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BS45: 131 cards
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RV011 Absolute Zero Spell  Common  search
94 Artemic Rain Spell  Common  search
88 Artemis' Lake Nexus  Common  search
83 Aset-Kite Brave  Rare  search
25 Assassin Mitsukado Spirit  Common  search
79 Astral Dragon Demon-God Brave  Common  search
19 Bamboo Cocker Spaniel Spirit  Common  search
69 Binary Star Dragon Ultimate  Rare  search
72 Blueblood Tiger Ultimate  Rare  search
43 Butteredfly Bread Spirit  Common  search
29 Cactus Eagle Spirit  Common  search
2 Corvus Wyvern Spirit  Common  search
38 Crocoite-Lizard Spirit  Common  search
80 Dark Snake Demon-God Brave  Common  search
6 Einio-Drisaura Spirit/Burst  Common  search
RV009 Forest Charge Spell  Common  search
40 Fullarmor-Grizzly Spirit  Rare  search
47 Godseeker EgytianAngelia Mehetel Spirit  Common  search
59 Godseeker SandseaPreacher Keldmand Spirit  Common  search
22 Godseeker-Jagua-Barba Spirit  Common  search
39 Gunbattery-Ceros Spirit  Common  search
87 Hermes' Tornado Temple Nexus  Rare  search
93 Heroes' Claws Spell  Common  search
13 Hieratic-Snake Spirit  Common  search
34 Hunter-Actaeon Spirit  Common  search
RV012 Impact Roar Spell  Common  search
89 Isis' Garden Temple Nexus  Common  search
95 Isis' Power Spell  Common  search
36 Lailaps-Chaser Spirit  Common  search
RV003 Leading-Orix Spirit  Rare  search
82 Machine Beast Demon-God Brave  Common  search
67 Nairaka-Hydra Spirit/Burst  Common  search
42 Nemean-Leo SWL-00 Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
35 Pointer-Lemur Spirit  Common  search
18 Pyramid Boa Spirit  Common  search
CP02 Rei the Number One Star Nexus  Promo  search
92 Return Seven Shogun Spell  Common  search
57 Sandstone-Golem Spirit  Common  search
84 Set'ani-Arms Brave  Common  search
90 Set's Stout Arm Temple Nexus  Common  search
96 Setnakt Arrow Spell  Common  search
71 Snowghost-Leopard Ultimate  Rare  search
RV008 Soul Crash Spell  Common  search
65 Sphynx-Golem Spirit  Common  search
81 Talarian-Panther Brave  Common  search
23 Teumessian Fox Spirit  Master Rare  search
64 The AdventureGiant Jones Spirit  Common  search
7 The AncientDragon En-Flaver Spirit  Common  search
RV004 The ArcAngelia Saint d'Arc Spirit  Rare  search
RV005 The BeastChild Panzer Spirit  Rare  search
15 The BlackDeathWolf Deathbone-Garm Spirit  Common  search
BS43-071 The ChosenSearcher Alex Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
41 The CyclopsGigantic Arges Spirit  Master Rare  search
51 The DivineWorldTraveloguer EarthSeraph Ramdiel Spirit  Master Rare  search
53 The EarthAngelia Moridiel Spirit  Common  search
RV006 The EarthDeitySword Gaianohoko Brave  Rare  search
54 The EgytianAngelia Anael Spirit/Burst  Common  search
45 The EgytianAngelia Dinael Spirit  Common  search
49 The EgytianAngelia Habiel Spirit  Common  search
55 The EgytianAngelia Monifarel Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
46 The EgytianAngelia Natiel Spirit  Rare  search
74 The EgytianAngelia Sarifael Ultimate  Rare  search
73 The EgytianAngelia Titiel Ultimate  Rare  search
75 The EgytianGreatAngelia Nefeliel Ultimate  Master Rare  search
44 The FrogGoddess Heqrot Spirit  Common  search
85 The FusedWorld Delpo=Nairaka Nexus  Common  search
XX02 The Grandwalker Alex Nexus  X Rare  search
X07 The Grandwalker Hermes Nexus  X Rare  search
X08 The Grandwalker Isis Nexus  X Rare  search
X09 The Grandwalker Set Nexus  X Rare  search
1 The HotWindWarHorse Xanthus-Z Spirit  Common  search
RV001 The KatanaHero Musashied-Ashliger Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
86 The Makai Holy Grail Nexus  Common  search
X02 The MakaiDeity Desfelmion Spirit  X Rare  search
X02a The MakaiDeity Desfelmion Spirit  X Rare  search
12 The MakaiEsquire Afzanack Spirit  Common  search
14 The MakaiKnight Desperto Spirit  Rare  search
16 The MakaiKnight Pandegaiz Spirit  Master Rare  search
11 The MakaiPriest Shugraus Spirit  Common  search
10 The MakaiProphet Mal-Dorom Spirit  Common  search
8 The MedicineDeityDragon Aeskulapius Dragon Spirit  Master Rare  search
3 The MinstrelDragon Orphestar Dragon Spirit  Master Rare  search
50 The PentanKaiser ~Wandering Egyt~ Spirit  Common  search
52 The SacredBull Apis Spirit  Common  search
X04 The SacredMachineBeast Lightning-Ceryneia Spirit  X Rare  search
X04a The SacredMachineBeast Lightning-Ceryneia Spirit  X Rare  search
63 The SandseaArcher Gazellek Spirit  Common  search
68 The SandseaFighter Vacarasheed Spirit/Burst  Common  search
61 The SandseaHeavyFighter Armahud Spirit  Common  search
62 The SandseaPirateKing Asseneb Spirit  Master Rare  search
66 The SandseaPirateKing Hippomenes Spirit  Rare  search
58 The SandseaPriest Garudan Spirit  Rare  search
76 The SandseaPrince Namirnes Ultimate  Rare  search
60 The SandseaSoldier Khinzir Spirit  Common  search
56 The SandseaSoldier Sandked Spirit  Common  search
X06 The SandseaStormGod Typhom Ultimate  X Rare  search
X06a The SandseaStormGod Typhom Ultimate  X Rare  search
77 The SandseaWarKing Byakkoular Ultimate  Rare  search
31 The SawKnight Mirabilis Spirit  Common  search
32 The SevenGreatHeroBeasts Agamemnon Spirit  Master Rare  search
24 The SevenGreatHeroBeasts Hector Spirit  Master Rare  search
X03 The SevenGreatHeroBeasts LightSpeedDeityKing Odyssaber Spirit  X Rare  search
X03a The SevenGreatHeroBeasts LightSpeedDeityKing Odyssaber Spirit  X Rare  search
RV002 The SevenShogun Beliot Spirit  Rare  search
37 The SevenSisters Maia Spirit  Common  search
X01 The ShootingStardragonArcher Lykeios Spirit  X Rare  search
X01a The ShootingStardragonArcher Lykeios Spirit  X Rare  search
70 The SnakeDeity Apep-Cobra Ultimate  Rare  search
17 The SnakeDeity Apophisnake Spirit  Master Rare  search
X05 The StarAngeliaGoddess Ishstar Ultimate  X Rare  search
X05a The StarAngeliaGoddess Ishstar Ultimate  X Rare  search
78 The SunSandseaKing Ramsets II Ultimate  Master Rare  search
33 The Trojon Wooden Lion Spirit  Common  search
28 The TrojonBrave Diomedes Spirit  Rare  search
21 The TrojonBrave LesserAjax Spirit  Common  search
27 The TrojonBrave Menelaus Spirit  Common  search
30 The TrojonBrave Neoptolemon Spirit  Common  search
26 The TrojonBrave Philoctetes Spirit  Common  search
10thX03 The UltimateGodKing Mugenchocoian-Dragon Ultimate  X Rare  search
10thX01 The UltimateGodKing Ultimate-Exe-Tiger Ultimate  X Rare  search
10thX02 The UltimateGodKing Ultimate-Gale-Bit Ultimate  X Rare  search
XX01 The WalkerBeast Unite-Horn Spirit  X Rare  search
48 The Wonderland White King Spirit  Common  search
91 Thunder Tempest Magic/Burst  Rare  search
4 Thunder-Z-Bison Spirit  Common  search
9 Thunder-Z-Eagle Spirit  Master Rare  search
5 Thunder-Z-Tiger Spirit  Common  search
CP01 Toppa Bashin Nexus  Promo  search
RV007 Transmigration Flame Magic/Burst  Common  search
RV010 White Potion Spell  Common  search
20 Yukisemi Spirit  Common  search

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