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Digimon Booster 1.5

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Digimon Booster 1.5: 12 cards
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CB02-01 Agumon Spirit  Common  search
CB02-X06 Angewomon Spirit  X Rare  search
CB02-60 Diaboromon Spirit  Master Rare  search
CB02-02 Gabumon Spirit  Common  search
CB02-X02 Garudamon Spirit  X Rare  search
CB02-X05 Lilymon Spirit  X Rare  search
CB02-X07 MagnaAngemon Spirit  X Rare  search
CB02-X04 MegaKabuterimon Spirit  X Rare  search
CB02-X03 MetalGarurumon Spirit  X Rare  search
CB02-X01 WarGreymon Spirit  X Rare  search
CP01 Zubamon Brave  Promo  search
CB02-X08 Zudomon Spirit  X Rare  search

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