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Series II Primary Edition

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Series II Primary Edition: 497 cards
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26 Academy search
214 Accelerated Timeline search
24 Administrative Facility search
82 Admiral search
211 Advanced Preparedness R/L  search
186 Akru Supernova search
280 Alien Abduction search
208 Alien Artifact search
292 Alien Love Interest R/O  search
221 Alien Parasites C1  search
300 Alliance Treaty search
51 Ambassador search
8 Ancient Molting search
58 Ancient Spacefarer search
209 Anomaly Portal R/L  search
131 Anti-Tractor R/E  C1  search
131v Anti-Tractor [variation] R/E  C1  search
140 Antimatter Mine search
181 Antimatter Singularity search
340 Argonian Assault Carrier - Argonian Galestorm Assault Carrier C1  search
340v Argonian Assault Carrier - Argonian Galestorm Assault Carrier [variation] C1  search
375 Argonian Battlecruiser - Argonian Hurricane Battlecruiser search
388 Argonian Battleship - Argonian Star Cluster Battleship search
363 Argonian Command Cruiser - Argonian Tornado Command Cruiser search
363v Argonian Command Cruiser - Argonian Tornado Command Cruiser [variation] search
341 Argonian Destroyer - Argonian Blizzard Destroyer C2  search
383 Argonian Dreadnought - Argonian Nova Dreadnought search
311 Argonian Escort - Argonian Warm Front Escort C2  search
327 Argonian Frigate - Argonian Sunspot Frigate C2  search
376 Argonian Heavy Carrier - Argonian Ionstorm Heavy Carrier search
364 Argonian Heavy Cruiser - Argonian Typhoon Heavy Cruiser [S6] C2  search
356 Argonian Light Cruiser - Argonian Whirlwind Light Cruiser C2  search
342 Argonian Minesweeper - Argonian Sleet Minesweeper C1  search
342v Argonian Minesweeper - Argonian Sleet Minesweeper [variation] C1  search
328 Argonian Science Vessel - Argonian Rainshower Science Vessel C1  search
343 Argonian Scout Cruiser - Argonian Cumulonimbus Scout Cruiser C1  search
343v Argonian Scout Cruiser - Argonian Cumulonimbus Scout Cruiser [variation] C1  search
151 Argonian Strobe search
399 Armory Moon C2  search
77 Assassin search
400 Asteroid Belt - Benakis Asteroid Belt C2  search
420 Asteroid Field search
229 Astromorph search
229v Astromorph [variation] search
5 Automaton search
29 Bar Tender R/C  search
29v Bar Tender [variation] R/C  search
59 Base Commander search
21 Base Station search
21v Base Station [variation] search
25 Battlestation search
421 Black Hole search
30 Boarding Party [C1] C2  search
42 Boarding Party [C4] search
71 Boarding Party [C7] search
365 Bolaar Battlecruiser search
344 Bolaar Cargo Express search
377 Bolaar Dreadnought search
329 Bolaar Light Pirate Raider C1  search
329v Bolaar Light Pirate Raider [variation] C1  search
330 Bolaar Medium Raider C1  search
154 Bolaar Phaser Capacitors search
345 Bolaar Stealth Raider C1  search
312 Bolaar Ultra-Light Raider C1  search
43 Bounty Hunter C1  search
249 Breakdown [O1] C2  search
268 Breakdown [O5] search
281 Bribe Pirate search
282 Broken Supply Lines search
282v Broken Supply Lines [variation] search
258 Bureaucracy search
286 Capital Revitalization search
105 Capsule Engine Pack - Krebiz Capsule Engine Pack C1  search
60 Captain search
10 Captain's Bluff R/A  search
392 Captured Satellite C1  search
392v Captured Satellite [variation] C1  search
106 Cargo [E1] C2  search
123 Cargo [E3] C1  search
123v Cargo [E3] [variation] C1  search
34 Civilian Captain C2  search
61 Clone search
395 Comet - Biruk's Comet C2  search
422 Comet - Sochess Comet search
93 Comet Dragoness C1  search
93v Comet Dragoness [variation] C1  search
252 Comet Impact search
62 Commando R/C  search
62v Commando [variation] R/C  search
396 Commerce Moon C1  search
14 Commercial Outpost C2  search
78 Commodore search
52 Communications Officer C1  search
52v Communications Officer [variation] C1  search
293 Computer Virus search
31 Confidential First Chief Executive Deputy Assistant to the..... - Ditto C1  search
31v Confidential First Chief Executive Deputy Assistant to the..... - Ditto [variation] C1  search
378 Corporate Battlecruiser search
389 Corporate Battleship search
379 Corporate Command Cruiser search
331 Corporate Destroyer C2  search
384 Corporate Dreadnought search
313 Corporate Escort C2  search
314 Corporate Frigate C2  search
366 Corporate Heavy Cruiser C1  search
346 Corporate Light Cruiser C2  search
347 Corporate Minesweeper C1  search
357 Corporate Scout Cruiser C2  search
44 Corrupt Politician C1  search
172 Cosmic Rays search
178 Crab Pulsar search
32 Crewman R/C  C2  search
196 Cursed Alien Artifact C1  search
196v Cursed Alien Artifact [variation] C1  search
63 Damage Control Team R/C  search
91 Dark Dragoness search
259 Defensive Electronic Warfare R/O  C1  search
204 Defensive Override R/L  search
16a Defensive Satellites [Planet Left] C2  search
16b Defensive Satellites [Planet Right] C2  search
144 Deflection/Transfer Device search
103 Deinos Nameh - Dragon King search
212 Demigod Diversion R/L  search
269 Derelict Spacecraft C1  search
184 Dimensional Portal search
206 Distress Beacon R/L  search
107 Distribution Node C2  search
141 Distribution Nodes [E5] C1  search
157 Distribution Nodes [E9] search
161 Divergent Anomaly C2  search
72 Doctor [Argonian R/C7] R/C  search
73 Doctor [Krebiz R/C7] R/C  C2  search
13 Dragon Automaton search
410 Dragon Cave search
270 Dragon Coupling search
87 Dragon Hatchling [D1] C1  search
87v Dragon Hatchling [D1] [variation] C1  search
89 Dragon Hatchling [D2] search
401 Dragon Hole C1  search
401v Dragon Hole [variation] C1  search
427 Dragon Lair [T8] search
430 Dragon Lair [T9] search
104 Draxos III - Dragon Queen search
162 Dust Cloud C2  search
260 Early Warning Beacon C2  search
294 Economic Crisis search
175 EM Burst C1  search
175v EM Burst [variation] C1  search
283 Emergency Capsule Separation R/O  search
283v Emergency Capsule Separation [variation] R/O  search
295 Emergency Damage Control R/O  search
124 Emergency Power R/E  search
155 Energy Flux Mode Enhancement - Argonian Energy Flux Mode Enhancement search
125 Engine Synchronization C2  search
39 Engineer search
35 Ensign C1  search
12 Eon Molting search
108 Escape Pod C2  search
101 Ether Dragoness search
271 Evasive Maneuvers R/O  search
210 Expeditious Reserves search
287 False Intelligence Report search
109 False Mine R/E  C1  search
244 Fatal Horror search
142 Fighter R/E  search
17 Fighter Garrison C1  search
17v Fighter Garrison [variation] C1  search
45 Fighter Pilot search
304a Fleet Freighter [nose left] C2  search
304b Fleet Freighter [nose right] C2  search
315 Fleet Tug search
261 Forced Retreat [O3] C2  search
272 Forced Retreat [O5] search
272v Forced Retreat [O5] [variation] search
288 Forced Retreat [O7] search
156 Fuser search
110 Fuser Mechanism C2  search
367 Garbage Scow C1  search
79 General search
253 Gold Vein C1  search
253v Gold Vein [variation] C1  search
115 GP Chamber - Argonian Gaseous Protection Chamber R/E  C1  search
183 Gravity Pocket search
164 Gravity Wave C2  search
9 Greater Automaton search
3 Hand-Held Weapon C1  search
132 Hangar Bay search
225 Harvesters search
152 Heavy Fighter R/E  search
133 Heavy Phaser Refit C1  search
133v Heavy Phaser Refit [variation] C1  search
126 Heavy Shield Refit search
134 Heavy Shuttlecraft R/E  C1  search
134v Heavy Shuttlecraft [variation] R/E  C1  search
127 Heavy Weapon Refit [E3] C1  search
145 Heavy Weapon Refit [E6] search
145v Heavy Weapon Refit [E6] [variation] search
205 Heavy Weapons Backfire R/L  search
36 Helmsman C2  search
7 Hot Nobelium search
246 Huge Phaser Eel search
135 Hull Rotation - Argonian Hull Rotation R/E  C1  search
95 Hydrogen Dragoness search
250 Illness [O1] C2  search
273 Illness [O5] C1  search
273v Illness [O5] [variation] C1  search
301 Illness [O9] search
316 Independent Freighter C1  search
316v Independent Freighter [variation] C1  search
332 Independent Pirate Ship [S3] C1  search
348 Independent Pirate Ship [S4] search
380 Independent Pirate Ship [S7] search
333 Independent Tug search
385 Indirigan Battlecruiser - Indirigan Nomads Battlecruiser search
391 Indirigan Battleship search
83 Indirigan Chieftain search
358 Indirigan Destroyer - Indirigan Nomads Destroyer C1  search
358v Indirigan Destroyer - Indirigan Nomads Destroyer [variation] C1  search
390 Indirigan Dreadnought search
334 Indirigan Escort - Indirigan Nomads Escort C2  search
33 Indirigan Female search
349 Indirigan Frigate - Indirigan Nomads Frigate C2  search
386 Indirigan Heavy Carrier search
381 Indirigan Heavy Cruiser search
335 Indirigan Light Carrier C2  search
368 Indirigan Light Cruiser search
369 Indirigan Medium Cruiser - Indirigan Nomads Medium Cruiser search
265 Information Leak C1  search
254 Injury [O2] C2  search
284 Injury [O6] C1  search
274 Insanity [O5] search
302 Insanity [O9] search
289 Interplanetary Conflict search
222 Invinco Guardian [M3] C2  search
236 Invinco Guardian [M6] search
165 Ion Storm [H2] C2  search
176 Ion Storm [H5] search
397 Ionized Particle Field C2  search
242 Juggernaut search
247 Kraken search
111 Krebiz Armor [E1] C2  search
116 Krebiz Armor [E2] C1  search
128 Krebiz Armor [E3] search
317 Krebiz Battle Capsule search
318 Krebiz Carrier Capsule C1  search
359 Krebiz Claw Heavy Cruiser C2  search
319a Krebiz Clipper Frigate [Claws Left] C2  search
319b Krebiz Clipper Frigate [Claws Right] C1  search
320 Krebiz Command Capsule search
336 Krebiz Dreadnought Capsule search
305 Krebiz Escort Capsule C1  search
321 Krebiz Heavy Capsule C2  search
370 Krebiz Kraken Dreadnought search
306 Krebiz Light Capsule C2  search
307 Krebiz Light Carrier Capsule C1  search
350 Krebiz Mandible Light Cruiser - Krebiz Mandible Lt. Cruiser C2  search
308 Krebiz Medium Capsule C2  search
309 Krebiz Minesweeper Capsule C1  search
337 Krebiz Pincer Destroyer C2  search
112 Krebiz Pseudo Capsule C1  search
310 Krebiz Science Capsule C1  search
310v Krebiz Science Capsule [variation] C1  search
322 Krebiz Scout Capsule C1  search
285 Labor Strikes search
117 Laboratory C2  search
393 Large Asteroid C2  search
179 Large Minefield search
230 Large Phaser Eel search
351 Local Police Ship search
215 Lost Fleet search
266 Love Interest C2  search
248 Luck Demon R/M  search
187 Lucky Crew Action R/L  C2  search
207 Lucky Maneuver R/L  search
197 Lucky Shield Repair search
191 Lucky Targeting C2  search
371 Luxury Liner search
182 Maelstrom search
188 Malpractice R/L  C2  search
84 Marauder search
46 Marine R/C  C1  search
372 Mechad Battlecruiser search
387 Mechad Battleship search
373 Mechad Command Cruiser search
338 Mechad Destroyer C2  search
382 Mechad Dreadnought search
323 Mechad Escort C2  search
324 Mechad Frigate C2  search
360 Mechad Heavy Cruiser C2  search
352 Mechad Light Cruiser C2  search
353 Mechad Medium Cruiser C1  search
353v Mechad Medium Cruiser [variation] C1  search
80 Mechad Overlord search
354 Mechad Scout Cruiser C1  search
354v Mechad Scout Cruiser [variation] C1  search
37 Mercenary [C2] C2  search
64 Mercenary [C6] search
64v Mercenary [C6] [variation] search
166 Meteor Shower C1  search
2 Millennia Molting C1  search
237 Mind Control Beast search
153 Mine Rack search
198 Miscommunications R/L  search
199 Monster Healing R/L  search
200 Monster Overstrike R/L  search
402 Moon C2  search
99 Moon Dragoness search
136 Multi-Purpose Phasers R/E  search
53 Mutineer R/C  search
74 Mystic Wanderer search
255 Natural Disaster C1  search
201 Navigational Error [L4] search
47 Navigator search
411 Nebula - Homecloud Nebula search
102 Nebula Dragon search
98 Neutron Dragoness search
173a Nova [effect left] C1  search
173b Nova [effect right] C1  search
118a Nuclear Mine C2  search
40 Nurse C1  search
40v Nurse [variation] C1  search
231 Occumbus search
262 Offensive Electronic Warfare C2  search
263 Offensive/Defensive Electronic Warfare R/O  C1  search
263v Offensive/Defensive Electronic Warfare [variation] R/O  C1  search
11 Omniscience search
90 Oort Dragoness C1  search
65 Operations Officer - Ops search
65v Operations Officer - Ops [variation] search
38 Ordnance Officer C1  search
38v Ordnance Officer [variation] C1  search
361 Ore Carrier search
403 Ore Moon C2  search
158 Personal Corvette search
189 Phaser Malfunction R/L  search
119 Phaser Refit C2  search
275 Pirate Activity C1  search
48 Pirate Captain search
192 Pirate's Cache [L3] C1  search
296 Plague search
412 Planet - Candor II C1  search
412v Planet - Candor II [variation] C1  search
431 Planet - Corporate Homeworld search
413 Planet - Jnaphahr C1  search
413v Planet - Jnaphahr [variation] C1  search
425 Planet - Krebizar search
405 Planet - Podekkur Prime C1  search
404 Planet - Sigry III C1  search
404v Planet - Sigry III [variation] C1  search
414 Planet - Vektrea Prime search
423 Planet - Vorn Ringed Gas Giant search
218 Planet Gouge C1  search
218v Planet Gouge [variation] C1  search
303 Planetary Destruction search
66 Planetary Leader R/C  search
22 Planetary Phaser Base C1  search
22v Planetary Phaser Base [variation] C1  search
297 Planetary Revolt search
15 Planetary Shield C2  search
167 Plasma Field T/H  C2  search
435 Point Symbols - Player Turn Sequence Rules  C2  search
276 Political Upheaval search
18 Power Generation Platform search
232 Power Leech search
85 Primordial Warrior search
113 Probe C2  search
168 Pulsar C2  search
92 Quark Dragoness search
54 Quartermaster search
169 Quasar search
94 Radiation Dragoness search
170 Radioactive Dust Cloud C1  search
81 Rear Admiral search
146 Repair Bay - Indirigan Repair Bay search
267 Repair Delivery R/O  search
193 Repair Malfunction R/L  search
19 Repair Station C1  search
19v Repair Station [variation] C1  search
120 Repulsion Beam R/E  search
23 Research Base C1  search
23v Research Base [variation] C1  search
216 Research Defiler search
75 Reserve Commodore search
129 Reserve Power [E3] search
147 Reserve Power [E6] search
148 Sabot Sequencer search
76 Saboteur search
238 Scentari Snails search
86 Scholar search
67 Science Officer R/C  search
290 Scientific Breakthrough R/O  search
88 Scintillating Dragoness C1  search
88v Scintillating Dragoness [variation] C1  search
49 Security Officer R/C  C2  search
239 Seductress search
298 Self Destruction search
256 Serious Hull Breach search
223 Shadow C1  search
224 Shield Fiend C2  search
114 Shield Refit C1  search
114v Shield Refit [variation] C1  search
245 Ship Collector search
233 Ship Mimic search
27 Shipyard search
159 Shroud search
137 Shuttle Bomb C1  search
137v Shuttle Bomb [variation] C1  search
240 Shuttle Eater search
202 Shuttle Malfunction [R/L4] R/L  C1  search
130a Shuttlecraft [nose left] R/E  C2  search
130b Shuttlecraft [nose right] R/E  C2  search
226 Sirens C1  search
4 Slick Bargainer search
171 Small Minefield search
394 Small Moon C2  search
406 Small Moon - Aldibrik Munitions Plant search
398 Small Nebula - Kalin's Small Red Nebula C2  search
217 Small Phaser Eel C2  search
407 Small Planet - Bolaar IV C1  search
408 Small Planet - Siobhan-7 C2  search
415 Small System - Hcsuar-Drahcir System C2  search
409 Small System - Rabuff Locttoor C2  search
416 Small System - The Cramannerak System C1  search
416v Small System - The Cramannerak System [variation] C1  search
219 Snare Vines C1  search
97 Solar Dragoness R/D  search
257 Space Debris C1  search
227 Space Dragon C1  search
227v Space Dragon [variation] C1  search
20 Space Station C1  search
20v Space Station [variation] C1  search
220 Space Vertigo C2  search
325 Space Yacht C1  search
228 Spacetacean search
50 Spiritual Leader [C4] search
55 Spy Technician R/C  search
68 Spy [R/C6] R/C  search
69 Squadron Commander search
417 Star search
28 Starbase search
138 Stellar Map search
160 Subspace Stabilizers search
56 Suicide Squad search
251 Sun Spot R/O  C1  search
149 Super Computer search
433 Super-Massive Star search
100 Surface Dragoness search
234 Surface Monster search
291 Surprise Attack search
426 System - Argo search
424 System - Gorgochok System search
428 System - Mechad System search
429 System - The Scandig System search
277 Tactical Retreat R/O  search
213 Targeting Error R/L  search
41 Technician C2  search
299 Technological Breakthrough [O8] search
70 Telepath R/C  search
177 Temporal Space Rift search
278 Terraforming search
163 Time Warp search
121 Tractor Beam R/E  search
139 Tram Refit [E4] C1  search
122 Transporter R/E  C2  search
118b Transporter - Nuclear Mine R/E  C2  search
194 Transporter Malfunction R/L  C1  search
243 Tri-lateral Textangula search
6 Tri-Millennia Molting search
185 Tuforeous Dead Zone search
418 Twin Planets - Verkirsh I & II search
180 Type II Supernova search
195 Unlucky Targeting R/L  search
203 Unsuccessful Minesweeping R/L  C1  search
419 Vektrean Asteroid Outpost search
432 Vektrean Asteroid Starbase T/B  search
374 Vektrean Battlecruiser search
339 Vektrean Destroyer - Vektrean Mercenaries Destroyer C1  search
339v Vektrean Destroyer - Vektrean Mercenaries Destroyer [variation] C1  search
326 Vektrean Frigate - Vektrean Mercenaries Frigate C1  search
326v Vektrean Frigate - Vektrean Mercenaries Frigate [variation] C1  search
362 Vektrean Heavy Cruiser - Vektrean Mercenaries Heavy Cruiser C1  search
362v Vektrean Heavy Cruiser - Vektrean Mercenaries Heavy Cruiser [variation] C1  search
355 Vektrean Light Cruiser - Vektrean Mercenaries Light Cruiser C1  search
355v Vektrean Light Cruiser - Vektrean Mercenaries Light Cruiser [variation] C1  search
241 Visilikiiy's Eye search
96 Void Dragoness search
143 Volatile Cargo search
264 Wandering Desire [O3] search
279 Wandering Desire [O5] search
279v Wandering Desire [O5] [variation] search
434 War Veteran [Tournament Winner Prize] search
190 Warp Engine Breech search
150 Warp Field Destabilization Gun search
174 Warp Funnel C1  search
57 Weapons Officer search
235 Zarom search
1 Lesser Automaton C1  search

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