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Lotus Edition

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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Lotus Edition: 499 cards
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476 A Champion's Heart Event  Fixed  search
19 A Favor Returned Holding  Common  search
10 A New Wall Event  Rare  search
289 A Samurai's Fury Action  Rare  search
3 A Soul of Thunder Event  Rare  search
445 A Test of Courage Action  Common  search
314 A Vision of Truth Action  Uncommon  search
154 Achirin Personality  Common  search
259 Aftershock Action  Common  search
189 Air Dragon Personality  Rare  search
119 Akodo Anshiro Personality  Common  search
111 Akodo Ieshige Personality  Uncommon  search
123 Akodo Kobi (Experienced 3) Personality  Rare  search
113 Akodo Natsu Personality  Common  search
112 Akodo Rokuro Personality  Common  search
14 Akodo's Grave Holding  Common  search
210 Along the Coast at Midnight Action  Uncommon  search
211 Ambush Action  Rare  search
478 An Empty Victory Event  Fixed  search
426 Aramasu's Pride Stronghold  Fixed  search
213 Archer Squad Action  Uncommon  search
92 Asahina Kasai Personality  Uncommon  search
94 Asahina Yoshino Personality  Common  search
139 Asako Kinuye Personality  Uncommon  search
144 Asako Saeko Personality  Common  search
143 Asako Takakazu Personality  Common  search
453 Asatte Item  Fixed  search
158 Ashi Personality  Uncommon  search
321 Ashigaru Archers Follower  Common  search
322 Ashigaru Spearmen Follower  Common  search
176 Ashura Personality  Uncommon  search
376 Banish All Shadows Kiho  Rare  search
15 Barley Farm Holding  Common  search
214 Battlefield of Shallow Graves Action  Common  search
165 Bayushi Adachi Personality  Common  search
164 Bayushi Baku (Experienced 3) Personality  Rare  search
466 Bayushi Paneki (Experienced 3) Personality  Fixed  search
486 Bayushi Saya Personality  Fixed  search
167 Bayushi Shintaro Personality  Uncommon  search
475 Bayushi Shusui Personality  Fixed  search
163 Bayushi Sunetra (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
169 Bayushi Tsuneari Personality  Uncommon  search
170 Bayushi Utamuro Personality  Common  search
323 Berserkers Follower  Uncommon  search
215 Betrayal Action  Uncommon  search
61 Big Stink Region  Rare  search
438 Black Heart of the Empire Wind  Fixed  search
377 Blessing of the Dragon Kiho  Common  search
345 Bloodsmith Follower  Common  search
324 Bloodspeaker Students Follower  Common  search
1 Boastful Proclamation Event  Uncommon  search
188 Boshanai Personality  Common  search
356 Bronze Lantern Item  Uncommon  search
325 Brothers in Arms Follower  Common  search
183 Brukash Personality  Common  search
218 Brutal Confrontation Action  Rare  search
219 Call to Arms Action  Common  search
224 Carrier Pigeon Action  Common  search
424 Castle of the Swift Sword Stronghold  Fixed  search
427 Castle of the Wasp Stronghold  Fixed  search
344 Cavalry Scouts Follower  Common  search
364 Ceremonial Armor Item  Uncommon  search
264 Charge of the Baraunghar Action  Common  search
177 Chuda Mishime Personality  Common  search
56 City of Gold Region  Common  search
402 Cloak of Night Spell  Rare  search
220 Come One at a Time Action  Common  search
222 Command of the Kami Action  Uncommon  search
4 Commanding Favor Event  Rare  search
396 Companion Spirit Spell  Uncommon  search
223 Contested Holding Action  Rare  search
16 Copper Mine Holding  Fixed  search
337 Corrupt Adjunct Follower  Uncommon  search
17 Corrupt Officials Holding  Uncommon  search
18 Court Chambers Holding  Rare  search
328 Crippled Bone Runner Follower  Common  search
226 Crush the Unworthy Action  Uncommon  search
450 Crystal Mine Holding  Fixed  search
150 D'gr'n-ki Personality  Common  search
85 Daidoji Akagi Personality  Common  search
F-02 Daidoji Gunso Follower  Fixed  search
96 Daidoji Minoru Personality  Common  search
86 Daidoji Ryunosuke Personality  Common  search
F-03 Daidoji Shihei Personality  Fixed  search
467 Daigotsu (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
184 Daigotsu Koshiro Personality  Common  search
447 Daitan Item  Fixed  search
227 Dark Bargains Action  Uncommon  search
228 Dark Lord's Favor Action  Rare  search
357 Daruma Item  Common  search
229 Defeat the Reserves Action  Common  search
230 Defensive Screen Action  Rare  search
430 Depths of the Shinomen Stronghold  Fixed  search
231 Desperate Wager Action  Rare  search
232 Direct Assault Action  Rare  search
F-04 Disavowed Strategy  Fixed  search
326 Disciplined Infantry Follower  Uncommon  search
261 Dishonorable Challenge Action  Common  search
88 Doji Domotai Personality  Common  search
93 Doji Katsura Personality  Common  search
F-05 Doji Koin Personality  Fixed  search
460 Doji Kurohito (Experienced 3) Personality  Fixed  search
F-06 Doji Nio Personality  Fixed  search
F-07 Doji Ran Personality  Fixed  search
F-08 Doji Ranmaru Personality  Fixed  search
470 Doji Saori Personality  Fixed  search
95 Doji Seo Personality  Common  search
F-09 Doji Takeji Personality  Fixed  search
91 Doji Toshinobu Personality  Uncommon  search
90 Doji Yoshiaga Personality  Uncommon  search
378 Drunken Mantis Kiho  Common  search
190 Earth Dragon Personality  Rare  search
327 Emerald Magistrates Follower  Common  search
234 Encircled Terrain Action  Common  search
235 Endless Horde Action  Uncommon  search
481 Enlistment Event  Fixed  search
151 Ep'kee Personality  Uncommon  search
397 Essence of Air Spell  Uncommon  search
398 Essence of Gaki-do Spell  Rare  search
366 Essence of Tengoku Item  Common  search
277 Excellence Action  Rare  search
237 Explored Territory (Experienced) Action  Common  search
238 Explosives (Experienced) Action  Uncommon  search
239 Extortion Action  Rare  search
370 Eyes of Ninube Item  Common  search
247 Face of Ninube Action  Uncommon  search
358 Fan of Command Item  Common  search
57 Farmlands Region  Common  search
379 Feeding on Flesh Kiho  Uncommon  search
279 Field of Glorious Slaughter Action  Uncommon  search
191 Fire Dragon Personality  Rare  search
386 Fires of Jigoku Kiho  Common  search
359 Fireworks Item  Rare  search
266 First and Final Strike Action  Common  search
405 Fist of Osano-Wo Spell  Rare  search
241 Flanking Maneuver Action  Uncommon  search
6 Fortune's Gift Event  Rare  search
382 Freezing the Lifeblood Kiho  Common  search
242 Frenzy Action  Common  search
243 From Every Side Action  Uncommon  search
244 Fury of the Dark Lord Action  Rare  search
245 Geisha Assassin Action  Rare  search
21 Geisha House Holding  Fixed  search
22 Gifts and Favors Holding  Common  search
360 Gleaming Wakizashi Item  Rare  search
329 Goblin Chuckers Follower  Uncommon  search
178 Goblin Wizard Personality  Common  search
411 Gohei Sensei Sensei  Fixed  search
23 Gold Mine Holding  Fixed  search
156 Gran-otik Personality  Uncommon  search
260 Guerrilla Tactics Action  Common  search
246 Heart of Rokugan Action  Common  search
263 Heavily Engaged Action  Common  search
330 Heavy Infantry Follower  Common  search
361 Hellbeast Item  Rare  search
362 Hero's Banner Item  Uncommon  search
72 Hida Daizu Personality  Common  search
459 Hida Kuon (Experienced 4) Personality  Fixed  search
79 Hida Kyuwa Personality  Common  search
73 Hida Reiha (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
83 Hida Shuzo Personality  Uncommon  search
74 Hida Sosuke Personality  Common  search
75 Hida Sozen Personality  Common  search
76 Hida Tenshu Personality  Uncommon  search
77 Hida Tonoji Personality  Uncommon  search
81 Hida Tsunesaburo Personality  Common  search
269 Hida's Avalanche Action  Common  search
443 Hired Killer Action  Uncommon  search
80 Hiruma Tamiyo Personality  Common  search
84 Hiruma Todori (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
82 Hiruma Yataro Personality  Common  search
104 Hitomi Kazu Personality  Common  search
100 Hitomi Munoto (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
99 Hitomi Suguhara Personality  Common  search
380 Hitsu-do Kiho  Uncommon  search
482 Honor and Glory Event  Fixed  search
24 Honored Sensei Holding  Uncommon  search
106 Hoshi Matsuta Personality  Common  search
485 House of the Spring Chrysanthemum Holding  Fixed  search
395 Hunger of the Earth Spell  Common  search
152 Ik'krt Personality  Common  search
153 Ik'krt (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
114 Ikoma Korin Personality  Common  search
122 Ikoma Kosaku Personality  Uncommon  search
462 Ikoma Otemi (Experienced 2) Personality  Fixed  search
248 Imperial Edicts Action  Common  search
249 Imperial Summons Action  Common  search
274 Impromptu Duel Action  Common  search
296 In Search of the Future Action  Common  search
257 Influenced from Afar Action  Common  search
25 Iron Mine Holding  Fixed  search
251 Iron Pillar Action  Uncommon  search
145 Isawa Miliko Personality  Uncommon  search
149 Isawa Nomi Personality  Rare  search
140 Isawa Sawao Personality  Common  search
142 Isawa Sho Personality  Common  search
137 Isawa Sotatsu Personality  Common  search
141 Isawa Sueno Personality  Uncommon  search
138 Isawa Toshiji Personality  Common  search
197 Iuchi Hira Personality  Common  search
198 Iuchi Ryoi Personality  Uncommon  search
202 Iuchi Tsung Personality  Common  search
457 Jiyu Item  Fixed  search
26 Kabuki Theater Troupe Holding  Uncommon  search
8 Kachiko's Kiss Event  Rare  search
78 Kaiu Hisayuki Personality  Common  search
59 Kaiu Village Region  Rare  search
87 Kakita Funaki Personality  Common  search
89 Kakita Mai (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
97 Kakita Nakazo Personality  Rare  search
471 Kakita Osei Personality  Fixed  search
465 Kan'ok'ticheck (Experienced 2) Personality  Fixed  search
413 Kanjiro Sensei Sensei  Fixed  search
409 Kedamono Sensei Sensei  Fixed  search
444 Kettei Item  Fixed  search
225 Kiss of the Scorpion Action  Rare  search
252 Knife in the Darkness Action  Uncommon  search
27 Kobune Port Holding  Fixed  search
272 Kolat Insurgent Action  Common  search
401 Kuro's Fire Spell  Rare  search
332 Kuruma Date Follower  Rare  search
458 Kyoryoku Item  Fixed  search
420 Kyuden Otomo Stronghold  Fixed  search
418 Kyuden Toketsu Stronghold  Fixed  search
28 Kyuden Tonbo Holding  Rare  search
29 Large Farm Holding  Common  search
439 Left Hand of the Emperor Wind  Fixed  search
30 Lesser Shrine Holding  Uncommon  search
335 Lion's Pride Follower  Uncommon  search
254 Low Morale Action  Common  search
31 Marketplace Holding  Fixed  search
408 Masagaro Sensei Sensei  Fixed  search
334 Master of the Bells Follower  Common  search
236 Master of the Rolling River Kiho  Uncommon  search
33 Master's Dojo Holding  Common  search
120 Matsu Agoro Personality  Common  search
115 Matsu Hyun Personality  Common  search
121 Matsu Miyahara Personality  Uncommon  search
116 Matsu Reishiko Personality  Common  search
117 Matsu Takenao Personality  Common  search
118 Matsu Taniko Personality  Rare  search
363 Menhari-gata Item  Rare  search
101 Mirumoto Gonkuro Personality  Common  search
105 Mirumoto Kawanari Personality  Common  search
103 Mirumoto Kenzo Personality  Uncommon  search
410 Mirumoto Sensei Sensei  Fixed  search
369 Miya's Map Item  Common  search
428 Morikage Toshi Stronghold  Fixed  search
181 Moshangoru Personality  Common  search
124 Moshi Amika Personality  Common  search
125 Moshi Kekiesu Personality  Uncommon  search
308 Motivation Action  Rare  search
468 Moto Chagatai (Experienced 3) Personality  Fixed  search
208 Moto Chen Personality  Rare  search
200 Moto Latomu Personality  Uncommon  search
256 Mountains of the Phoenix Action  Common  search
F-14 Mura Sabishii Toshi Holding  Fixed  search
403 My Life For the Phoenix Spell  Common  search
155 Nachin'check Personality  Common  search
9 Naga Storm Mirumoto Mountain Event  Uncommon  search
7 Naming the True Evil Event  Rare  search
278 No Hiding Place Action  Common  search
255 No Victory Action  Uncommon  search
456 Nokemono Item  Fixed  search
368 Obi of Silence Item  Common  search
434 Obsidian Halls of the Lost Stronghold  Fixed  search
34 Obsidian Mine Holding  Common  search
371 Obsidian Mirror Item  Rare  search
268 Officers' Council Action  Common  search
348 Ogre Warriors Follower  Uncommon  search
267 Ominous Portents Action  Common  search
349 Omoidasu Follower  Common  search
416 Omoni Sensei Sensei  Fixed  search
412 Orochi Sensei Sensei  Fixed  search
192 Otomo Taneji Personality  Common  search
280 Outer Walls Action  Common  search
233 Outmaneuvered by Force Action  Uncommon  search
295 Outmaneuvered by Tactics Action  Uncommon  search
282 Overwhelmed Action  Uncommon  search
385 Palm Strike Kiho  Rare  search
262 Peasant Riots Action  Common  search
284 Peasant Vengeance Action  Common  search
157 Pep'trchek Personality  Common  search
35 Personal Librarian Holding  Common  search
66 Plains of Amaterasu Region  Uncommon  search
62 Plains of Otosan Uchi Region  Rare  search
350 Political Adjunct Follower  Common  search
160 Por'ee-rep Personality  Common  search
36 Puppet Theater Troupe Holding  Uncommon  search
37 Quartermaster Holding  Common  search
448 Rain of Death Action  Fixed  search
285 Rank Hath Privilege Action  Rare  search
351 Ratling Archers Follower  Common  search
159 Ratling Conjuror Personality  Common  search
161 Ratling Raider Personality  Rare  search
63 Ratling Village Region  Common  search
212 Ray of Hope Action  Rare  search
64 Refuge of the Three Sisters Region  Common  search
286 Refugees Action  Common  search
11 Regions of Rokugan Event  Uncommon  search
250 Reinforce the Gates Action  Uncommon  search
265 Resumed Hostilities Action  Common  search
287 Retribution Action  Common  search
288 Return For Training Action  Common  search
38 Rich Coffers Holding  Uncommon  search
399 Ride Through the Night Spell  Common  search
440 Right Hand of the Emperor Wind  Fixed  search
390 Ring of Air Ring  Uncommon  search
391 Ring of Earth Ring  Uncommon  search
392 Ring of Fire Ring  Uncommon  search
393 Ring of the Void Ring  Uncommon  search
394 Ring of Water Ring  Uncommon  search
372 Ruby of Iuchiban (Experienced) Item  Rare  search
65 Ruins of Otosan Uchi Region  Rare  search
341 Saboteur Follower  Common  search
F-10 Scour the Earth Strategy  Fixed  search
F-11 Scouring the Shadows Strategy  Fixed  search
340 Scouting Party Follower  Common  search
290 Scroll Cache Action  Rare  search
291 Scrutiny's Sweet Sting Action  Rare  search
292 Search For Advantage Action  Uncommon  search
32 Secluded Village Holding  Common  search
40 Secluded Waystation Holding  Common  search
2 Severed From the Emperor Event  Rare  search
193 Shadow Dragon (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
303 Shattered Ranks Action  Common  search
273 Shell of Stone Action  Common  search
146 Shiba Hayama Personality  Common  search
464 Shiba Mirabu (Experienced 3) Personality  Fixed  search
147 Shiba Ningen (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
148 Shiba Tsukimi Personality  Common  search
384 Shifting Fortunes Kiho  Rare  search
454 Shinjitsu Item  Fixed  search
455 Shinjo Fuyuko Personality  Fixed  search
374 Shinjo Horsebow Item  Common  search
206 Shinjo Nakaga (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
199 Shinjo Shuilong Personality  Common  search
203 Shinjo Tianyi Personality  Uncommon  search
207 Shinjo Xushen Personality  Common  search
67 Shinsei's Last Hope Region  Uncommon  search
381 Shinsei's Smile Kiho  Uncommon  search
179 Shio no Oni Personality  Uncommon  search
352 Shireikan Follower  Common  search
423 Shiro Kitsuki Stronghold  Fixed  search
433 Shiro no Soshi Stronghold  Fixed  search
425 Shiro no Yojin Stronghold  Fixed  search
347 Shokushu no Oni Follower  Common  search
449 Shori Item  Fixed  search
168 Shosuro Dazai Personality  Common  search
166 Shosuro Higatsuku Personality  Uncommon  search
171 Shosuro Maru Personality  Common  search
172 Shosuro Mikado Personality  Common  search
174 Shosuro Ohan Personality  Common  search
173 Shosuro Osamito Personality  Common  search
293 Shosuro Technique Action  Common  search
294 Show Me Your Stance Action  Common  search
42 Shrine of Courage Holding  Rare  search
43 Shrine of the Sun Holding  Uncommon  search
44 Shrine to Bishamon Holding  Rare  search
45 Shrine to Fukurokujin Holding  Rare  search
46 Shrine to Hotei Holding  Rare  search
47 Shrine to Jurojin Holding  Uncommon  search
186 Shukumei Personality  Uncommon  search
F-12 Silent Warriors Follower  Fixed  search
48 Silk Works Holding  Common  search
49 Silver Mine Holding  Fixed  search
353 Skeletal Troops Follower  Common  search
187 Skub Personality  Common  search
297 Sneak Attack Action  Rare  search
69 Sorrow's Path Region  Uncommon  search
216 Soul's Sacrifice Action  Common  search
298 Sound Strategy Action  Rare  search
299 Spearhead Action  Common  search
354 Spearmen Follower  Common  search
50 Stables Holding  Fixed  search
275 Stance of the Wall Action  Common  search
300 Stay Your Blade Action  Common  search
343 Strategist Follower  Common  search
302 Strength In Numbers Action  Common  search
404 Suitengu's Surge Spell  Uncommon  search
406 Summon Undead Champion Spell  Rare  search
304 Superior Strategist Action  Rare  search
305 Supply Lines Action  Uncommon  search
20 Supply Outpost Holding  Uncommon  search
338 Tactical Advisors Follower  Common  search
51 Talented Apprentice Holding  Uncommon  search
109 Tamori Aoki Personality  Common  search
107 Tamori Noriko Personality  Common  search
452 Tamori Shiki (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
415 Tasu Sensei Sensei  Fixed  search
342 Tattooed Acolytes Follower  Common  search
429 Temple of the Eight Guardians Stronghold  Fixed  search
55 Temple to Shinsei Holding  Common  search
221 Ten Thousand As One Action  Common  search
306 Test of Honor Action  Rare  search
5 Test of the Emerald Champion Event  Uncommon  search
479 Test of the Jade Champion Event  Fixed  search
480 The Dark Daughter's Caress Event  Fixed  search
F-13 The Emperor's Defense Strategy  Fixed  search
281 The Emperor's Left Hand Action  Common  search
240 The Final Breath Action  Common  search
400 The Fire from Within Spell  Common  search
383 The Future is Unwritten Kiho  Uncommon  search
431b The Hidden Catacombs of the Scorpion Stronghold  Fixed  search
422 The High House of Light Stronghold  Fixed  search
331 The Iron Legion Follower  Rare  search
435 The Jagged Maw Stronghold  Fixed  search
436 The Khol Wall Stronghold  Fixed  search
333 The Legion of Two Thousand Follower  Rare  search
253 The Legions Charge Action  Uncommon  search
180 The Maw Personality  Rare  search
283 The Path of Wisdom Action  Rare  search
437 The Shiotome Halls Stronghold  Fixed  search
68 The Shogun's Armory Region  Uncommon  search
41 The Shogun's Barracks Holding  Rare  search
421 The Steel Gardens of the Kenshinzen Stronghold  Fixed  search
367 The Trickster's Mask Item  Common  search
60 Three Man Alliance Plain Region  Common  search
307 Three-Stone River Action  Common  search
194 Thunder Dragon Personality  Rare  search
271 Timely Arrival Action  Uncommon  search
309 To Do What We Must Action  Common  search
102 Togashi Kansuke Personality  Uncommon  search
108 Togashi Kazuki Personality  Uncommon  search
98 Togashi Nyima Personality  Common  search
461 Togashi Satsu (Experienced 2) Personality  Fixed  search
110 Togashi Tsuri Personality  Rare  search
446 Tomodachi Item  Fixed  search
414 Tomorrow Sensei Sensei  Rare  search
310 Toturi Is Drugged Action  Rare  search
70 Toturi's Grave Region  Rare  search
52 Tower of the Ningyo Holding  Rare  search
58 Traitor's Grove Region  Uncommon  search
484 Traveling Merchants Event  Fixed  search
355 Traveling Ronin Follower  Rare  search
311 Treachery and Deceit Action  Uncommon  search
53 Treasure Hoard Holding  Fixed  search
365 Tsi Blade Item  Common  search
54 Tsudao's Chambers Holding  Rare  search
39 Tsuma Dojo Holding  Rare  search
128 Tsurayuki Personality  Uncommon  search
129 Tsuruchi Arishia Personality  Common  search
472 Tsuruchi Etsui Personality  Fixed  search
474 Tsuruchi Iyaken Personality  Fixed  search
126 Tsuruchi Kazushi Personality  Common  search
130 Tsuruchi Mochisa Personality  Common  search
131 Tsuruchi Nobumoto Personality  Common  search
132 Tsuruchi Nobumoto (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
312 Tsuruchi Technique Action  Common  search
133 Tsuruchi Terao Personality  Common  search
336 Tsuruchi's Legion Follower  Common  search
417 Tsusung Sensei Sensei  Rare  search
387 Turn of Fortune Kiho  Rare  search
441 Underhand of the Emperor Wind  Fixed  search
483 Unexpected Confrontation (Experienced) Event  Fixed  search
313 Unrequited Love Action  Common  search
276 Unwavering Assault Action  Common  search
704 Utaku Keyo Personality  Common  search
71 Utaku Meadows Region  Common  search
373 Utaku Saddle Cutter Item  Common  search
201 Utaku Suyin Personality  Common  search
209 Utaku Tama Personality  Common  search
469 Utaku Tarako Personality  Fixed  search
205 Utaku Yanmei Personality  Common  search
442 Voice of the Emperor Wind  Fixed  search
195 Void Dragon Personality  Rare  search
185 Voitagi (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
407 Walking the Way Spell  Uncommon  search
270 War Cry Action  Common  search
315 War On the Plains Action  Rare  search
431 Warrens of the One Tribe Stronghold  Fixed  search
419 Watchtower of the East Stronghold  Fixed  search
196 Water Dragon Personality  Rare  search
339 Wayward Yojimbo Follower  Common  search
346 Weary Attendants Follower  Common  search
316 Wedge Action  Rare  search
217 Weigh the Cost Action  Common  search
317 Well Prepared Action  Common  search
301 Well-Laid Plans Action  Rare  search
318 Where the Sun Walked Action  Rare  search
258 Whispered Rumors Action  Uncommon  search
12 Winter Warfare Event  Rare  search
13 Wisdom Gained Event  Uncommon  search
477 Wisdom of the Keepers Event  Fixed  search
388 Wisdom the Wind Brings Kiho  Common  search
319 Wounded in Battle Action  Common  search
389 Written in Blood Kiho  Rare  search
162 Yoee'trr Personality  Common  search
451 Yogen Item  Fixed  search
175 Yogo Soto Personality  Common  search
134 Yoritomo Chimori Personality  Common  search
127 Yoritomo Iongi Personality  Uncommon  search
136 Yoritomo Katoa (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
135 Yoritomo Kikunojo Personality  Common  search
463 Yoritomo Kumiko (Experienced 2) Personality  Fixed  search
473 Yoritomo Tokaro Personality  Fixed  search
320 You Walk With Evil Action  Rare  search
375 Yumi of Fire Item  Rare  search
182 Zeth Personality  Common  search

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