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Enhanced Premiere

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Enhanced Premiere: 21 cards
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1 Alien Parasites & REM Fatigue Dilemma  search
2 Anaphasic Organism & Nagilum Dilemma  search
3 Ancient Computer & Microvirus Dilemma  search
20 Beverly and Will Personnel: Non-aligned  search
4 Computer Weapon & Hyper-Aging Dilemma  search
7 Covert Installation II Mission  search
16 Data and Geordi Personnel: Federation  search
21 Data and Picard Personnel: Romulan  search
8 Excavation II Mission  search
9 Explore Black Cluster II Mission  search
10 Explore Typhon Expanse II Mission  search
5 Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow Dilemma  search
11 Investigate Anomaly II Mission  search
12 Investigate Sighting II Mission  search
17 Jean-Luc and Beverly Personnel: Federation  search
6 Male's Love Interest & Plague Ship Dilemma  search
13 Relief Mission II Mission  search
14 Secret Salvage II Mission  search
19 Sons of Mogh Personnel: Klingon  search
15 Test Mission II Mission  search
18 The Trois Personnel: Ferengi  search

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