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Stomp-a-Trons Of Invincible Wrath

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Stomp-a-Trons Of Invincible Wrath: 123 cards
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11 Adomis, the Oracle Creature  Uncommon  search
3 Aeropica Creature  Very Rare  search
31 Aqua Rider Creature  Common  search
12 Arc Bine, the Astounding Evolution Creature  Rare  search
71 Armored Decimator Valkaizer Evolution Creature  Rare  search
72 Armored Scout Gestuchar Creature  Common  search
73 Automated Weaponmaster Machai Creature  Common  search
74 Badlands Lizard Creature  Rare  search
13 Ballas, Vizier of Electrons Creature  Common  search
75 Bazagazeal Dragon Creature  Rare  search
51 Bazooka Mutant Creature  Uncommon  search
91 Bliss Totem, Avatar of Luck Creature  Uncommon  search
S7 Bolmeteus Steel Dragon Creature  Super Rare  search
14 Bonds of Justice Spell  Rare  search
92 Cantankerous Giant Creature  Uncommon  search
93 Carrier Shell Creature  Common  search
94 Charmilia, the Enticer Creature  Rare  search
15 Chekicul, Vizier of Endurance Creature  Common  search
16 Chen Treg, Vizier of Blades Creature  Common  search
76 Choya, the Unheeding Creature  Common  search
S9 Cliffcrush Giant Creature  Super Rare  search
95 Clobber Totem Creature  Rare  search
77 Cocco Lupia Creature  Uncommon  search
78 Comet Missile Spell  Uncommon  search
17 Cosmogold, Spectral Knight Creature  Rare  search
S1 Craze Valkyrie, the Drastic Evolution Creature  Super Rare  search
79 Crisis Boulder Spell  Rare  search
420 Crisis Boulder (#420) Spell  Rare  search
S3 Crystal Jouster Evolution Creature  Super Rare  search
52 Cursed Pincher Creature  Common  search
80 Cutthroat Skyterror Creature  Uncommon  search
S5 Daidalos, General of Fury Creature  Super Rare  search
18 Dava Torey, Seeker of Clouds Creature  Uncommon  search
53 Death Smoke Spell  Common  search
96 Dimension Gate Spell  Common  search
32 Energy Stream Spell  Common  search
97 Factory Shell Q Creature  Rare  search
98 Faerie Life Spell  Common  search
99 Feather Horn, the Tracker Creature  Uncommon  search
100 Forbidding Totem Creature  Rare  search
19 Forbos, Sanctum Guardian Q Creature  Rare  search
33 Fort Megacluster Evolution Creature  Rare  search
54 Frost Specter, Shadow of Age Evolution Creature  Rare  search
55 Future Slash Spell  Uncommon  search
101 Garabon, the Glider Creature  Common  search
20 Gariel, Elemental of Sunbeams Creature  Rare  search
56 Gigagriff Creature  Uncommon  search
57 Gnarvash, Merchant of Blood Creature  Rare  search
58 Grave Worm Q Creature  Rare  search
59 Grim Soul, Shadow of Reversal Creature  Common  search
60 Grinning Axe, the Monstrosity Creature  Common  search
34 Hazard Crawler Creature  Uncommon  search
102 Illusory Berry Creature  Common  search
103 Innocent Hunter, Blade of All Creature  Uncommon  search
61 Intense Evil Spell  Rare  search
5 Invincible Abyss Spell  Very Rare  search
1 Invincible Aura Spell  Very Rare  search
7 Invincible Cataclysm Spell  Very Rare  search
7j Invincible Cataclysm (#7J) Spell  Very Rare  search
4 Invincible Technology Spell  Very Rare  search
9 Invincible Unity Spell  Very Rare  search
62 Junkatz, Rabid Doll Creature  Common  search
21 Kanesill, the Explorer Creature  Common  search
35 King Triumphant Creature  Rare  search
36 Kyuroro Creature  Rare  search
S8 Lava Walker Executo Evolution Creature  Super Rare  search
S2 Laveil, Seeker of Catastrophe Creature  Super Rare  search
81 Legionnaire Lizard Creature  Common  search
22 Lightning Grass Creature  Common  search
104 Living Citadel Vosh Evolution Creature  Rare  search
63 Lone Tear, Shadow of Solitude Creature  Common  search
2 Lu Gila, Silver Rift Guardian Creature  Very Rare  search
64 Lupa, Poison-Tipped Doll Creature  Uncommon  search
37 Madrillon Fish Creature  Common  search
38 Midnight Crawler Creature  Rare  search
82 Migasa, Adept of Chaos Creature  Uncommon  search
105 Mighty Bandit, Ace of Thieves Creature  Common  search
23 Moontear, Spectral Knight Creature  Uncommon  search
39 Mystic Dreamscape Spell  Uncommon  search
106 Mystic Treasure Chest Spell  Rare  search
40 Neon Cluster Creature  Uncommon  search
41 Overload Cluster Creature  Uncommon  search
107 Pangaea's Will Spell  Uncommon  search
108 Paradise Horn Creature  Uncommon  search
S6 Phantasmal Horror Gigazald Evolution Creature  Super Rare  search
83 Phantom Dragon's Flame Spell  Common  search
84 Picora's Wrench Creature  Common  search
65 Proclamation of Death Spell  Uncommon  search
42 Promephius Q Creature  Common  search
24 Protective Force Spell  Uncommon  search
85 Pyrofighter Magnus Creature  Common  search
86 Q-tronic Gargantua Evolution Creature  Rare  search
S4 Q-tronic Hypermind Evolution Creature  Super Rare  search
25 Rain of Arrows Spell  Uncommon  search
43 Raptor Fish Creature  Rare  search
26 Razorpine Tree Creature  Uncommon  search
87 Rikabu's Screwdriver Creature  Rare  search
44 Ripple Lotus Q Creature  Rare  search
88 Rumblesaur Q Creature  Uncommon  search
66 Schuka, Duke of Amnesia Creature  Rare  search
66j Schuka, Duke of Amnesia (#25j) Creature  Rare  search
45 Shock Hurricane Spell  Uncommon  search
67 Skullcutter, Swarm Leader Creature  Uncommon  search
109 Slumber Shell Creature  Common  search
46 Sopian Creature  Common  search
89 Spastic Missile Spell  Uncommon  search
27 Sphere of Wonder Spell  Common  search
47 Spiral Gate Spell  Common  search
10 Splinterclaw Wasp Creature  Very Rare  search
48 Steam Star Creature  Common  search
6 Tank Mutant Creature  Very Rare  search
28 Telitol, the Explorer Creature  Rare  search
68 Tentacle Worm Creature  Common  search
49 Thrash Crawler Creature  Uncommon  search
90 Torchclencher Creature  Common  search
110 Trench Scarab Creature  Common  search
S10 Ultra Mantis, Scourge of Fate Evolution Creature  Super Rare  search
8 Valiant Warrior Exorious Creature  Very Rare  search
29 Vess, the Oracle Creature  Common  search
69 Vile Mulder, Wing of the Void Creature  Rare  search
30 Yuluk, the Oracle Creature  Common  search
50 Zepimeteus Creature  Common  search
70 Zorvaz, the Bonecrusher Creature  Common  search

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