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Star Wars Booster Pack

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Star Wars Booster Pack: 150 cards
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SW-S49-093SR "Astromech Droid" R2-D2 Character  SR  search
SW-S49-T04 "Attack by the Resistance" Poe / “レジスタンスの来襲”ポー Character  TD  search
SW-S49-088SP "Awakening" Rey Character  SP  search
SW-S49-041 "Battle Professional" Boba Fett Character  search
SW-S49-T09 "Beginning of Adventure" Rey / “冒険のはじまり”レイ Character  TD  search
SW-S49-T09R "Beginning of Adventure" Rey / “冒険のはじまり”レイ Character  RRR  search
SW-S49-100 "Beloved Partner" C-3PO Character  search
SW-S49-059 "Blitz" Darth Vader Character  search
SW-S49-011 "Bloodline of the Force" Leia Character  search
SW-S49-035 "Boushh's True Form" Leia Character  RR  search
SW-S49-092 "Brave Supporter" C-3PO Character  search
SW-S49-007 "Captain of the Millennium Falcon" Han Solo Character  search
SW-S49-T03 "Captured Pilot" Poe / “捕らわれのパイロット”ポー Character  TD  search
SW-S49-069 "Carrying Out the Dying Wish" Kylo Ren Character  search
SW-S49-106 "Comrade" BB-8 Character  search
SW-S49-040 "Crime Lord of the Desert" Jabba Character  search
SW-S49-071 "Crowd Tactics" Stormtrooper Character  search
SW-S49-058 "Dark Commander" Kylo Ren Character  search
SW-S49-056RRR "Dark Side" Darth Vader Character  RRR  search
SW-S49-055SP "Dark Sith Lord" Darth Vader Character  SP  search
SW-S49-098 "Desert Hermit" Ben Kenobi Character  search
SW-S49-078 "Dictator of the Dark Side" Emperor Character  search
SW-S49-068 "Don't Be Overconfidant" Darth Vader Character  search
SW-S49-089SP "Dream-Chasing Youth" Luke Character  SP  search
SW-S49-047 "Eager" Lando Character  search
SW-S49-097RRR "Encounter of Fate" Luke Character  RRR  search
SW-S49-001 "Escape From First Order" Finn Character  RR  search
SW-S49-070 "FN-2187" Stormtrooper Character  search
SW-S49-T14 "For a Small Amount of Food" Rey / “ささやかな食事の為に”レイ Character  TD  search
SW-S49-T02 "Hero" Han Solo / “英雄”ハン・ソロ Character  TD  search
SW-S49-043 "Hidden Mission"R2-D2 Character  search
SW-S49-105 "Jedi Knight" Luke Character  search
SW-S49-102 "Jedi Master" Luke Character  search
SW-S49-112 "Jedi Master" Obi-Wan Character  search
SW-S49-104 "Jedi Master" Yoda Character  search
SW-S49-090SR "Jedi Training" Luke Character  SR  search
SW-S49-107 "Light Side" Luke Character  search
SW-S49-004 "Lightsaber in Hand" Finn Character  search
SW-S49-T13 "Long Sleep" R2-D2 / “長い眠り”R2-D2 Character  TD  search
SW-S49-T13R "Long Sleep" R2-D2 / “長い眠り”R2-D2 Character  RRR  search
SW-S49-057SR "Mask Off" Kylo Ren Character  SR  search
SW-S49-038 "Message and Present" Jabba Character  search
SW-S49-094R "Moment of Counterattack" Luke Character  search
SW-S49-022 "Neck and Neck Battle" Han Solo Character  search
SW-S49-T07 "New Determination Within Him" Chewbacca / “新たなる決意を胸に”チューバッカ Character  TD  search
SW-S49-T06 "New Determination Within Him" Han Solo / “新たなる決意を胸に”ハン・ソロ Character  TD  search
SW-S49-008 "New Name" Finn Character  search
SW-S49-075 "New Vanguard" Stormtrooper Character  search
SW-S49-066 "Persistent About the Outcome" Kylo Ren Character  search
SW-S49-103SR "Premonition of Friendship" BB-8 Character  SR  search
SW-S49-023 "Princess" Leia Character  search
SW-S49-024 "Rescue Operation" Han Solo Character  search
SW-S49-014 "Rescue" Chewbacca Character  search
SW-S49-053RRR "Reunion and Duel" Darth Vader Character  RRR  search
SW-S49-T12 "Reunion" C-3PO / “再会”C-3PO Character  TD  search
SW-S49-017 "Reunion" Poe Character  search
SW-S49-012 "Reversal of the Situation" Chewbacca Character  search
SW-S49-010 "Roar of Wookie" Chewbacca Character  search
SW-S49-046 "Rookie Translator" C-3PO Character  search
SW-S49-T15 "Scavenger Days" Rey / “廃品回収の日々”レイ Character  TD  search
SW-S49-005 "Scoundrel" Han Solo Character  search
SW-S49-003 "Secret Mission" Leia Character  RR  search
SW-S49-111 "Shooting Skill" Rey Character  search
SW-S49-065 "Skillful Strategy" Darth Vader Character  search
SW-S49-002 "Smuggler" Han Solo Character  RR  search
SW-S49-T16 "Something to Protect" Rey / “守るべき存在”レイ Character  TD  search
SW-S49-T16S "Something to Protect" Rey / “守るべき存在”レイ Character  SR  search
SW-S49-125 "STAR WARS" C-3PO &BB‐8 &R2‐D2 / “STAR WARS”C-3PO&BB‐8&R2‐D2 Character  PR  search
SW-S49-121 "STAR WARS" Chewbacca / “STAR WARS”チューバッカ Character  PR  search
SW-S49-122 "STAR WARS" Kylo Ren / “STAR WARS”カイロ・レン Character  PR  search
SW-S49-124 "STAR WARS" Rey / “STAR WARS”レイ Character  PR  search
SW-S49-123 "STAR WARS" Stormtrooper / “STAR WARS”ストームトルーパー Character  PR  search
SW-S49-009 "Starfighter Pilot" Poe Character  search
SW-S49-T05 "Stubborn Tracing" Finn / “執拗な追跡”フィン Character  TD  search
SW-S49-110 "Sudden Attack" Luke Character  search
SW-S49-060SR "Tainted by Darkness" Darth Vader Character  SR  search
SW-S49-091RRR "Talent of Pilot" Rey Character  RRR  search
SW-S49-096 "Teaching of the Sage" Obi-Wan Character  search
SW-S49-T01 "The Jacket Left Behind" Finn / “残されたジャケット”フィン Character  TD  search
SW-S49-018 "Thinking of Their Son" Han Solo & Leia Character  search
SW-S49-077 "Threat of Darkness" Darth Vader Character  search
SW-S49-T11 "To Jakku" BB-8 / “ジャクーの地へ”BB-8 Character  TD  search
SW-S49-025 "Wookie" Chewbacca Character  search
SW-S49-117 A New Hope Climax  CR  search
SW-S49-026 Admiral Ackbar Character  search
SW-S49-115 AT-AT Event  search
SW-S49-T17 BB Unit / BBユニット Event  TD  search
SW-S49-039 Bib Fortuna Character  search
SW-S49-037 Boba Fett Character  search
SW-S49-052 Bounty Hunter Climax  CC  search
SW-S49-034 Brilliant Battle Climax  CC  search
SW-S49-109 C-3PO Character  search
SW-S49-048 Cantina Band Event  search
SW-S49-064 Captain Phasma Character  search
SW-S49-049 Carbon Freezing Event  search
SW-S49-028 Dajarik Holochess Event  search
SW-S49-081 Death Star Event  search
SW-S49-T08 Duel in the Forest / 森の中の死闘 Climax  TD  search
SW-S49-062 Emperor Character  search
SW-S49-T18 Escape From Jakku / ジャクーからの脱出 Climax  TD  search
SW-S49-015 Ewoks Character  search
SW-S49-072 First Order Stormtrooper Character  search
SW-S49-T19 Force Wielder / フォースを持つ者 Climax  TD  search
SW-S49-T19SP Force Wielder / フォースを持つ者 Climax  SP  search
SW-S49-042 Gamorrean Character  search
SW-S49-067 General Hux Character  search
SW-S49-073 General Piett Character  search
SW-S49-074 Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin Character  search
SW-S49-006 Han Solo Character  search
SW-S49-083 I am your father. Climax  CR  search
SW-S49-033 I Can Do This! Climax  CC  search
SW-S49-036 Jabba the Hutt Character  search
SW-S49-051 Jabba's Palace Climax  CC  search
SW-S49-027 Jakku Event  search
SW-S49-054RRR Kylo Ren Character  RRR  search
SW-S49-016 Lando Calrissian Character  search
SW-S49-113 Lightsaber Event  search
SW-S49-114 Lightsaber Event  search
SW-S49-082 Lightsaber Duel Event  search
SW-S49-021 Lobot Character  search
SW-S49-T10 Lor San Tekka / ロア・サン・テッカ Character  TD  search
SW-S49-108 Luke Skywalker Character  search
SW-S49-045a Max Rebo Band Character  search
SW-S49-045b Max Rebo Band Character  search
SW-S49-045c Max Rebo Band Character  search
SW-S49-013 Maz Kanata Character  search
SW-S49-032 Medal Ceremony Climax  CC  search
SW-S49-030 Millennium Falcon Event  search
SW-S49-031 Mission Climax  CR  search
SW-S49-020 Nien Nunb Character  search
SW-S49-101 Obi-Wan Kenobi Character  search
SW-S49-087RRR R2-D2 Character  RRR  search
SW-S49-119 Return of the Jedi Climax  CC  search
SW-S49-120 Return of the Jedi Climax  CC  search
SW-S49-116 Rey's Speeder Event  search
SW-S49-076SR Scout Trooper Character  SR  search
SW-S49-085 Show me Climax  CC  search
SW-S49-079 Star Destroyer Event  search
SW-S49-086 Starkiller Climax  CC  search
SW-S49-063SR Stormtrooper Character  SR  search
SW-S49-061 Supreme Leader Snoke Character  search
SW-S49-080 The Dark Side Event  search
SW-S49-118 The Force Awakens Climax  CR  search
SW-S49-099 The Good News Bringer" R2-D2 Character  search
SW-S49-050 The Sarlacc Pit Event  search
SW-S49-044 Unkar Plutt Character  search
SW-S49-019 Wicket Character  search
SW-S49-029 X-Wing Starfighter Event  search
SW-S49-095SR Yoda Character  SR  search
SW-S49-084 You are beaten. Climax  CC  search

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