
41 Shapeshifter Defend  Common  search
353 Shatter Blast Combo Attack  Uncommon  search
186 Shatter Flame Combo Buff  Common  search
187 Shattered Volcano Buff  Uncommon  search
101 Shroud of Night Combo Buff  Common  search
102 Sicario Hero  Uncommon  search
232 Singing Blade Item  Uncommon  search
103 Skull Scepter Item  Uncommon  search
294 Skyrider Item  Uncommon  search
42 Skyward Observatory Buff  Uncommon  search
295 Sleepy Crab Staff Item  Uncommon  search
354 Smart Bomb Combo Buff  Uncommon  search
380 Sneaky Kreebal Attack  Common  search
296 Soaring Scout Buff  Uncommon  search
43 Solar Wind Combo Attack  Common  search
233 Soul of War Buff  Uncommon  search
104 Soul Thief Defend  Common  search
105 Soul Trader Buff  Rare  search
297 Spark Wisp Attack  Common  search
44 Spectral Guide Buff  Uncommon  search
234 Spectral Mantix Buff  Rare  search
235 Spectral Web Buff  Rare  search
355 Spinblade 3000 Item  Uncommon  search
236 Spirit Channeler Buff  Uncommon  search
106 Spirit Gate Defend  Uncommon  search
237 Spirit Mob Attack  Common  search
131 Spirit Tap Combo Buff  Rare  search
238 Spiritual Turmoil Combo Buff  Common  search
239 Spore Feeder Defend  Uncommon  search
240 Stampeding Tusker Buff  Rare  search
132 Star Blast Combo Attack  Rare  search
45 Starflake Defender Item  Uncommon  search
46 Starsail Item  Uncommon  search
356 Steel Fortification Combo Buff  Common  search
47 Stellar Fusion Combo Buff  Rare  search
188 Stone Scribe Buff  Rare  search
298 Storm Shaman Buff  Uncommon  search
299 Storm Wall Combo Buff  Common  search
300 Storm Whisperer Buff  Rare  search
301 Stormshell Item  Uncommon  search
189 Stream of Tantos Combo Defend  Common  search
190 Stubborn Everok Buff  Rare  search
241 Stumpdrift Shaman Buff  Common  search
48 Subjugator Buff  Rare  search
49 Sun Beacon Defend  Uncommon  search
50 Sun Blade Item  Uncommon  search
51 Sun Hugger Buff  Rare  search
52 Sun Strike Combo Attack  Common  search
53 Suntop Monastery Buff  Rare  search
302 Suspicious Squid Buff  Rare  search
107 Swamp Creeper Buff  Rare  search
242 Swarm Caller Item  Uncommon  search
303 Swooping Corvid Buff  Rare  search
243 Symbiotic Gnarler Attack  Uncommon  search
381 Tantosian Blacksmith Defend  Uncommon  search
304 Tempest Rod Item  Uncommon  search
191 Temple of Patience Buff  Rare  search
108 Tenebra Hero  Rare  search
109 Terrify Combo Attack  Uncommon  search
244 Territorial Dominance Combo Attack  Uncommon  search
357 The Heap Buff  Uncommon  search
110 The Undying Hero  Rare  search
305 Therapeutic Eel Defend  Uncommon  search
245 Thornleaf Crossbow Item  Uncommon  search
306 Thunder Slug Buff  Common  search
54 Tidal Shift Combo Defend  Common  search
246 Timberstrike Item  Uncommon  search
358 Time Chamber Buff  Uncommon  search
359 Time Collapse Combo Attack  Rare  search
360 Time Flicker Combo Defend  Common  search
361 Time Leap Combo Defend  Rare  search
362 Time Worm Buff  Uncommon  search
307 Tornado Combo Attack  Rare  search
111 Toxic Frog Buff  Rare  search
112 Toxic Haunt Combo Buff  Rare  search
247 Treanu Hero  Rare  search
248 Tree Sprout Buff  Rare  search
133 Tsunami Combo Buff  Rare  search
308 Turkle Captain Buff  Rare  search
363 Tyrax Engineer Defend  Rare  search
364 Tyrax Fixer Defend  Common  search
365 Tyrax Historian Defend  Uncommon  search
366 Tyrax Mercenary Attack  Common  search
382 Umbron Informant Defend  Uncommon  search
383 Umbron Marauder Defend  Common  search
384 Umbron Thief Attack  Common  search
385 Unruly Mob Buff  Rare  search
367 Unstable Defender Buff  Uncommon  search
55 Ursa Hero  Uncommon  search
56 Vela Hero  Rare  search
249 Verdant Guard Item  Uncommon  search
250 Vine Lash Combo Buff  Common  search
113 Virila Hero  Common  search
309 Vitalizing Frog Defend  Common  search
114 Wall of Bones Buff  Uncommon  search
368 Warden of Time Buff  Rare  search
369 Warp Toad Defend  Rare  search
386 Weapon Master Buff  Rare  search
251 Wildroot Item  Uncommon  search
310 Wind Controller Buff  Rare  search
115 Witch Doctor Attack  Uncommon  search
116 Withering Combo Buff  Common  search
192 Wrath of the Mountain Combo Attack  Rare  search
117 Xenith Hero  Common  search
57 Yikona Oracle Buff  Common  search
58 Yikona Tactician Defend  Rare  search
311 Zapper Bug Buff  Rare  search
59 Zeppelin Scout Defend  Rare  search
370 Zilia Hero  Common  search
371 Zuna Hero  Rare  search
118 Zyrus Hero  Rare  search

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