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Archive: 20 cards
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6 Ascertain Interrupt  search
16 Aurulent Ships: Ferengi  search
1 Code of Honor Dilemma  search
18 Devoras Ships: Romulan  search
4 Exceed Engine Output Event  search
10 Ishka, Moogie Personnel: Ferengi  search
12 Jean-Luc Picard, Worf's cha'Dich Personnel: Klingon  search
13 Kivas Fajo, Collector Personnel: Non-aligned  search
17 Kurdon Ships: Ferengi  search
9 Montgomery Scott, Relic Personnel: Federation  search
8 Omet'iklan, Steely Disciplinarian Personnel: Dominion  search
2 Proximity-Actuated Field Dilemma  search
AP1 Seven of Nine, Reclaimed Drone Personnel: Federation  AP  search
11 Sovak, Treasure Hunter Personnel: Ferengi  search
15 Spock, Celebrated Ambassador Personnel: Romulan  search
AP2 T'Pol, Austere Commander Personnel: Starfleet  AP  search
7 Tekeny Ghemor, Prominent Official Personnel: Cardassian  search
5 Temporal Incursion Event  search
14 Vic Fontaine, Vegas Crooner Personnel: Non-aligned  search
3 Where No One Has Gone Before Dilemma  search

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