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The Trouble With Tribbles Expansion

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The Trouble With Tribbles Expansion: 145 cards
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120 1 Tribble (BONUS) Tribbles  search
121 1 Tribble (DISCARD) Tribbles  search
122 1 Tribble (GO) Tribbles  search
129 1,000 Tribbles (BONUS) Tribbles  R*  search
130 1,000 Tribbles (DISCARD) Tribbles  R*  search
131 1,000 Tribbles (RESCUE) Tribbles  R*  search
123 10 Tribbles (BONUS) Tribbles  search
124 10 Tribbles (GO) Tribbles  search
125 10 Tribbles (POISON) Tribbles  search
132 10,000 Tribbles (GO) Tribbles  R+  search
133 10,000 Tribbles (POISON) Tribbles  R+  search
134 10,000 Tribbles (RESCUE) Tribbles  R+  search
126 100 Tribbles (BONUS) Tribbles  search
127 100 Tribbles (POISON) Tribbles  search
128 100 Tribbles (RESCUE) Tribbles  search
135 100,000 Tribbles (CLONE) Tribbles  R+  search
136 100,000 Tribbles (DISCARD) Tribbles  R+  search
137 100,000 Tribbles (RESCUE) Tribbles  R+  search
16 62nd Rule of Acquisition Event  search
38 Agricultural Assessment Mission  search
49 Amet'alox Personnel: Dominion  search
77 Arne Darvin Personnel: Klingon  R+  search
39 Assign Support Personnel Objectives  search
54 B.G. Robinson Personnel: Federation  search
115 Bajoran Phaser Banks Tactics  search
100 Bajoran Raider Ships: Bajoran  search
114 Bajoran Shrine Sites  search
85 Barry Waddle Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
101 Bok'Nor Ships: Cardassian  search
116 Breen Disruptor Burst Tactics  search
117 Breen Energy-Dampening Weapon Tactics  search
103 Breen Warship Ships: Dominion  search
47 Broca Personnel: Cardassian  search
109 Brunt's Shuttle Ships: Ferengi  search
33 Burial Ground Interrupt  search
55 Captain Kirk Personnel: Federation  R+  search
78 Captain Koloth Personnel: Klingon  search
118 Chain Reaction Pulsar Tactics  search
23 Chain Reaction Ricochet Incidents  search
2 Chula: The Drink Dilemma  search
3 Chula: The Way Home Dilemma  search
11 Classic Communicator Equipment  search
12 Classic Medical Tricorder Equipment  search
13 Classic Tricorder Equipment  search
14 Classic Type II Phaser Equipment  search
106 Columbus Ships: Federation  search
40 Council of Warriors Objectives  search
86 Danderdag Personnel: Non-aligned  search
79 Daval Personnel: Klingon  search
22 Deep Space Station K-7 Facilities: Stations  search
41 Defend Homeworld Objectives  search
944 DELETE -Geological Survey Mission  search
104 Dominion Battleship Ships: Dominion  search
56 Dr. McCoy Personnel: Federation  UR  search
57 Dulmer Personnel: Federation  R+  search
58 Ensign Chekov Personnel: Federation  R+  search
59 Ensign O'Brien Personnel: Federation  R+  search
4 Executive Authorization Dilemma  search
74 Falar Personnel: Ferengi  search
5 Ferengi Infestation Dilemma  search
43 First Minister Shakaar Personnel: Bajoran  R+  search
113 Gal Gath'thong Ships: Romulan  search
87 Gem Personnel: Non-aligned  search
88 Grebnedlog Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
42 Hero of the Empire Objectives  search
24 Homefront Incidents  search
74a Hon'Tihl Personnel: Klingon  search
25 HQ: Orbital Weapons Platform Incidents  search
110 I.K.C. Gr'oth Ships: Klingon  R+  search
111 I.K.C. Ning'tao Ships: Klingon  search
94 Jenok Personnel: Romulan  search
95 Kalenna Personnel: Romulan  search
96 Keras Personnel: Romulan  R+  search
80 Kered Personnel: Klingon  search
48 Kira Personnel: Cardassian  R+  search
105a Klingon Outpost Facilities: Klingon  search
81 Korax Personnel: Klingon  search
82 Kras Personnel: Klingon  search
50 Lam Personnel: Dominion  search
89 Liam Bilby Personnel: Non-aligned  search
6 Lineup Dilemma  search
34 Live Long and Prosper Interrupt  search
60 Lt. Bailey Personnel: Federation  R+  search
61 Lt. Bashir Personnel: Federation  R+  search
62 Lt. D'Amato Personnel: Federation  search
63 Lt. Dax Personnel: Federation  R+  search
64 Lt. Grant Personnel: Federation  search
65 Lt. Nagata Personnel: Federation  search
66 Lt. Sisko Personnel: Federation  search
67 Lt. Sulu Personnel: Federation  R+  search
68 Lt. Uhura Personnel: Federation  R+  search
69 Lt. Watley Personnel: Federation  search
70 Lucsly Personnel: Federation  R+  search
75 Lumba Personnel: Ferengi  R+  search
26 Make It So Incidents  search
34a Menthar Booby Trap Dilemma  search
112 Mondor Ships: Non-aligned  search
76 Mordoc Personnel: Ferengi  search
71 Mr. Scott Personnel: Federation  R+  search
72 Mr. Spock Personnel: Federation  R+  search
73 Nilz Baris Personnel: Federation  search
35 Obedience Brings Victory Interrupt  search
27 Obelisk of Masaka Incidents  search
90 Odo Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
7 Oops! Dilemma  search
1 Orb of Time Artifacts  search
17 Organian Peace Treaty Event  search
8 Palukoo Dilemma  search
28 Panel Overload Incidents  search
9 Q Gets The Point Dilemma  search
29 Q the Referee Incidents  search
99 Q-Type Android Q Dilemmas  search
91 Reginod Personnel: Non-aligned  search
30 Resistance is Futile Incidents  search
44 Sarish Rez Personnel: Bajoran  search
36 Scan Cycle Check Interrupt  search
119 Sherman's Peak Time Locations  search
45 Six of Thirteen Personnel: Borg  search
107 Starship Constitution Ships: Federation  search
108 Starship Enterprise Ships: Federation  R+  search
102 Stolen Attack Ship Ships: Cardassian  search
10 Storage Compartment Door Doorways  search
18 Subspace Transporter Event  search
37 Suicidal Attack Interrupt  search
19 Temporal Investigations Event  search
97 The Centurion Personnel: Romulan  R+  search
46 Third of Five Personnel: Borg  R+  search
83 Thopok Personnel: Klingon  search
51 Thot Gor Personnel: Dominion  R+  search
52 Thot Pran Personnel: Dominion  search
20 Treaty: Cardassian/Bajoran Event  search
21 Treaty: Romulan/Bajoran Event  search
31 Tribble Bomb Incidents  search
84 Tumek Personnel: Klingon  search
53 Varat'idan Personnel: Dominion  search
98 Velal Personnel: Romulan  R+  search
15 VR Headset Equipment  search
32 We Look For Things Incidents  search
105 Weyoun's Warship Ships: Dominion  search
92 Worf Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
93 Yint Personnel: Non-aligned  search
138 … In The Engine Room Trouble  search
139 … In The Transporters Trouble  search
140 … On The Bridge Trouble  search
141 … On The Station Trouble  search

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