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Grand Prix

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Grand Prix: 108 cards
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68 A Higher Level Resource  search
18 Air Head Resource  search
1 AirMan: Ready to Blow NetNavi  search
100 All Natural Resource  UR  search
58 Always a Competition Event  search
51 Anubis BattleChip  search
86 Arashi: Wide Open Resource  SR  search
2*1 Attentive Opponent Resource  Promo  search
19 Bitten Resource  search
52 Blizzard BattleChip  search
96 Blown Away Event  UR  search
5 Boomer1 BattleChip  search
92 BoysBomb3 BattleChip  UR  search
69 Bring It On Resource  search
59 Burned Event  search
20 Charge Forward Resource  search
87 Chaud: Smooth Operator Resource  SR  search
14 Chip Junkie Event  search
15 Choose Carefully Event  search
21 Clean 'Em Out Resource  search
97 Collect 'Em All Event  UR  search
60 Construct a Victory Event  search
82 Correction Event  SR  search
16 Counting Down Event  search
53 CustomSword BattleChip  search
98 Dark Admonition Event  UR  search
2*2 Do-Si-Do Resource  Promo  search
22 Dogged Determination Resource  search
93 DoublePoint BattleChip  UR  search
2P3 Dr. Hikari, Paternal Hero Resource  Promo  search
61 Enlightenment Event  search
70 Falling Object Resource  search
6 FastGauge BattleChip  search
2P5 Flatter Yourself Resource  Promo  search
62 Friendly Rivals Event  search
71 Full of Hot Air Resource  search
23 Gaia Resource  search
94 Geddon3 BattleChip  UR  search
72 Glide: At Your Service Resource  search
24 Gloomer Resource  search
101 Glow, Baby, Glow Resource  UR  search
7 GrabRevenge BattleChip  search
63 Grave Problem Event  search
8 Guard2 BattleChip  search
25 Guidance Resource  search
26 Head to Fist Resource  search
27 Headstrong NetNavi Resource  search
9 HiCannon BattleChip  search
10 HolyPanel BattleChip  search
28 Hot Ice Resource  search
2 IceMan: Deceptively Cool NetNavi  search
29 It's Electric Resource  search
73 Keep Battling Resource  search
30 Kilby Resource  search
88 Lan: Hot Shot Resource  SR  search
2P4 Let's Jam Resource  Promo  search
99 Liberation Event  UR  search
64 Like Father, Like Son Event  search
17 Loud and Clear Event  search
54 Magnum BattleChip  search
2P2 Maysa, Staunch Supporter Resource  Promo  search
3 MegaMan: BattleMaster NetNavi  search
74 MegaMan: Licensed to Delete Resource  search
31 Mettaur Resource  search
11 MokoRush1 BattleChip  search
32 More to Come Resource  search
89 Ms. Millionaire: Politely Evil Resource  SR  search
55 NeoVariable BattleChip  search
65 Nose Knows Event  search
80 Open the Door Resource  St  search
83 Owe You One Event  SR  search
33 Peace Resource  search
34 Permanent Results Resource  search
75 Petrify Resource  search
78 PharaohMan: Ultimate NetNavi NetNavi  St  search
35 Playing Hooky Resource  search
36 Playtime Resource  search
2P1 ProtoMan, Unbeatable NetNavi  Promo  search
76 ProtoMan: Controlled Fury Resource  search
79 ProtoMan: Grand Prix Champ NetNavi  St  search
37 Raise the Temp Resource  search
38 Ready, Aim,… Resource  search
95 Recovery200 BattleChip  UR  search
39 Roll of Thunder Resource  search
77 Roll: Downtown Chaperone Resource  search
40 Rush: Roll Over Resource  search
90 Sacred Kingdom Resource  SR  search
41 Shrimpy2 Resource  search
42 Silly Resource  search
56 Snake BattleChip  search
4 SnakeMan: Sly Bandit NetNavi  search
43 Snowed In Resource  search
44 Spikey Resource  search
45 Spin Cycle Resource  search
46 Talking Smack Resource  search
47 The Way Resource  search
48 Thrill of Anticipation Resource  search
91 Tory: Rookie NetOp Resource  SR  search
84 Ultimate Sacrifice Event  SR  search
85 Unbelievable! Event  SR  search
66 Unwavering Loyalty Event  search
81 Virtual Martyr Resource  St  search
12 Vulcan2 BattleChip  search
49 VulGear Resource  search
50 Weepers Resource  search
67 What an Intrusion Event  search
13 WhiteWeb1 BattleChip  search
57 Wind BattleChip  search

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