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Fractured Time

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Fractured Time: 40 cards
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38 B'tanay Ships: Bajoran  search
33 Benjamin Sisko, Outlaw Personnel: Non-aligned  search
26 Borath, Subconscious Projection Personnel: Dominion  search
4 Cardassian Protectorate Event  search
21 Collapse Anti-Time Anomaly Mission  search
34 Daniels, Temporal Enforcer Personnel: Non-aligned  search
24 Dukat, Prefect of Bajor Personnel: Cardassian  search
25 Elim Garak, First Officer of Terok Nor Personnel: Cardassian  search
5 Expand the Collective Event  search
19 Explicit Orders Interrupt  search
20 Fitting In Interrupt  search
27 Founder Agitator, Elusive Assassin Personnel: Dominion  search
6 Heightened Perception Event  search
28 James T. Kirk, Living Legend Personnel: Federation  search
22 Kira Nerys, The Intendant Personnel: Bajoran  search
23 Kira Taban, Husband and Father Personnel: Bajoran  search
31 Korath, Duplicitous Tinkerer Personnel: Klingon  search
7 Medical Teams Event  search
35 Miles O'Brien, "Smiley" Personnel: Non-aligned  search
8 Noble Cause Event  search
9 Out of Options Event  search
10 Quantum Incursions Event  search
11 Quarantine Event  search
12 Security Drills Event  search
39 Sphere 634 Ships: Borg  search
13 Spreading Fear Event  search
14 Tampering With Time Event  search
29 Tasha Yar, Tactical Officer Personnel: Federation  search
1 Temporal Misalignment Dilemma  search
15 Temporal Test Subject Event  search
2 The Clown: Bitter Medicine Dilemma  search
16 The Edge of Forever Event  search
17 The Play's the Thing Event  search
36 The Traveler, Transcendent Explorer Personnel: Non-aligned  search
37 Tomalak, Irate Commander Personnel: Romulan  search
3 Tragic Turn Dilemma  search
40 U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Personal Flagship Ships: Federation  search
18 Unyielding Event  search
30 Worf, First Officer Personnel: Federation  search
32 Worf, Regent of the Alliance Personnel: Klingon  search

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