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Black Rider

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Black Rider: 194 cards
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3 A Clamour of Many Voices Condition  search
128 A Promise Condition  search
81 Abiding Evil Event  search
134 Advancing Uruk Minion  search
107 Aldred, Éored Soldier Companion  search
1 Argument Ready to Hand Event  search
16 Attunement Event  search
135 Barbaric Uruk Minion  search
82 Barrage Event  search
2 Belt of Erebor Possession  search
136 Berserker Torch Possession  search
25 Betrayal of Isengard Condition  search
119 Bilbo, Melancholy Hobbit Companion  search
161 Black Rider Minion  search
42 Blade of Gondor, Sword of Boromir Possession  search
84 Bloodstained Field Event  search
43 Boromir, Defender of Minas Tirith Companion  search
137 Breeding Pit Conscript Minion  search
138 Broken Heirloom Event  search
139 Broken in Defeat Event  search
55 Brutal Easterling Minion  search
108 Cast Out Condition  search
56 Castamir of Umbar, Corsair Vandal Minion  search
85 Cave Troll of Moria, Savage Menace Minion  search
86 Cave Troll's Hammer, Unwieldy Cudgel Possession  search
109 Challenging the Orc-host Event  search
110 Cleaving a Path Condition  search
111 Coif Possession  search
37 Come Away Condition  search
44 Concealment Event  search
45 Confronting the Eye Condition  search
57 Corrupted Spy Minion  search
58 Countless Companies Condition  search
59 Covetous Easterling Minion  search
60 Crazed Hillman Minion  search
61 Crooked Townsman Minion  search
140 Crushing Uruk Minion  search
141 Dark Alliance Condition  search
162 Dark Approach Event  search
163 Dark Temptation Condition  search
26 Discoveries Event  search
120 Diversion Event  search
62 Dunlending Zealot Minion  search
4 Durability Event  search
5 Dwarven Bracers Possession  search
6 Dwarven Skill Condition  search
7 Dwarven Warrior Companion  search
63 Easterling Banner-bearer Minion  search
164 Echo of Hooves Event  search
46 Elendil's Valor Event  search
17 Elrond, Witness to History Companion  search
187 Emyn Muil Site  search
64 Enraged Southron Minion  search
112 Éomer, Éored Leader Companion  search
113 Éored Warrior Companion  search
48 Faramir's Sword Possession  search
47 Faramir, Dúnadan of Gondor Companion  search
121 Flotsam and Jetsam Event  search
114 For the Mark Event  search
65 Frenzied Dunlending Minion  search
38 From Deep in Shadow Event  search
28 Gandalf's Hat Possession  search
27 Gandalf, The White Rider Companion  search
66 Gathering Strength Event  search
67 Goaded to War Condition  search
87 Goblin Aggressor Minion  search
115 Golden Glimmer Condition  search
49 Gondorian Steed Possession  search
88 Great Cost Condition  search
68 Gríma, Betrayer of Rohan Minion  search
50 Guardian Condition  search
18 Hadafang Possession  search
116 Haethen, Veteran Fighter Companion  search
69 Harrying Hillman Minion  search
70 Hemmed In Condition  search
188 Hill of Sight Site  search
8 His Father's Charge Condition  search
189 Hobbiton Market Site  search
122 Home and Hearth Condition  search
123 Hope is Kindled Event  search
165 In the Ringwraith's Wake Event  search
29 Introspection Event  search
51 Invigorated Condition  search
30 Járnsmid, Barding Emissary Companion  search
71 Last Days Condition  search
117 Léofric, Defender of the Mark Companion  search
166 Lingering Shadow Condition  search
124 Long Live the Halflings Condition  search
19 Long-knives of Legolas Possession  search
9 Loud and Strong Condition  search
125 Measure of Comfort Condition  search
142 Merciless Uruk Minion  search
72 Messenger's Mount Possession  search
167 Minas Morgul Answers Event  search
89 Mordor Aggressor Minion  search
90 Morgul Tormentor Minion  search
74 Mûmak Rider Minion  search
31 Mysterious Wizard Event  search
168 Nazgûl Blade Possession  search
10 No Pauses, No Spills Event  search
126 No Worse for Wear Event  search
11 Nobody Tosses a Dwarf Event  search
190 Northern Pelennor Site  search
39 Not Alone Condition  search
91 Orc Artisan Minion  search
92 Orc Dreg Minion  search
93 Orc Footman Minion  search
94 Orc Sapper Minion  search
95 Orc Skulker Minion  search
96 Orc Spear Possession  search
97 Orc Strategist Minion  search
98 Orc Tormentor Minion  search
20 Orophin, Brother of Haldir Companion  search
127 Pippin, Hobbit of Some Intelligence Companion  search
99 Pitiless Orc Minion  search
75 Poisonous Words Event  search
12 Proud and Able Condition  search
143 Quelling Force Event  search
100 Rallying Orc Minion  search
21 Refuge Condition  search
101 Retribution Condition  search
129 Rosie Cotton, Barmaid Companion  search
22 Rúmil, Brother of Haldir Companion  search
32 Salve Condition  search
144 Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord Minion  search
54 Saruman, Of Many Colours Minion  search
169 Sauron's Gaze Condition  search
102 Scavenging Goblins Minion  search
23 Seclusion Event  search
170 Sense of Obligation Condition  search
171 Shadowy Mount Possession  search
13 Sharp Defense Event  search
145 Shingle in a Storm Condition  search
191 Shores of Nen Hithoel Site  search
130 Simple Living Condition  search
192 Slopes of Orodruin Site  search
14 Stalwart Support Condition  search
131 Stand Together Condition  search
193 Starkhorn Site  search
172 Steed of Mordor Possession  search
103 Storming the Ramparts Event  search
146 Strange Device Event  search
132 Sudden Fury Condition  search
147 Suppressing Uruk Minion  search
24 Taking the High Ground Condition  search
104 Taunt Event  search
148 Tempest of War Condition  search
185 The Angle Site  search
79 The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dûm Minion  search
83 The Beckoning Shadow Condition  search
186 The Bridge of Khazad-dûm Site  search
118 The Mouth of Sauron, Lieutenant of Barad-dûr Minion  search
73 The Mouth of Sauron, Messenger of Mordor Minion  search
33 The Terror of His Coming Event  search
184 The Witch-king's Beast, Fell Creature Possession  search
183 The Witch-king, Black Lord Minion  search
40 There's Another Way Condition  search
15 Thrarin, Smith of Erebor Companion  search
52 Tireless Condition  search
133 Tolman Cotton, Farmer of Bywater Companion  search
76 Trail of Terror Condition  search
34 Traveled Leader Event  search
41 Treacherous Little Toad Condition  search
105 Troll's Keyward, Keeper of the Beast Minion  search
173 Úlairë Attëa, Black Predator Minion  search
174 Úlairë Cantëa, Black Assassin Minion  search
175 Úlairë Enquëa, Black Threat Minion  search
176 Úlairë Lemenya, Black Enemy Minion  search
177 Úlairë Nelya, Black Hunter Minion  search
178 Úlairë Nertëa, Black Horseman Minion  search
179 Úlairë Otsëa, Black Specter Minion  search
180 Úlairë Toldëa, Black Shadow Minion  search
181 Unending Life Condition  search
182 Unimpeded Condition  search
149 Uruk Common Minion  search
150 Uruk Decimator Minion  search
151 Uruk Desecrator Minion  search
152 Uruk Dominator Minion  search
153 Uruk Pikeman Minion  search
154 Uruk Slaughterer Minion  search
155 Uruk Zealot Minion  search
156 Uruk-hai Guard Minion  search
157 Uruk-hai Troop Minion  search
53 Valorous Leader Condition  search
158 Vicious Uruk Minion  search
106 Vile Goblin Minion  search
77 War Trident Possession  search
35 Watch and Wait Condition  search
159 Weapon of Opportunity Possession  search
80 Whip of Many Thongs, Weapon of Flame and Shadow Artifact  search
36 With Doom We Come Condition  search
194 Wold Battlefield Site  search
160 Worthy of Mordor Condition  search
78 Wrathful Hillman Minion  search

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