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7 AirShot BattleChip  search
1T2 All About Endurance Event  search
8 AreaSteal BattleChip  search
20 Asking For It Event  search
74 Barrier BattleChip  search
32 BattleChip Geek Resource  search
121 Best Throw Ever Event  UR  search
33 Big Trouble Resource  search
75 BigHammer1 BattleChip  search
X8 Blue Battler Resource  Promo  search
9 Boomer2 BattleChip  search
10 BoysBomb BattleChip  search
76 Bubbler BattleChip  search
34 BucketHead Resource  search
122 BusterBlast Event  UR  search
90 Calculated Resource  search
21 Cancelled Event  search
11 CannonBall BattleChip  search
35 Channeling Resource  search
36 Charging Up Resource  search
1*1 Clear Victory Resource  Promo  search
37 Clever Trick Resource  search
38 Clowning Around Resource  search
109 Count Zap: Metal Head Resource  SR  search
39 Counter Attack Resource  search
117 Counter1 BattleChip  UR  search
12 CyberSword BattleChip  search
40 CyberWarrior Resource  search
1T1 DarkCannon BattleChip  search
41 Data Scan Resource  search
42 Delicious and Nutritious Resource  search
43 Determined Resource  search
110 Dex: Jokester Resource  SR  search
44 Difference in Power Resource  search
86 Disaster Strikes Event  search
77 Discord BattleChip  search
1P5 Dish a Little Dirt Resource  Promo  search
1T3 Double Power Event  search
45 Double Zap Resource  search
87 Drowning Event  search
46 Eat More Fish Resource  search
1 ElecMan: Fully Charged NetNavi  search
91 Energized Resource  search
1P2 EnergyBomb BattleChip  Promo  search
22 Fast And Powerful Event  search
123 Feel The Thump Event  UR  search
47 Fiery NetNavi Resource  search
124 Fire Factory Event  UR  search
103 Fire it Up Resource  St  search
23 Fish Intervention Event  search
24 Fish On The Brain Event  search
92 Flame Brain Resource  search
88 Flush Out Your Opponent Event  search
48 Focus Resource  search
1P6 Friendly Ms. Mari Resource  Promo  search
49 Great Surprise Resource  search
13 Guard1 BattleChip  search
1P3 Guardian BattleChip  Promo  search
50 GutsHammer Resource  search
2 GutsMan: Body Strength NetNavi  search
93 GutsThump Resource  search
51 Handy Work Resource  search
125 HeartBurn Event  UR  search
78 HeatShot BattleChip  search
94 Heightened Defenses Resource  search
111 Higsby: Nerdy Resource  SR  search
25 Impressive Battlers Event  search
105 Incredible Speed Event  SR  search
1T4 Infamous Dr. Wily Event  search
89 Intense Power Event  search
79 Invisible BattleChip  search
52 It's an Emergency Resource  search
53 It's Not Over Yet Resource  search
118 Jealousy BattleChip  UR  search
112 Lan: NetBattler Resource  SR  search
14 LaserBlast BattleChip  search
54 Let 'em Have It Resource  search
1T7 Level Up! (Gutsman) Level Up!  search
1T6 LEVEL UP! (MegaMan) Level Up!  search
1T8 LEVEL UP! (Roll) Level Up!  search
119 LifeAura BattleChip  UR  search
80 Lightning1 BattleChip  search
81 LongSword BattleChip  search
55 Looking Hot Resource  search
120 M-Cannon BattleChip  UR  search
113 Maddy: Trickster Resource  SR  search
95 Magic Block Resource  search
3 MagicMan: Riddler NetNavi  search
114 Maylu: SweetHeart Resource  SR  search
15 MegaEnergyBomb BattleChip  search
1P1 MegaMan: CyberHero NetNavi  Promo  search
101 MegaMan: NetWarrior NetNavi  St  search
106 Method For Well-Being Event  SR  search
56 Mind Tricks Resource  search
82 MiniBoomer BattleChip  search
115 Mr. Match: Red Hot Resource  SR  search
57 No One Can Escape Resource  search
26 Not Enough Power Event  search
4 NumberMan: Calculator NetNavi  search
58 Odds Are Against You Resource  search
107 Perfectly Executed Event  SR  search
1T5 Pink Pixel Brat Event  search
27 Playing Dirty Event  search
59 Power Pastries Resource  search
28 Pretty Good Move Event  search
60 Ready For Action Resource  search
61 Ready For Battle Resource  search
62 Recharge and Try Again Resource  search
104 Rich Kid Resource  St  search
63 Rival Resource  search
1P7 Rock Solid Resource  Promo  search
16 RockCube BattleChip  search
5 Roll: Hip and Cool NetNavi  search
96 RollBlast Resource  search
64 Routine Defense Resource  search
65 Send in the Clowns Resource  search
126 Shocker Event  UR  search
66 Show No Mercy Resource  search
67 SmackDown Resource  search
83 Spreader BattleChip  search
97 SteamRoll Resource  search
68 Strength Under Pressure Resource  search
98 Superior Technique Resource  search
108 System Error Event  SR  search
69 Take Control Resource  search
29 Technical Difficulties Event  search
30 That's too easy Event  search
84 Thunder1 BattleChip  search
17 TimeBomb BattleChip  search
102 TorchMan: HotHead NetNavi  St  search
18 Tornado BattleChip  search
99 Towering Inferno Resource  search
70 Two for One Resource  search
31 Uncommon NetBattler Event  search
127 Underestimated Event  UR  search
100 Upload Resource  search
71 Useless One Resource  search
19 Vulcan1 BattleChip  search
6 WackoMan: Whimsical NetNavi  search
128 Wheel of Magic Event  UR  search
85 WideSword BattleChip  search
72 Winning Hand Resource  search
73 Worthy Opponent Resource  search
116 Yahoot: Guru Resource  SR  search

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