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Limited/Standard: 325 cards
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144 "Now You've Made Us Mad" Event  Uncommon  search
289 $10,000 Man, Jury-Rigged Cyborg Character  Uncommon  search
42 Abominable Lab Site  Common  search
29 Abominable Wave Event  Common  search
160 Abysmal Daughter, Vampiric Demon Character  Rare  search
155 Abysmal Horror, Demon Character  Common  search
171 Abysmal Spirit, Ghost Assassin Character  Uncommon  search
49 Adrienne Hart, Pledged Martial Artist Character  Rare  search
301 Alabaster Javelin State  Uncommon  search
97 Alchemist's Lair Site  Common  search
21 Alpha Beast, Abomination Character  Very Common  search
302 Amulet of the Turtle State  Uncommon  search
213 Ancestral Tomb, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
98 Ancient Grove Site  Common  search
214 Ancient Temple, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
12 Arcanotechnician, Buro Scientist Character  Uncommon  search
37 Arcanowave Pulse Event  Uncommon  search
26 Arcanowave Reinforcer Edge  Uncommon  search
13 Arcanowave Researcher, Scientist Character  Uncommon  search
99 Armored in Life State  Common  search
145 Array of Stunts Event  Uncommon  search
141 Assassins in Love Event  Rare  search
320 Attack Helicopter State  Uncommon  search
215 Auspicious Termites, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
130 Average Joe, Blue-Collar Hero Character  Very Common  search
135 Back for Seconds Event  Common  search
151 Bag Full of Guns State  Uncommon  search
189 Banish Event  Rare  search
149 Baptism of Fire State  Rare  search
288 Battlechimp Potemkin, Subversive Leader Character  Rare  search
258 Beneficial Realignment Event  Common  search
161 Big Brother Tsien, Demon Hood Character  Rare  search
124 Big Bruiser, Kicker of Butts Character  Uncommon  search
84 Bite of the Jellyfish Event  Uncommon  search
95 Blade Palm Event  Uncommon  search
216 Blessed Orchard, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
136 Booby Trap Event  Common  search
45 Brain Bug EQ3200 State  Rare  search
14 Brain Eater, Abomination Character  Uncommon  search
81 Bull Market Event  Rare  search
1 Buro Assassin, Covert Operator Character  Common  search
15 Buro Official, Vile Bureaucrat Character  Uncommon  search
46 Cabinet Minister, Pledged Politician Character  Common  search
113 Capoeira Master, Martial Artist Character  Rare  search
217 Cave Network, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
38 Cellular Reinvigoration Event  Uncommon  search
184 Chains of Bone Edge  Uncommon  search
152 Charmed Life State  Uncommon  search
235 Chin Ken, Kung Fu Master Character  Rare  search
109 Chinese Doctor, Wise Physician Character  Common  search
290 Chromosome Screamer, Escaped Abomination Character  Uncommon  search
59 Church Official, Pledged Operative Character  Uncommon  search
203 City Square, Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
105 Claw of the Tiger State  Uncommon  search
30 Code Red Event  Common  search
281 Combat Aircar State  Uncommon  search
245 Confucian Sage, Font of Wisdom Character  Uncommon  search
259 Confucian Stability Event  Common  search
106 Contract of the Fox State  Uncommon  search
76 Covert Operation Event  Common  search
142 Crucible, The Event  Rare  search
85 Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor Event  Uncommon  search
297 Curtain of Fullness Event  Uncommon  search
186 Dance of the Centipede Event  Common  search
36 Dangerous Experiment Event  Rare  search
93 Dawn of the Righteous Event  Common  search
102 Death Touch State  Rare  search
193 Deathtrap State  Common  search
5 Desdemona Deathangel, Abomination Character  Rare  search
264 Difficulty at the Beginning Event  Uncommon  search
107 Dim Mak State  Uncommon  search
282 Disintegrator Ray State  Uncommon  search
2 DNA Mage, Occult Scientist Character  Common  search
6 Dr. April Mucosa, Mad Scientist Character  Rare  search
50 Draco, Lodge Enforcer Character  Rare  search
125 Dragon Adept, Versatile Combatant Character  Uncommon  search
110 Dragon Fighter, Streetfighter Character  Common  search
204 Dragon Mountain, Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
311 Drug Lab, Hood Site Site  Rare  search
286 Dump Warrior, Scavenger / Scrapper Character  Common  search
287 Edge Warrior, Subversive Op Character  Common  search
236 Elderly Monk, Sage Character  Rare  search
177 Eunuch Underling, Sorcerous Bureaucrat Character  Very Common  search
131 Everyday Hero, Brave Scrapper Character  Very Common  search
162 Evil Twin, Sinister Sibling Character  Rare  search
31 Expendable Unit Event  Common  search
321 Explosives State  Uncommon  search
77 Faked Death Event  Common  search
88 Family Estate Site  Common  search
218 Family Home, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
219 Family Restaurant, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
182 Feast of Souls Edge  Rare  search
137 Final Brawl Event  Common  search
255 Fire in the Lake Edge  Uncommon  search
60 Fist of the Bear, Lodge Enforcer Character  Uncommon  search
150 Fists of Legend State  Rare  search
280 Floating Fortress State  Rare  search
185 Flood on the Mountain Edge  Uncommon  search
197 Flying Guillotine State  Rare  search
237 Fong Sai Yuk, Martial Artist Character  Rare  search
108 Fortune of the Turtle State  Uncommon  search
205 Fox Pass, Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
132 Friends of the Dragon, Dragon Supporters Character  Very Common  search
283 Fusion Rifle State  Uncommon  search
284 Fusion Tank State  Uncommon  search
111 Gadgeteer, Resourceful Techie Character  Common  search
163 Gao Zhang, Center of the Lotus Character  Rare  search
233 Gardener, Devoted Follower Character  Common  search
164 Ghostly Seducer, Demon Sorceress Character  Rare  search
172 Gnarled Horror, Demon Character  Uncommon  search
173 Gnarled Marauder, Demon Character  Uncommon  search
251 Golden Candle Society, Secret Society Character  Very Common  search
138 Golden Comeback Event  Common  search
247 Green Monk, Martial Artist Character  Uncommon  search
322 Grenade Launcher State  Uncommon  search
220 Grove of Willows, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
47 Gruff Lieutenant, Pledged Cop Character  Common  search
221 Hallowed Earth, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
100 Hands Without Shadow State  Common  search
206 Hanging Coffins, Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
279 Havoc Suit State  Common  search
94 Healing Earth Event  Common  search
43 Helix Chewer State  Common  search
44 Helix Rethread State  Common  search
153 Heroic Conversion State  Uncommon  search
256 Hill of the Turtle Edge  Uncommon  search
7 Homo Omega, Buro Cyborg Character  Rare  search
156 Hopping Vampire, Ancient Monsters Character  Common  search
86 Hostile Takeover Event  Uncommon  search
147 House on the Hill Site  Common  search
291 I Ching Edge  Rare  search
114 Iala ManĂ©, Martial Artist Character  Rare  search
229 Ice Warriors, Netherworld Soldier Character  Common  search
300 Illusory Bridge Site  Common  search
183 Imperial Boon Edge  Rare  search
174 Imperial Guard, Ancient Cop Character  Uncommon  search
32 Imprisoned Event  Common  search
187 Inauspicious Reburial Event  Common  search
195 Inexorable Corruption State  Common  search
191 Infernal Plague Event  Uncommon  search
192 Infernal Temple Site  Common  search
222 Inner Sanctum, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
252 Instrument of the Hand, Martial Artist Character  Very Common  search
265 Into the Light Event  Uncommon  search
260 Iron and Silk Event  Common  search
115 Jack Donovan, Maverick Cop Character  Rare  search
223 Jagged Cliffs, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
8 Johann Bonengel, BuroPresident Character  Rare  search
116 Johnny Tso, Heroic Gunman Character  Rare  search
165 Jueding Shelun, Eunuch Sorcerer Character  Rare  search
166 Kan Li, Martial Artist Character  Rare  search
117 Kar Fai, Kung Fu Master Character  Rare  search
295 Killing Rain Event  Common  search
231 King of the Thunder Pagoda, Warlord Character  Rare  search
207 Kinoshita House, Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
175 Kun Kan, Earth Demon Character  Uncommon  search
298 Larcenous Mist Event  Uncommon  search
139 Last Outpost Event  Common  search
143 Last Stand Event  Rare  search
224 Lily Pond, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
68 Liquidators, Pledged Enforcers Character  Very Common  search
303 Luis Camacho, Vengeful Hood Character  Rare  search
118 Mad Dog McCroun, Big Bruiser Character  Rare  search
89 Marked for Death State  Common  search
225 Marsh, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
126 Masked Avenger, Vigilante Hero Character  Uncommon  search
127 Maverick Cop, Gun-Toting Hero Character  Uncommon  search
3 Midnight Whisperer, Abomination Character  Common  search
61 Might of the Elephant, Lodge Enforcer Character  Uncommon  search
62 Military Commandant, Pledged Mastermind Character  Uncommon  search
78 Mole Network Event  Common  search
72 Monkey King Edge  Uncommon  search
16 Monster Hunter, Timewalker Character  Uncommon  search
307 Mooks, Mercenary Hoods Character  Very Common  search
167 Mother of Corruption, Demon Queen Character  Rare  search
314 Motorcycle State  Common  search
226 Mountain Retreat, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
208 Mourning Tree, Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
51 Mr. X, Lodge Mastermind Character  Rare  search
63 Muckraking Journalist, Pledged Operative Character  Uncommon  search
17 Mutoid, Abomination Character  Uncommon  search
261 Mysterious Return Event  Common  search
306 Mysterious Stranger, Netherworld Outcast Character  Uncommon  search
262 Natural Order Event  Common  search
33 Nerve Gas Event  Common  search
315 Netherworld Passageway State  Common  search
39 Neutron Bomb Event  Uncommon  search
304 Nine Cuts, Mercenary Assassin Character  Rare  search
9 Nirmal Yadav, Supersoldier Character  Rare  search
128 Old Hermit, Wily Sorcerer Character  Uncommon  search
238 Old Master, Kung Fu Master Character  Rare  search
248 One Hundred Names, Legion of Followers Character  Uncommon  search
266 Onslaught of the Turtle Event  Uncommon  search
79 Operation Killdeer Event  Common  search
249 Orange Monk, Martial Artist Character  Uncommon  search
275 Orbital Laser Strike Event  Common  search
119 Oscar Balbuena, Karate Cop Character  Rare  search
73 Paper Trail Edge  Uncommon  search
52 Phillipe Benoit, Pledged Assassin Character  Rare  search
199 Poison Needles State  Uncommon  search
40 Police State Event  Uncommon  search
312 Police Station Site  Rare  search
74 Political Lock Edge  Uncommon  search
267 Positive Chi Event  Uncommon  search
273 Power of the Great State  Rare  search
25 Probability Manipulator Edge  Rare  search
268 Progress of the Mouse Event  Uncommon  search
10 Prototype X, Abomination Character  Rare  search
212 Proving Ground, Feng Shui Site Site  Uncommon  search
22 PubOrd Officer, Security Cop Character  Very Common  search
34 PubOrd Raid Event  Common  search
4 PubOrd Sniper, Cop Character  Common  search
23 PubOrd Squad, Buro Cops Character  Very Common  search
239 Quai Li, Spy Character  Rare  search
240 Quan Lo, The Perfect Master Character  Rare  search
232 Queen of the Ice Pagoda, Mastermind Character  Rare  search
316 Really Big Gun State  Common  search
80 Realpolitik Event  Common  search
120 Redeemed Assassin, Heroic Killer Character  Rare  search
27 Reinvigoration Process Edge  Uncommon  search
96 Return to the Center Event  Uncommon  search
112 Righteous One, Loyal Defender Character  Common  search
263 Rigorous Discipline Event  Common  search
133 Ring Fighter, Martial Artist Character  Very Common  search
82 Roar of the Beast Event  Rare  search
285 Robot Arm State  Uncommon  search
269 Robust Feng Shui Event  Uncommon  search
227 Sacred Ground, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
210 Sacred Heart Hospital, Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
308 Safehouse Edge  Rare  search
276 Salvage Event  Uncommon  search
277 Satellite Surveillance Event  Uncommon  search
299 Scroll of Incantation Event  Uncommon  search
92 Seal of the Wheel State  Rare  search
313 Secret Headquarters Site  Rare  search
278 Secret Laboratory Site  Common  search
90 Security State  Common  search
28 Seed of the New Flesh Edge  Uncommon  search
157 Shadow Creeper, Eunuch Assassin Character  Common  search
103 Shadowfist State  Rare  search
178 Shadowy Horror, Demon Character  Very Common  search
91 Shadowy Mentor State  Common  search
121 Shamanistic Lieutenant, Magic Cop Character  Rare  search
250 Shaolin Master, Martial Arts Master Character  Uncommon  search
253 Shaolin Monk, Martial Artist Character  Very Common  search
272 Shaolin Sanctuary Site  Common  search
234 Shaolin Warrior, Martial Artist Character  Common  search
296 Shattering Fire Event  Common  search
270 Shattering Jade Event  Uncommon  search
53 Shell of the Tortoise, Lodge Mastermind Character  Rare  search
190 Shifting Loyalties Event  Rare  search
257 Shifting Tao Edge  Uncommon  search
241 Shih Ho Kuai, Martial Arts Master Character  Rare  search
129 Silver Band, Legion of Supporters Character  Uncommon  search
122 Silver Fist, Cosmopolitan Hero Character  Rare  search
179 Sinister Priest, Macabre Sorcerer Character  Very Common  search
168 Snake Man, Demon Character  Rare  search
292 Soul Maze Edge  Rare  search
64 Soul of the Shark, Lodge Mastermind Character  Uncommon  search
317 Speed Boat State  Common  search
200 Sphere of Defilement State  Uncommon  search
293 Spirit Frenzy Edge  Rare  search
318 Sports Car State  Common  search
41 State of Emergency Event  Uncommon  search
65 Sting of the Scorpion, Lodge Assassin Character  Uncommon  search
228 Stone Garden, Feng Shui Site Site  Very Common  search
54 Strike Force, Pledged Commandos Character  Rare  search
70 Student of the Bear, Pledged Martial Artist Character  Very Common  search
87 Subterfuge Event  Uncommon  search
83 Suicide Mission Event  Rare  search
242 Sun Chen, Legendary Archer Character  Rare  search
19 Super Soldier, Fanatic Cop Character  Uncommon  search
35 Superior Technology Event  Common  search
71 Swat Team, Cop Pawns Character  Very Common  search
48 Swiss Banker, Pledged Financier Character  Common  search
196 Sword of Biting State  Common  search
254 Swordsman, Foot Soldier Character  Very Common  search
11 Tactical Team, Buro Cops Character  Rare  search
55 Tatsuya Yanai, Lodge Mastermind Character  Rare  search
24 Test Subjects, Abominations Character  Very Common  search
194 The Demon Within State  Common  search
246 The General, Military Mastermind Character  Uncommon  search
246a The General, Military Mastermind [Misprint] Character  Uncommon  search
294 The Hungry Edge  Uncommon  search
69 The Pledged, Loyal Initiates Character  Very Common  search
309 The Rackets, Hood Edge Edge  Uncommon  search
18 The Reconstructed, Abomination Character  Uncommon  search
209 The Red Lantern Tavern, Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
198 Theft of Fortune State  Rare  search
169 Thing with a 1000 Tongues, Disgusting Demon Character  Rare  search
180 Thorns of the Lotus, Fanatical Archers Character  Very Common  search
323 Throwing Star State  Uncommon  search
230 Thunder Knights, Netherworld Soldier Character  Common  search
274 Thunder on the Mountain State  Uncommon  search
146 Thunder on Thunder Event  Uncommon  search
75 Tomb of the Beast Edge  Uncommon  search
170 Tomb Spirit, Creature Character  Rare  search
66 Tooth of the Snake, Lodge Assassin Character  Uncommon  search
188 Tortured Memories Event  Common  search
310 Trade Center Site  Common  search
148 Training Sequence State  Common  search
243 Tranquil Persuader, Mastermind Character  Rare  search
211 Turtle Beach, Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
104 Ultimate Mastery State  Rare  search
104a Ultimate Mastery [Misprint] State  Rare  search
154 Undercover State  Uncommon  search
67 Undercover Cop, Pledged Operatives Character  Uncommon  search
56 Unspoken Name, The, Lodge Chairperson Character  Rare  search
201 Vampiric Touch State  Uncommon  search
181 Vassals of the Lotus, Ancient Hoods Character  Very Common  search
202 Veiling of the Light State  Uncommon  search
140 Victory for the Underdog Event  Common  search
20 Vivisector, Abomination Scientist Character  Uncommon  search
57 Vladimir Kovalov, Lodge Mastermind Character  Rare  search
176 Walker of the Purple Twilight, Eunuch Sorcerer Character  Uncommon  search
158 Walking Corpses, Undead Servitors Character  Common  search
319 Water Sword State  Rare  search
58 Web of the Spider, Lodge Mastermind Character  Rare  search
101 Whirlwind Strike State  Common  search
159 White Disciple, Eunuch Sorcerer Character  Common  search
305 White Ninja, Assassin Character  Rare  search
134 Wind Across Heaven Edge  Uncommon  search
271 Wind on the Mountain Event  Uncommon  search
244 Wong Fei Hong, Kung Fu Master Character  Rare  search
123 Zheng Yi Quan, Kung Fu Master Character  Rare  search

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