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G Booster Set 12: Dragon King's Awakening

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G Booster Set 12: Dragon King's Awakening: 181 cards
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G-BT13-065 Agilgal Liberator Gold Paladin  search
G-BT12-104 Air Elemental, Broorun Cray Elemental  search
G-BT13-054 Antibody Pegasus Angel Feather  search
G-BT12-029 Battle Sister, Baumkuchen Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-059 Battle Sister, Churro Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-012 Battle Sister, Florentine Oracle Think Tank  RR  search
G-BT12-060 Battle Sister, Ganache Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-056 Battle Sister, Kipferl Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-013 Battle Sister, Marmalade Oracle Think Tank  RR  search
G-BT12-027 Battle Sister, Sable Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT13-021 Black Horn King, Bullpower Agrius Spike Brothers  RR  search
G-BT13-006 Black Shock, Gavrail Prim Angel Feather  RRR  search
G-BT13-057 Black Talent, Lailah Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-053 Black Wisdom, Sraosha Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-082 Black-winged Dragon, Ravenptera Tachikaze  search
G-BT12-072 Blasting Stealth Rogue, Teruyoshi Nubatama  search
G-BT12-066 Blue Espada Dragon Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT13-024 Blue Storm Breaking Dragon, Engulf Maelstrom Aqua Force  RR  search
G-BT13-048 Blue Storm Soldier, Eldermoss Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-025 Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Lordly Maelstrom Aqua Force  RR  search
G-BT13-102 Blue Wave Dragon, Arsenal-Fleet Dragon Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-104 Blue Wave Marine General, Medla Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-011 Blue Wave Marshal Dragon, Flood Hazard Dragon Aqua Force  RRR  search
G-BT13-013 Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos Aqua Force  RRR  search
G-BT13-105 Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Beragios Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-072 Burning Horn Evolute Kagerō  search
G-BT12-033 Cherishing Knight, Branwen Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT13-084 Child Dragon, Littletyranno Tachikaze  search
G-BT12-009 Chronodragon Gearnext Gear Chronicle  RRR  search
G-BT12-S07 Chronodragon Gearnext (SP) Gear Chronicle  SP  search
G-BT12-020 Chronotiger Gear Glare Gear Chronicle  RR  search
G-BT12-S12 Chronotiger Gear Glare (SP) Gear Chronicle  SP  search
G-BT12-020EN Chronotiger Gear Glare English Gear Chronicle  RR  search
G-BT12-018 Circular Blade of Strong Lightning, Grizel Narukami  RR  search
G-BT13-046 Cold Blooded Advisor, Cunning Brain Spike Brothers  search
G-BT12-006 Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher "VBUSTER" Narukami  RRR  search
G-BT12-S04 Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher "VBUSTER" (SP) Narukami  SP  search
G-BT12-073 Dashing Stealth Rogue, Genzou Nubatama  search
G-BT12-051 Dawning Moon Miko, Akizuki Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-063 Demon World Castle, Fangenbose Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT12-079 Demonic Dragon Berserker, Chatura Narukami  search
G-BT13-009 Destruction New Emperor, Gaia Devastate Tachikaze  RRR  search
G-BT12-067 Diffarbau Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT13-090 Disciple Stealth Rogue, Minosuke Murakumo  search
G-BT13-063 Doctoroid Ladrus Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-073 Doom Bringer Highflame Kagerō  search
02 Dragabyss, Luard Shadow Paladin  SP  search
800 Dragfall, Luard Shadow Paladin  SP  search
G-BT12-Re01 Dragonic Vanquisher Narukami  RRR  search
G-BT12-008 Dragonic Vanquisher "SPARKING" Narukami  RRR  search
G-BT12-S06 Dragonic Vanquisher "SPARKING" (SP) Narukami  SP  search
G-BT12-001 Dragstrider, Luard Shadow Paladin  GR  search
G-BT12-SGR01 Dragstrider, Luard (SGR) Shadow Paladin  SGR  search
G-BT12-030 Dragwiser, Bronach Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT12-069 Dragwizard, Babd Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT12-065 Dragwizard, Enid Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT12-015 Dragwizard, Noische Shadow Paladin  RR  search
G-BT12-034 Dragwizard, Semias Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT12-061 Efficient Carp Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-076 Electrobutcher Dragon Narukami  search
G-BT12-052 Elite Heath Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-083 Eradicator, Drag Phoenix Narukami  search
G-BT12-007 Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant "Sigma" Narukami  RRR  search
G-BT12-S05 Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant "Sigma" (SP) Narukami  SP  search
G-BT12-086 Eradicator, Sharp Impact Dragon Narukami  search
G-BT12-002 Evil-eye Hades Emperor, Shiranui "Mukuro" Nubatama  GR  search
G-BT12-SGR02 Evil-eye Hades Emperor, Shiranui "Mukuro" (SGR) Nubatama  SGR  search
G-BT12-025 Excite Battle Sister, Bavarois Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-003 Excite Battle Sister, Stollen Oracle Think Tank  RRR  search
G-BT12-S01 Excite Battle Sister, Stollen (SP) Oracle Think Tank  SP  search
G-BT13-096 Fake Bomber Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-005 Fanatic Seraph, Gavrail Eden Angel Feather  RRR  search
G-BT13-077 Fire Chase Dragon Kagerō  search
G-BT12-041 Flame Column Eradicator, Castres Narukami  search
G-BT12-102 Flowerpot Elf Neo Nectar  search
G-BT12-085 Force Wind Eradicator, Shiva Narukami  search
G-BT12-044 Forward-pressing Gear Tiger Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT13-085 Furious Hair Stealth Rogue, Ikkaku Murakumo  search
G-BT13-022 Giant Star, Rising Great Star Spike Brothers  RR  search
G-BT12-062 Gigantech Shutter Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT12-049 Goddess of Regimentation​, Tagirihime Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT13-078 Great Cannon Dragon, Heavyarsen Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-037 Grow Heater Dragon Kagerō  search
G-BT12-082 Hardrod Dracokid Narukami  search
G-BT12-058 Hauser Dario Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT13-039 Heavy Bullet Dragon, Diablo Cannon Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-029 Holy Seraph, Parasiel Angel Feather  search
G-BT12-094 Integrity Flower Maiden, Ritaleena Neo Nectar  search
G-BT13-097 Jet Motor, Dosty Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-095 Jet Power, Dusty Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-056 Kind Care, Sartael Angel Feather  search
G-BT12-095 Knight of Deliberation, Memoreem Neo Nectar  search
G-BT12-099 Knight of Prudence, Memoreed Neo Nectar  search
G-BT13-067 Knight of Radiant Sun, Carinus Gold Paladin  search
G-BT13-034 Knight of Sunny Day, Salonius Gold Paladin  RR  search
G-BT13-068 Liberator, Board Andalusian Gold Paladin  search
G-BT12-039 Lightning Strike of Aspiration, Helena Narukami  search
G-BT12-097 Little Benefit Dragon Neo Nectar  search
G-BT13-076 Lizard Attacker, Conroe Kagerō  search
G-BT12-103 Lupinus Knight Neo Nectar  search
G-BT12-100 Maiden of Breedrain Neo Nectar  search
G-BT12-101 Maiden of Corantes Neo Nectar  search
G-BT12-023 Maiden of Fertility Governor Lily Neo Nectar  RR  search
G-BT12-096 Maiden of Glowshine Neo Nectar  search
G-BT12-047 Maiden of Produce Neo Nectar  search
G-BT13-007 Master Swordsman of First Light, Gurguit Helios Gold Paladin  RRR  search
G-BT12-010 Midsummer Flower Princess, Lieta Neo Nectar  RRR  search
G-BT12-S08 Midsummer Flower Princess, Lieta (SP) Neo Nectar  SP  search
G-BT12-042 Mighty Bolt Dragoon Narukami  search
G-BT12-050 Miko of the Morning Moon, Haruzuki Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT13-052 Mixed Element, Colburn Cray Elemental  search
G-BT12-031 Morion Spear Dragon Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT12-098 Mutual Love Maiden, Vallila Neo Nectar  search
G-BT12-026 One Advantage Miko, Nanase Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-068 Pedigree Knight, Tigresse Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT13-038 Photon Wave Dragon, Chasmolux Tachikaze  search
G-BT12-078 Plasmatron Dragon Narukami  search
G-BT12-011 Plumeria Flower Maiden, Sharl Neo Nectar  RRR  search
G-BT12-S09 Plumeria Flower Maiden, Sharl (SP) Neo Nectar  SP  search
G-BT13-093 Prompt Cheetah Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-098 Prospective Starkie Spike Brothers  search
G-BT12-024 Prosperity Maiden, Diane Neo Nectar  RR  search
G-BT12-055 Protective Cat Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-045 Protector Lotus Maiden of Yggdrasil Neo Nectar  search
G-BT12-091 Pulsar Tamer, Hegald Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-091EN Pulsar Tamer, Herald Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-022 Pulsar, Duplex Dragon Gear Chronicle  RR  search
G-BT12-087 Pulsar, Overrush Ox Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-021 Pulsar, Spearhead Unicorn Gear Chronicle  RR  search
G-BT12-021EN2 Pulsar, Spearhead Unicorn (EN) Gear Chronicle  RR  search
G-BT12-021EN Pulsar, Spearhead Unicorn EN Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-093 Pulsar, Thruster Bison Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-093EN Pulsar, Thruster Bison English Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-044EN Pushing Advance Gear Tiger English Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-028 Rapport Miko, Nazuna Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-057 Refined Prodigy, Asahiko Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-048 Resistant Lemone Neo Nectar  search
G-BT12-046 Sacred Tree Dragon, Rainbow Cycle Dragon Neo Nectar  search
G-BT13-016 Shining Fang Liberator, Garmore Excel Gold Paladin  RRR  search
G-BT12-077 Shutdown Eradicator, Dokukakuji Narukami  search
G-BT12-040 Smash Boxer Dragon Narukami  search
G-BT12-084 Soothing Eradicator, Gyokuman Narukami  search
G-BT12-038 Spiritual Wisdom Creator, Brahma Narukami  search
G-BT12-037 Stealth Beast, Gekisouookami Nubatama  search
G-BT12-075 Stealth Beast, Kazemomo Nubatama  search
G-BT12-036 Stealth Beast, Meimoudanuki Nubatama  search
G-BT13-089 Stealth Beast, Siren Fox Murakumo  search
G-BT12-016 Stealth Beast, Tamahagane "Metsu" Nubatama  RR  search
G-BT12-074 Stealth Dragon, Dreadmaster Nubatama  search
G-BT12-071 Stealth Dragon, Houjin Nubatama  search
G-BT12-035 Stealth Dragon, Ungai Nubatama  search
G-BT13-088 Stealth Rogue of Entertainment, Senbe Murakumo  search
G-BT13-086 Stealth Rogue of Grudge, Sodehagi Murakumo  search
G-BT12-070 Stealth Rogue of Rejection, Yorihira Nubatama  search
G-BT12-092 Steam Gunner, Shusin Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-088 Steam Knight, Shulgi Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-043 Steam Lynx, Adadoapra Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-043EN Steam Lynx, Adadoapra English Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-090 Steam Lynx, Enme Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-090EN Steam Lynx, Enme English Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-089 Steam Lynx, Nadine Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-089EN Steam Lynx, Nadine English Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT12-Re02 Steam Tamer, Arka Gear Chronicle  RRR  search
G-BT12-Re02EN Steam Tamer, Arka EN Gear Chronicle  RRR  search
G-BT12-004 Still Water Festival Deity, Ichikishima Oracle Think Tank  RRR  search
G-BT12-S02 Still Water Festival Deity, Ichikishima (SP) Oracle Think Tank  SP  search
G-BT12-019 Summon Lightning Dancing Princess, Anastasia Narukami  RR  search
G-BT12-S11 Summon Lightning Dancing Princess, Anastasia (SP) Narukami  SP  search
G-BT12-014 Supremacy Dragon, Claret Sword Dragon Revolt Shadow Paladin  RR  search
G-BT12-S10 Supremacy Dragon, Claret Sword Dragon Revolt (SP) Shadow Paladin  SP  search
G-BT12-005 Supremacy True Dragon, Claret Sword Helheim Shadow Paladin  RRR  search
G-BT12-S03 Supremacy True Dragon, Claret Sword Helheim (SP) Shadow Paladin  SP  search
G-BT12-S03EN Supremacy True Dragon, Claret Sword Helheim EN (SP) Shadow Paladin  SP  search
G-BT12-032 Sweep Owlner, Cethlenn Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT12-064 Swift Owl Shadow Paladin  search
G-BT13-055 Thermic Shot Nurse Angel Feather  search
G-BT12-017 True Eradicator, Aconitum Linchu Narukami  RR  search
G-BT12-054 Weather Girl, Lassi Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-053 Weather Girl, Shake Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT12-081 Whistling Arrow Eradicator, Kosanjou Narukami  search
G-BT12-080 Wyvern Strike, Timlarsh Narukami  search

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