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Web of Lies: 200 cards
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501 A Favor Returned Holding  Common  search
502 A Time for Vengeance (Experienced) Event  Promotional  search
503 Agasha Chieh Personality  Common  search
51 Agasha Miyoshi Personality  Common  search
505 Agasha Seruma Personality  Common  search
37 Akodo Kitaka Personality  Common  search
35 Akodo Kuemon Personality  Common  search
36 Akodo Rokku Personality  Uncommon  search
90 Anchor the Line Action  Uncommon  search
154 Aramasu's Pride Stronghold  Fixed  search
23 Asahina Sekawa (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
47 Asako Hirotsugu Personality  Common  search
48 Asako Kinuye (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
143 Baraunghar Amulet Item  Uncommon  search
59 Bayushi Paneki (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
60 Bayushi Shusui Personality  Common  search
151 Bishamon's Fury Spell  Uncommon  search
126 Blade of the Master Item  Rare  search
142 Blood Pearl Item  Uncommon  search
145 Brand of Fire and Thunder Kiho  Common  search
521 Bronze Lantern Item  Rare  search
522 Call to Arms Action  Uncommon  search
523 Carrier Pigeon Action  Common  search
125 Cavalry Reserves Follower  Uncommon  search
56 Chirtk Personality  Rare  search
94 Circle of Steel Action  Common  search
155 City of Blood Stronghold  Fixed  search
528 Confusion at Court Action  Uncommon  search
529 Contemplate the Void Spell  Common  search
102 Cunning of Daidoji Action  Common  search
24 Daidoji Setsuko Personality  Uncommon  search
25 Daidoji Takihiro Personality  Common  search
67 Daigotsu Personality  Rare  search
144 Defining the Essence Kiho  Common  search
10 Distant Keep Holding  Uncommon  search
536 Diversionary Tactics Action  Fixed  search
27 Doji Saori Personality  Common  search
26 Doji Takeji Personality  Common  search
87 False Trail Action  Rare  search
540 Fear's Bane Spell  Common  search
86 Few Against Many Action  Rare  search
77 Fields of Pyrrhic Victory Region  Rare  search
543 Fire and Air Spell  Fixed  search
544 Fist of the Earth Kiho  Fixed  search
83 Forward Sentries Action  Common  search
101 Fury of Hida Action  Common  search
81 Fury of Steel Action  Rare  search
548 Gifts and Favors Holding  Fixed  search
103 Glory of Mirumoto Action  Common  search
2 Glory of the Shogun Event  Rare  search
134 Gong of the Righteous Emperor Item  Uncommon  search
97 Gozoku Influence Action  Common  search
99 Gozoku Pawn Action  Rare  search
137 Gunsen-gata Item  Uncommon  search
555 Heavy Mounted Infantry Follower  Uncommon  search
139 Henshin's Amulet Item  Uncommon  search
19 Hida Atsumori Personality  Uncommon  search
17 Hida Rikyu Personality  Common  search
18 Hida Shara (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
20 Hiruma Oda Personality  Uncommon  search
107 Hordes of the Nezumi Action  Common  search
29 Hoshi Masote Personality  Uncommon  search
14 House of the Spring Chrysanthemum Holding  Uncommon  search
3 I Am Ready Event  Rare  search
54 Ik'krt (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
38 Ikoma Korin (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
95 Invincible Legions Action  Rare  search
568 Isawa Ihara Personality  Uncommon  search
49 Isawa Sachi Personality  Uncommon  search
52 Isawa Sezaru Personality  Rare  search
571 Isawa Yoriko Personality  Common  search
572 Iuchi Najato Personality  Common  search
127 J'uma Jirushi Item  Rare  search
7 Jade Stores Holding  Uncommon  search
78 Kaeru Fields Region  Rare  search
21 Kaiu Kazu Personality  Common  search
28 Kakita Benkei Personality  Rare  search
50 Kanjiro Personality  Uncommon  search
124 Kinuye's Blood Ancestor  Uncommon  search
12 Kinuye's Garden Holding  Uncommon  search
118 Kitsuki Yojimbo Follower  Uncommon  search
582 Kobune Port Holding  Common  search
113 Kobune Scout Follower  Common  search
584 Kolat Assassin Action  Uncommon  search
22 Kuni Kiyoshi (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
79 Legendary Confrontation Action  Rare  search
109 Lessons of Pain Action  Common  search
6 Living Blade Dojo Holding  Rare  search
589 Look into the Void Spell  Fixed  search
57 Mak'irtch Personality  Common  search
84 Make Your Stand Action  Common  search
592 Mantis Bushi Follower  Rare  search
39 Matsu Mieko Personality  Common  search
594 Minor Shugenja Follower  Fixed  search
30 Mirumoto Gukochi Personality  Common  search
31 Mirumoto Kenzo (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
32 Mirumoto Takige Personality  Common  search
98 Misdirection Action  Rare  search
66 Morisue Personality  Uncommon  search
600 Moshi Amika Personality  Common  search
41 Moshi Hinome (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
602 Moto Chagatai Personality  Fixed  search
71 Moto Latomu (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
73 Moto Ogedei Personality  Rare  search
65 Muketsu Personality  Common  search
8 Mura Sabishii Toshi Holding  Uncommon  search
607 Narrow Ground Action  Fixed  search
68 Natsumono Personality  Uncommon  search
609 No Hiding Place Action  Common  search
91 No Victory Action  Uncommon  search
69 Ogre Mage Personality  Common  search
15 Oni Lair Holding  Uncommon  search
128 Passion Item  Rare  search
115 Peasant Defenders Follower  Rare  search
135 Poetry Item  Uncommon  search
100 Political Outcast Action  Rare  search
104 Rage of Matsu Action  Common  search
93 Rain of Death Action  Common  search
140 Rememberer's Stick Item  Uncommon  search
16 Roadside Shrine Holding  Uncommon  search
111 Ronin Swordsman Follower  Rare  search
622 Sanctified Temple Holding  Fixed  search
150 Sapphire Strike Spell  Rare  search
110 Savagery of Moto Action  Common  search
92 Secured Ground Action  Rare  search
114 Shadow Harrier Follower  Rare  search
108 Shadow of Shosuro Action  Common  search
70 Shahai (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
1 Shattered Focus Event  Rare  search
75 Shinjo Loruko Personality  Common  search
165 Shinjo Suboto Personality  Uncommon  search
72 Shinjo Turong Personality  Common  search
13 Shiny Treasure Holding  Uncommon  search
120 Shore Commander Follower  Uncommon  search
123 Shosuro Infiltrator Follower  Uncommon  search
61 Shosuro Saemon Personality  Uncommon  search
62 Shosuro Toki Personality  Uncommon  search
63 Shosuro Tsuyoshi Personality  Common  search
116 Siege Engine Follower  Uncommon  search
117 Silent Warriors Follower  Uncommon  search
642 Silk Works Holding  Uncommon  search
643 Silver Mine Holding  Fixed  search
644 Slaughter the Scout Action  Common  search
645 Sorrow's Path Region  Uncommon  search
89 Soul of the Clan Action  Rare  search
647 Stables Holding  Fixed  search
106 Storm of Isawa Action  Common  search
152 Stranglehold Spell  Uncommon  search
153 Suitengu's Surge Spell  Common  search
129 Sword of Gales Item  Common  search
9 Swordmaster Dojo Holding  Uncommon  search
136 Swordmaster's Wakizashi Item  Uncommon  search
654 Talented Apprentice Holding  Common  search
33 Tamori Watoshu Personality  Uncommon  search
149 Tangen Sensei Sensei  Rare  search
53 Tch'wik Personality  Uncommon  search
146 Tears of Blood Kiho  Rare  search
141 Tejina's Blessings Holding  Uncommon  search
121 Tengoku Acolyte Follower  Uncommon  search
661 Test of Might Action  Fixed  search
662 The Fire from Within Spell  Uncommon  search
85 The Fortunes Smile Action  Rare  search
664 The Hiruma Dojo Holding  Common  search
156 The Khol Wall Stronghold  Fixed  search
4 The Last Prophecy Event  Rare  search
667 The Price of Power Event  Promotional  search
122 The Tribeless Follower  Uncommon  search
58 Tik'tek Personality  Common  search
670 Tireless Assault Action  Common  search
34 Togashi Matsuo (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
40 Toturi Kurako (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
673 Touching the Void Action  Uncommon  search
5 Tsuma Dojo Holding  Rare  search
138 Tsuruchi Armband Item  Uncommon  search
42 Tsuruchi Etsui Personality  Common  search
677 Tsuruchi Hiro Personality  Common  search
43 Tsuruchi Iyaken Personality  Common  search
44 Tsuruchi Shiroko Personality  Fixed  search
11 Tsuruchi's Retreat Holding  Uncommon  search
147 Umasu Sensei Sensei  Rare  search
148 Uso Sensei Sensei  Rare  search
683 Utaku Meadows Region  Common  search
76 Utaku Tarako Personality  Common  search
80 Victory or Death Action  Rare  search
686 Violence Behind Courtliness City Region  Common  search
112 Wardens Follower  Common  search
119 Warrior Pilgrim Follower  Uncommon  search
82 Way of Sincerity Action  Uncommon  search
130 Weapon Rack Item  Common  search
96 Weigh the Cost Action  Common  search
88 Well-Laid Plains Action  Rare  search
105 Wrath of the Storm Action  Common  search
132 Writ of Commendation Item  Common  search
133 Writ of Obligation Item  Common  search
131 Writ of Requisition Item  Rare  search
64 Yogo Rieko Personality  Rare  search
698 Yoritomo Hiroya Personality  Common  search
46 Yoritomo Matsoru Personality  Uncommon  search
45 Yoritomo Tokaro Personality  Common  search
55 Z'chkir Personality  Common  search

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