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Winter Edition

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Winter Edition: 249 cards
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213 A Beggared Realm Plot  search
178 A Lord's Ransom Event  search
60 Aegon's Sept Location  search
65 Aeron Damphair Character  search
1 Allied with the Twins Attachment  search
179 Along the Saltspear Event  search
108 Areo Hotah Character  search
109 Arianne Martell Character  search
113 Arianne's Admirer Character  search
180 Arianne's Rejection Event  search
181 Arrest and Imprison Event  search
4 Arya Stark Character  search
182 Arya's Revenge Event  search
71 Bannermen to the Kraken Character  search
133 Benjen Stark Character  search
214 Benjen's Cache Plot  search
155 Blackwater Rush Location  search
81 Blazewater Coast Location  search
184 Blood Magic Event  search
156 Bloody Trident Location  search
215 Blue Eyes, Black Skin Plot  search
128 Born to Kill Attachment  search
185 Bound by R'hllor Event  search
51 Braavosi Spy Character  search
216 Break Their Defense Plot  search
19 Broken Tower Location  search
217 Called by the Gods Plot  search
37 Casterly Rock Location  search
218 Catch Them Unprepared Plot  search
5 Catelyn Stark Character  search
24 Cersei Lannister Character  search
43 Chosen by R'hllor Attachment  search
219 Clash of Kings Plot  search
82 Coastal Tower Location  search
52 Converted Maester Character  search
39 Corrupt Treasury Location  search
36 Courtesan of Highgarden Character  search
157 Crossroads Location  search
61 Crumbling Stone Dragon Location  search
86 Daenerys Targaryen Character  search
220 Dark and Full of Terrors Plot  search
72 Deadly Axeman Character  search
107 Deadly Seduction Attachment  search
123 Desert Cache Location  search
124 Doran's Palanquin Location  search
165 Dorne Goes to War Event  search
125 Dornish Fiefdoms Location  search
114 Dornish Lancer Character  search
106 Dornishman's Flourish Attachment  search
101 Dothraki Sea Location  search
87 Drogon Character  search
102 Eastern Fiefdoms Location  search
96 Eastern Mercenary Character  search
6 Eddard Stark Character  search
110 Elaria Sand Character  search
30 Enemy Informer Character  search
66 Euron Crow's Eye Character  search
31 Expendable Ally Character  search
142 Fallen Brother Character  search
158 Fallow Fields Location  search
166 Field of Fire Event  search
222 Fire and Blood Plot  search
223 Foe I was Born to Fight Plot  search
224 For Love of Duty Plot  search
171 Forever Burning Event  search
172 Forever Faithful Event  search
173 Forever Listening Event  search
174 Forever Plundering Event  search
175 Forever Scheming Event  search
176 Forever Stalwart Event  search
177 Forever Whispering Event  search
221 Fortified Position Plot  search
225 Found by Providence Plot  search
94 Free Cities Trader Character  search
167 From the Ashes of Winterfell Event  search
2 Frozen Solid Attachment  search
226 Game of Thrones Plot  search
103 Ghiscari Outpost Location  search
67 Gormond Goodbrother Character  search
99 Great Pyramid of Meereen Location  search
11 Greatjon's Elite Character  search
22 Gutter Rat's Cunning Attachment  search
95 Half-Trained Youth Character  search
40 Halls of the Red Keep Location  search
168 Hands of Gold are Always Cold Event  search
153 Harrenhal Location  search
227 Hear Me Roar Plot  search
32 Highgarden Reinforcements Character  search
246 House Baratheon House  search
247 House Greyjoy House  search
245 House Lannister House  search
249 House Martell House  search
118 House Messenger Character  search
244 House Stark House  search
12 House Stark Herald Character  search
248 House Targaryen House  search
13 Huntress in the Swamp Character  search
186 I am King Here! Event  search
115 Initiate of Poisons Character  search
187 Injurious Poison Event  search
188 Insidious Ways Event  search
83 Iron Island Fiefdoms Location  search
64 Ironborn's Strength Attachment  search
70 Island Heir Character  search
141 Janos Slynt Character  search
135 Jaqen H'ghar Character  search
33 Joffrey's Herald Character  search
7 Jojen Reed Character  search
189 Jojen's Counsel Event  search
134 Jon Snow Character  search
14 Keeper of the New Gods Character  search
88 Khal Drogo Character  search
159 King's Landing Location  search
127 King-Beyond-the-Wall Attachment  search
56 Knight Commander Character  search
16 Last Hearth's Finest Character  search
93 Lesser Ko Character  search
190 Like the Seas Event  search
34 Littlefinger's Collectors Character  search
77 Longship "Black Wind" Location  search
78 Longship "Great Kraken" Location  search
79 Longship "Silence" Location  search
15 Lookout Character  search
116 Lord Edric's Knight Character  search
136 Lord of Bones Character  search
191 Love is Poison Event  search
241 Maesters of the Citadel Agenda  search
137 Mag the Mighty Character  search
192 Make an Example Event  search
143 Mammoth Rampager Character  search
138 Mance Rayder Character  search
8 Meera Reed Character  search
45 Melisandre Character  search
160 Minor Fiefdom Location  search
53 Mother of Shadows Character  search
193 New Khalasar Event  search
194 Night Favors the Silent Event  search
195 Nightmares Event  search
20 Northern Fiefdoms Location  search
10 Northern Heir Character  search
3 Northman's Grit Attachment  search
62 Obsidian Ramparts Location  search
196 Only Your Life Event  search
228 Ours is the Fury Plot  search
229 Outmanuver Plot  search
129 Paper Money Attachment  search
54 Pentoshi Captain Character  search
104 Plaza of Punishment Location  search
169 Plea to R'hollor Event  search
197 Please Let It Burn Event  search
117 Prince's Spy Character  search
74 Prophet of the Waves Character  search
198 Purge the Traitors Event  search
139 Pypar Character  search
130 Raised to Lie Attachment  search
161 Ravaged Coast Location  search
46 Renly Baratheon Character  search
199 Retreat to Dragonstone Event  search
89 Rhaegal Character  search
75 Rider through the Storm Character  search
131 Risen to Power Attachment  search
47 Robert Baratheon Character  search
162 Robert's Deathbed Location  search
144 Roving Pillagers Character  search
126 Ruins in the Sand Location  search
85 Ruler of Meereen Attachment  search
145 Ruthless Defender Character  search
230 Safe Within the Walls Plot  search
200 Salt in your Eyes Event  search
73 Sea Raiders Character  search
201 Seek out the Traitors Event  search
48 Selyse Baratheon Character  search
35 Ser Amory's Poachers Character  search
55 Ser Axell's Elite Character  search
49 Ser Cortnay Penrose Character  search
25 Ser Jaime Lannister Character  search
90 Ser Jorah Mormont Character  search
183 Shadow in the North Event  search
202 Shadow Play Event  search
9 Shaggydog Character  search
170 Sound the Horn of Dragons Event  search
112 Southron Heiress Character  search
203 Spinning Slash Event  search
231 Storm of Swords Plot  search
58 Storm's End Location  search
50 Stormland Heir Character  search
44 Stormlander's Pride Attachment  search
63 Stormlands Fiefdoms Location  search
146 Student of Coin Character  search
119 Student of Subtlety Character  search
57 Student of the Stars Character  search
121 Sunspear Location  search
232 Superior Numbers Plot  search
204 Tempting Fate Event  search
84 Ten Towers Battlements Location  search
233 The Gathering Storm Plot  search
205 The Hand's Judgement Event  search
100 The Iron Throne Location  search
122 The Iron Throne Location  search
17 The Iron Throne Location  search
38 The Iron Throne Location  search
59 The Iron Throne Location  search
80 The Iron Throne Location  search
163 The New Gift Location  search
242 The Night's Watch Agenda  search
164 The Old Gift Location  search
111 The Red Viper Character  search
206 The Scorpion's Sting Event  search
154 The Wall Location  search
234 The Wraiths Appear Plot  search
68 Theon Greyjoy Character  search
207 Tidal Wave Event  search
26 Tommen Baratheon Character  search
208 Too Baseborn to Matter Event  search
209 Too Blind to See Event  search
210 Too Weak to Fight Event  search
243 Treaty Agenda  search
27 Tyrion Lannister Character  search
28 Tywin Lannister Character  search
41 Tywin's Manse Location  search
23 Tywin's Protégé Attachment  search
235 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Plot  search
97 Upstart Slave Character  search
132 Valyrian Steel Spear Attachment  search
76 Vanguard Axeman Character  search
211 Vengeance for Eddard Event  search
147 Veteran Builder Character  search
69 Victarion Greyjoy Character  search
91 Viserion Character  search
92 Viserys Targaryen Character  search
148 War Giant Character  search
149 War Mammoth Character  search
98 Warlock's Servitors Character  search
120 Warmonger Character  search
236 We Do Not Sow Plot  search
42 Western Fiefdoms Location  search
29 Western Heir Character  search
212 Westeros Bleeds Event  search
237 Whose Name May Not Be Spoken Plot  search
150 Wildling Emissary Character  search
151 Wildling Messenger Character  search
152 Wildling Scout Character  search
238 Wildling Siege Plot  search
239 Winter has Come Plot  search
240 Winter is Coming Plot  search
21 Winterfell Barracks Location  search
18 Winterfell Castle Location  search
105 Xaro's Home Location  search
140 Ygritte Character  search

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