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Fate/Apocrypha Trial Deck

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Fate/Apocrypha Trial Deck: 26 cards
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APO-S53-T16 """Berserk"" Black Berserker" Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T16R """Berserk"" Black Berserker" Character  RRR  search
APO-S53-T03S """Declaration of War"" Red Lancer" Character  SR  search
APO-S53-T18R """Determination"" Black Saber" Character  RRR  search
APO-S53-T08S """Holy Grail War"" Red Saber" Character  SR  search
APO-S53-T14SP """Moving Destiny"" Ruler" Character  SP  search
APO-S53-T04 """Summon"" Red Saber" Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T13R """True Name"" Black Rider" Character  RRR  search
APO-S53-T02 "Behind the Scenes" Shirou Kotomine & Red Assassin Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T17 "Confront" Black Archer Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T06 "Covering" Red Archer Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T03 "Declaration of War" Red Lancer Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T18 "Determination" Black Saber" Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T08 "Holy Grail War" Red Saber Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T11 "Lord" Black Lancer Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T14 "Moving Destiny" Ruler Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T15 "Moving Destiny" Sieg Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T07 "Provoking" Red Rider Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T12 "Smelting" Black Caster Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T01 "Summon" Kairi Shishigou Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T05 "Summon" Red Saber Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T13 "True Name" Black Rider Character  TD  search
APO-S53-T10 Clashing Lance and Sword Climax  TD  search
APO-S53-T19 Holy Smile Climax  TD  search
APO-S53-T20 Strasse Gehen Climax  TD  search
APO-S53-T09 Summoning Ritual Event  TD  search

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