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Death and Honor

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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Death and Honor: 48 cards
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26 A Good Death to Save Another Action  Common  search
17 Adolphus Krieger Unit  Uncommon  search
40 Axelbrand, Archelector of Taal Unit  Common  search
16 Banner of Terror Attachment  Uncommon  search
18 Banshees of Nightfall Unit  Uncommon  search
1 Black Hand of Death Action  Uncommon  search
27 Blood Precedes Glory Action  Uncommon  search
14 Carstein Ring Attachment  Uncommon  search
19 Carstein's Black Hand Unit  Common  search
20 Carstein's Black Knights Unit  Common  search
21 Carstein's Flesh Eaters Unit  Common  search
22 Carstein's Grave Guard Unit  Common  search
23 Carstein's Wights Unit  Common  search
2 Curse of the Immortal Action  Common  search
3 Curse of Years Action  Common  search
28 Death Comes to All Action  Uncommon  search
29 Devotion to a Cause Action  Common  search
11 Fandelhoch's Folly Action  Uncommon  search
30 Freedom is not Free Action  Common  search
4 From Hell's Heart Action  Common  search
5 Gaze of Nagash Action  Common  search
24 Gothard, The Undying Knight Unit  Common  search
37 Grand Theogonist Kurt III Attachment  Uncommon  search
6 Hand of Dust Action  Common  search
7 Hellish Vigor Action  Uncommon  search
8 Invocation of Nehek Action  Common  search
12 Ire of the Magus Action  Uncommon  search
41 Knights of the Divine Sword Unit  Common  search
25 Manfred Von Carstein Unit  Uncommon  search
43 Martin's War Hounds Unit  Uncommon  search
42 Martin, Elector of Stirland Unit  Uncommon  search
36 Nobody Lives Forever! Action  Rare  search
44 Ostermark Vampire Hunters Unit  Common  search
45 Priests of Taal Unit  Common  search
38 Standard of Faith Attachment  Common  search
46 Stirland Crossbowmen of the Stake Unit  Common  search
13 Strength of Forethought Action  Rare  search
39 Sword of Striking Attachment  Common  search
9 That Which Does Not Die Action  Common  search
31 That Which Does Not Kill Us.... Action  Common  search
32 The Battle Goes to the Vigilant Action  Common  search
33 The Enemy is Ours Action  Uncommon  search
34 Valor and Vigilance Action  Common  search
10 Vanhel's Danse Macabre Action  Uncommon  search
15 Vial of Unicorn Blood Attachment  Uncommon  search
35 War is Cruelty Action  Common  search
47 Woeful Flagellents Unit  Uncommon  search
48 Zealots of Taal Unit  Common  search

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