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Rules Of Acquisition Expansion

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Rules Of Acquisition Expansion: 130 cards
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22 1st Rule of Acquisition Event  search
29 211th Rule of Acquisition Event  search
24 33rd Rule of Acquisition Event  search
25 34th Rule of Acquisition Event  search
26 47th Rule of Acquisition Event  search
27 59th Rule of Acquisition Event  search
23 6th Rule of Acquisition Event  search
28 75th Rule of Acquisition Event  search
106 Aluura Personnel: Non-aligned  search
66 Ambassador Krajensky Personnel: Federation  search
127 Apnex Ships: Romulan  search
107 Arandis Personnel: Non-aligned  search
119 B'rel Ships: Ferengi  search
58 Benil Personnel: Cardassian  search
70 Berik Personnel: Ferengi  search
71 Birta Personnel: Ferengi  search
33 Bodyguards Incidents  search
72 Bractor Personnel: Ferengi  search
13 Breen CRM114 Equipment  search
34 Bribery Incidents  search
73 Brunt Personnel: Ferengi  search
108 Calandra Personnel: Non-aligned  search
128 Cargo Bay Sites  search
4 Center of Attention Dilemma  search
5 Chula: Crossroads Dilemma  search
6 Chula: The Door Dilemma  search
45 Collect Sample Mission  search
30 Continuing Committee Facilities: Headquarters  search
120 D'Kora Marauder Ships: Ferengi  search
121 D'Kora Transport Ships: Ferengi  search
35 Dabo Incidents  search
7 Dangerous Liaisons Dilemma  search
46 Deliver Message Mission  search
60 Deyos Personnel: Dominion  search
74 Dr. Borts Personnel: Ferengi  search
61 Edan'Atal Personnel: Dominion  search
67 Elizabeth Lense Personnel: Federation  search
36 Emergency Evacuation Incidents  search
52 Establish Trade Route Objectives  search
32 Ferengi Facilities: Outposts  search
8 Ferengi Bug Dilemma  search
53 Ferengi Conference Objectives  search
14 Ferengi Disruptor Equipment  search
15 Ferengi Disruptor Rifle Equipment  search
130 Ferengi Energy Weapon Tactics  search
16 Ferengi PADD Equipment  search
122 Ferengi Shuttle Ships: Ferengi  search
54 Forced-Labor Camp Objectives  search
75 Frool Personnel: Ferengi  search
76 Gaila Personnel: Ferengi  search
68 George Primmin Personnel: Federation  search
17 Gold-Pressed Latinum Equipment  search
77 Goss Personnel: Ferengi  search
78 Gral Personnel: Ferengi  search
79 Grand Nagus Gint Personnel: Ferengi  search
80 Grand Nagus Zek Personnel: Ferengi  search
47 Gunrunning Mission  search
109 Hagath Personnel: Non-aligned  search
62 Hanok Personnel: Dominion  search
37 HQ: Ferengi Credit Exchange Incidents  search
63 Ikat'Ika Personnel: Dominion  search
9 In the Pale Moonlight Dilemma  search
43 Incoming Message – Ferengi Interrupt  search
64 Inglatu Personnel: Dominion  search
81 Ishka Personnel: Ferengi  search
38 It's Only a Game Incidents  search
126 Jovis Ships: Non-aligned  search
117 Karemman Vessel Ships: Dominion  search
110 Kasidy Yates Personnel: Non-aligned  search
82 Kazago Personnel: Ferengi  search
65 Krajensky Founder Personnel: Dominion  search
83 Krax Personnel: Ferengi  search
123 Krayton Ships: Ferengi  search
124 Kreechta Ships: Ferengi  search
111 Krozh Personnel: Non-aligned  search
84 Krunk Personnel: Ferengi  search
18 Kukalaka Equipment  search
85 Leck Personnel: Ferengi  search
56 Leeta Personnel: Bajoran  search
59 Lemec Personnel: Cardassian  search
86 Letek Personnel: Ferengi  search
87 Lurin Personnel: Ferengi  search
88 Maihar'du Personnel: Ferengi  search
57 Mardah Personnel: Bajoran  search
105 Margh Personnel: Klingon  search
48 Market Research Mission  search
112 Morn Personnel: Non-aligned  search
89 Morta Personnel: Ferengi  search
115 Naprem Ships: Cardassian  search
90 Nava Personnel: Ferengi  search
91 Nibor Personnel: Ferengi  search
92 Nilva Personnel: Ferengi  search
69 Nog Personnel: Federation  search
93 Omag Personnel: Ferengi  search
1 Orb of Wisdom Artifacts  search
10 Orion Syndicate Bomb Dilemma  search
94 Par Lenor Personnel: Ferengi  search
113 Patahk Personnel: Romulan  search
116 Patrol Ship Ships: Cardassian  search
95 Pel Personnel: Ferengi  search
2 Phased Cloaking Device Artifacts  search
131 Plasma Energy Burst Tactics  search
96 Prak Personnel: Ferengi  search
39 Protection Racket Incidents  search
49 Purchase Moon Mission  search
97 Qol Personnel: Ferengi  search
98 Quark Personnel: Ferengi  search
129 Quark's Bar Sites  search
40 Quark's Isolinear Rods Incidents  search
125 Quark's Treasure Ships: Ferengi  search
41 Reactor Overload Incidents  search
99 Rom Personnel: Ferengi  search
50 Runabout Search Mission  search
19 Scepter of the Grand Nagus Equipment  search
11 Scientific Method Dilemma  search
114 Senator Cretak Personnel: Romulan  search
20 Small Cloaking Device Equipment  search
100 Solok Personnel: Ferengi  search
101 Sovak Personnel: Ferengi  search
3 Starry Night Artifacts  search
12 Strange Bedfellows Dilemma  search
102 Taar Personnel: Ferengi  search
21 The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition Equipment  search
103 Tog Personnel: Ferengi  search
104 Tol Personnel: Ferengi  search
31 Tower of Commerce Facilities: Headquarters  search
51 Tulaberry Wine Negotiations Mission  search
118 U.S.S. Sao Paulo Ships: Federation  search
44 Vacuum-Desiccated Remains Interrupt  search
42 Writ of Accountability Incidents  search

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