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Valyrian Edition

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Valyrian Edition: 250 cards
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165 A Baratheon's Charm Event  search
166 A Bribe from the East Event  search
167 A Greyjoy's Ambition Event  search
168 A Hostage Rescued Event  search
169 A Lannister's Ruthlessness Event  search
170 A Martell's Pride Event  search
171 A Song Full of Lies Event  search
172 A Stark's Duty Event  search
173 A Targaryen's Destiny Event  search
142 Advisor to the Crown Character  search
85 Aegon's Blade Attachment  search
68 Aeron Damphair Character  search
213 All-Out Strike Plot  search
174 An Army Outwitted Event  search
175 An Enemy Disgraced Event  search
176 Appointing the Hand Event  search
74 Army of the Drowned Character  search
54 Army of the Faithful Character  search
4 Arya Stark Character  search
69 Asha Greyjoy Character  search
177 Back into the Fold Event  search
70 Balon Greyjoy Character  search
130 Banished Attachment  search
214 Beggar King Plot  search
89 Black Hatchling Character  search
215 Blockade Plot  search
80 Blockading Fleet Location  search
5 Bran Stark Character  search
47 Brienne of Tarth Character  search
100 Bringer of Gifts Character  search
216 Calling in Favors Plot  search
217 Calm Before the Storm Plot  search
38 Casterly Rock Location  search
16 Castle Walls Location  search
6 Catelyn Stark Character  search
218 Caution to the Wind Plot  search
10 Cautious Bannerman Character  search
27 Cersei Lannister Character  search
114 Chained Initiate Character  search
132 Chella Daughter of Cheyk Character  search
219 Clash of Kings Plot  search
23 Copper Counter Attachment  search
144 Court Archivist Character  search
155 Crossroads Location  search
179 Crushed at the Walls Event  search
90 Daenerys Targaryen Character  search
39 Darkened Hallways Location  search
220 Debts to Pay Plot  search
101 Defenders of Qarth Character  search
133 Dolorous Edd Character  search
116 Dornish Caravaneer Character  search
124 Dornish Fiefdoms Location  search
86 Dothraki Whip Attachment  search
180 Double Bluff Event  search
24 Dragonbone Hilt Dagger Attachment  search
60 Dragonstone Castle Location  search
61 Dragonstone Dungeons Location  search
181 Drogo's Vow Event  search
91 Drogon Character  search
146 Ear Collector Character  search
105 Eastern Fiefdoms Location  search
7 Eddard Stark Character  search
11 Edmure's Host Character  search
36 Elder Septon Character  search
75 Errant Captain Character  search
127 Etiquette Lessons Attachment  search
71 Euron Crow's Eye Character  search
221 Even-Handed Justice Plot  search
182 Eviscerate Event  search
222 Fear and Loathing Plot  search
223 Feast for Crows Plot  search
128 Fighting Lessons Attachment  search
224 Filthy Accusations Plot  search
102 Firemage Character  search
56 Flame Reader Character  search
204 Frey Hospitality Event  search
225 Fulfillment of Prophecy Plot  search
226 Game of Thrones Plot  search
227 Good for the Gander Plot  search
92 Green Hatchling Character  search
25 Gullible Attachment  search
183 Held at Swordpoint Event  search
33 Highgarden Merchant Prince Character  search
12 Home Guard Character  search
64 Horn of Dragons Attachment  search
34 Host of Renly's Shade Character  search
147 Host of the Twins Character  search
243 House Baratheon House  search
244 House Greyjoy House  search
242 House Lannister House  search
246 House Martell House  search
241 House Stark House  search
245 House Targaryen House  search
184 I'm Going to Kill That Event  search
1 Ice Attachment  search
123 Inner Chambers Location  search
185 Insurrection Event  search
76 Iron Batallion Character  search
186 Iron Blockade Event  search
81 Iron Island Fiefdoms Location  search
93 Jhogo Character  search
28 Joffrey Baratheon Character  search
134 Jon Snow Character  search
94 Khal Drogo Character  search
153 King's Armory Location  search
152 King's Landing Location  search
148 King's Men Character  search
156 Kingsroad Farmstead Location  search
157 Kingsroad Inn Location  search
158 Kingsroad Keep Location  search
160 Kingswood Grove Location  search
65 Kiss of Life Attachment  search
117 Knight of Starfall Character  search
188 Lady Aelerie's Favor Event  search
35 Lannister Mongrels Character  search
43 Lightbringer Attachment  search
107 Long Spear Attachment  search
228 Lords of the South Plot  search
109 Maester Caleotte Character  search
249 Maesters of the Citadel Agenda  search
82 Marine Legion Location  search
104 Meereen Palace Location  search
48 Melisandre Character  search
187 Melisandre's Gift Event  search
178 Mining Event  search
159 Minor Fiefdom Location  search
57 New Converts Character  search
17 Northern Fiefdoms Location  search
18 Northern Impasse Location  search
189 Not Listening Event  search
110 Nymeria Sand Character  search
111 Obara Sand Character  search
118 Oberyn's Spears Character  search
55 Old Red Priest Character  search
190 Only Death Can Pay for Life Event  search
125 Palace Gardens Location  search
119 Palace Guard Character  search
191 Paper Shield Event  search
120 Paramour Character  search
87 Poisoned Wine Attachment  search
229 Preemptive Strike Plot  search
115 Prince Doran's Elite Character  search
106 Prince Oberyn's Spear Attachment  search
79 Pyke Castle Location  search
135 Qhorin Halfhand Character  search
192 Raising the Stakes Event  search
193 Rally to the True King! Event  search
58 Raven of Dragonstone Character  search
230 Ready as We'll Ever Be Plot  search
49 Renly Baratheon Character  search
83 Reserve Fleet Location  search
194 Retreat to the Mountains Event  search
195 Return the Favor Event  search
95 Rhaegal Character  search
96 Rhakharo Character  search
8 Rickon Stark Character  search
161 River Row Location  search
196 Riverland Tactics Event  search
50 Robert Baratheon Character  search
162 Royal Barracks Location  search
231 Royal Funeral Plot  search
163 Royal Gardens Location  search
164 Royal Pavilion Location  search
77 Saltwater Alchemist Character  search
136 Samwell Tarly Character  search
9 Sansa Stark Character  search
37 Scroll Bearer Character  search
78 Scurvy Cutthroat Character  search
129 Secret Lessons Attachment  search
232 Securing Alliances Plot  search
121 Septon of Dorne Character  search
51 Ser Alester Florent Character  search
137 Ser Alliser Thorne Character  search
59 Ser Axell's Herald Character  search
52 Ser Davos Seaworth Character  search
29 Ser Gregor Clegane Character  search
30 Ser Jaime Lannister Character  search
138 Shagga Son of Dolf Character  search
84 Shrine to the Drowned God Location  search
197 Silks and Trinkets Event  search
198 Smooth Sailing Event  search
233 Snowed Under Plot  search
2 Standard of the Direwolf Attachment  search
88 Standard of the Dragon Attachment  search
66 Standard of the Kraken Attachment  search
26 Standard of the Lion Attachment  search
44 Standard of the Stag Attachment  search
108 Standard of the Sun Attachment  search
53 Stannis Baratheon Character  search
40 Stews & Winesinks Location  search
234 Storm of Swords Plot  search
62 Stormlands Fiefdoms Location  search
131 Strength in Unity Attachment  search
97 Strong Belwas Character  search
199 Support of the Sept Event  search
235 Surrounded by Cowards Plot  search
236 Surrounded by Flatterers Plot  search
237 Surrounded by Fools Plot  search
45 Swayed by the Light Attachment  search
200 Swift as a Deer Event  search
3 Sword from Mikken's Forge Attachment  search
139 Symeon Silvertongue Character  search
238 Taking Back What is Ours Plot  search
150 Tavern Bard Character  search
239 Taxation Plot  search
103 The Good Masters Character  search
126 The Greenblood Location  search
41 The Hand's Solar Location  search
201 The Lion's Will Event  search
250 The Night's Watch Agenda  search
202 The Only Game that Matters Event  search
203 The Prince's Wrath Event  search
63 The Reach Location  search
112 The Red Viper Character  search
154 The Twins Location  search
248 The Twins Agenda  search
205 The Watch Rides Out Event  search
206 The Wealth of the Rock Event  search
207 The Winning Side Event  search
72 Theon Greyjoy Character  search
67 Thirst for Power Attachment  search
208 This Morning They are Yours Event  search
143 Toll Collector Character  search
240 Trading with the Pentoshi Plot  search
247 Treaty Agenda  search
113 Tyene Sand Character  search
31 Tyrion Lannister Character  search
209 Tyrion's Chain Event  search
32 Tywin Lannister Character  search
140 Ulf Son of Umar Character  search
122 Veiled Messenger Character  search
151 Venerable Maester Character  search
73 Victarion Greyjoy Character  search
98 Viserion Character  search
141 Walder Frey Character  search
210 We have the Princess Event  search
211 We Take it All! Event  search
42 Western Fiefdoms Location  search
212 Where Winters Last a Lifetime Event  search
13 Whispering Wood Raiders Character  search
99 White Hatchling Character  search
22 Widow's Wail Attachment  search
46 Wildfire Blade Attachment  search
19 Winterfell Audience Chamber Location  search
15 Winterfell Castle Location  search
20 Winterfell Solar Location  search
21 Winterfell War Room Location  search
14 Wolf King Loyalists Character  search
145 Young Ranger Character  search
149 Young Walder Character  search

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