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BSC30: 40 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
BS32-63 No. 32 Island Root Nexus  Rare  search
BS32-11 Onmyou Child Spirit  Common  search
12 Satori Monkey Spirit  Common  search
X02 The 1stGenerationArmoredMothHead KuwagaOkina Spirit  X Rare  search
10 The 9thGenerationArmoredMothHead ScarletKuwaga Spirit  Master Rare  search
21 The ArmorGun Bison-Blaster Brave  Rare  search
BS31-70 The BlueSeas WisdomKing Spirit  Master Rare  search
1 The CatalyzeMusha Hokushin Spirit  Common  search
22 The CleverMachineCannon Kunikuzushi Brave/Soul Burst  Rare  search
11 The CleverMachineShinobi Urakage Spirit  Rare  search
x04 The FlowerMonarch Chikaya Spirit/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
x03 The GenjiCommander Muryou Spirit  X Rare  search
24 The GiantWeapon Titus-Bazooka Brave  Common  search
31-X04 The GreatCleverMachineMusha Kongou Spirit  X Rare  search
BSC21-X4 The GroundDeityBlade Ootenta Brave/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
2 The HeroicGeneral Senryo Spirit  Common  search
4 The MakaiDemonBlade Agon Spirit  Master Rare  search
6 The MakaiFistOgre Namu Spirit  Common  search
19 The MakaiGun Sowaka Brave  Rare  search
7 The MakaiWarrior Shikijou Spirit  Rare  search
16 The PirateChief Murakami-Kiri Spirit/Soul Burst  Master Rare  search
23 The PrincessGun -Miyabi- Brave/Soul Burst  Rare  search
x01 The SengokuCommander Siegfried-Kai Spirit  X Rare  search
BS34-X01 The SengokuDragonEmperor Burning-SoulDragon Spirit/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
BS32-X01 The SengokuHero Gyuumonji Spirit/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
14 The SengokuPrincess Hibana Spirit  Common  search
BS32-45 The SengokuPrincess Kuon Spirit/Soul Burst  Master Rare  search
BSC23-X4 The SengokuPrincess Makina Spirit/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
13 The SengokuPrincess Nagisa Spirit/Soul Burst  Rare  search
BS34-X06 The SevenSeasDaimyo Shironagasu Spirit/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
9 The StrangeFangShinobi Kurokiba Spirit  Common  search
3 The SummonedDinosaur Suteiragou Spirit  Master Rare  search
BSC21-X3 The SwordsSaintPrincess Tsuru Spirit  X Rare  search
18 The TwinGun Revol-Tigun Brave  Common  search
15 The Twinkle Douji Spirit  Common  search
17 The Twinkle Wisdom King Spirit  Common  search
8 The WindDemon Tsubakura-Crow Spirit  Common  search
BS32-X03 The WindDemonHead Shinobiou Spirit/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
20 The WingGun Tsubasamaru Brave  Rare  search
5 Thunder Cloud Nue Spirit  Common  search

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