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War of Attrition

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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War of Attrition: 388 cards
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105 Accurate and Precise Action  Uncommon  search
354 Alarielle's Maidenguard Unit  Rare  search
353 Alarielle, the Everqueen Unit  Rare  search
355 Alith's Ghost Bows Unit  Uncommon  search
294 Alrik's Hunting Rangers Unit  Common  search
28 Anelia, Mistress of Slaanesh Attachment  Uncommon  search
106 Animosity Action  Common  search
323 Ar-Ulric's Teutogen Guard Unit  Rare  search
1 Archaon Unit  Foil  search
2 Archaon's Vanguard Unit  Common  search
30 Archers of Nightbreeze Unit  Rare  search
356 Archers of Nightfall Unit  Common  search
357 Archers of the Weeping Skies Unit  Uncommon  search
107 Attack the Neighbor with Impunity Action  Rare  search
358 Aveldan's Sea Rangers Unit  Common  search
3 Azyrneth's Skullreavers Unit  Common  search
108 Back Them Up Action  Uncommon  search
281 Banner of Terror Attachment  Uncommon  search
295 Barak Grimjaw, Hammer of the Dwarfs Unit  Foil  search
324 Barthelm's Harriers Unit  Common  search
109 Battle Hardened Action  Foil  search
110 Battle Omens Action  Uncommon  search
111 Battlefield Instinct Action  Uncommon  search
359 Bearers of the Sacred Flame Unit  Common  search
112 Best Laid Plans Action  Uncommon  search
4 Bilerot Plagueflesh Unit  Uncommon  search
360 Bilgarim Whitestar, Elven Lord Unit  Foil  search
5 Bilith's Madmen Unit  Common  search
96 Black Fire Bandits Unit  Rare  search
325 Black Hand Pistoliers Unit  Uncommon  search
101 Black Raven's Lurkers Unit  Rare  search
31 Black Rose Coven Unit  Common  search
113 Blessing Action  Rare  search
382 Blood Precedes Glory Action  Uncommon  search
6 Bloodcrushers Unit  Uncommon  search
114 Bogged Down Action  Common  search
320 Boldur Runestriker Attachment  Rare  search
88 Borgokk Bonecaster Attachment  Rare  search
115 Borgokk's Fog of War Action  Uncommon  search
60 Borgut Facebeata Unit  Foil  search
116 Borrowed Power Action  Foil  search
117 Break for Winter Action  Rare  search
118 Brilliant Intellect Action  Common  search
7 Bull Lords of Pain Unit  Common  search
282 Cache of Scrolls Attachment  Rare  search
361 Calath's Sentinels Unit  Common  search
119 Calculated Reserves Action  Rare  search
120 Calm before the Storm Action  Common  search
97 Carmen's Maiden Knights Unit  Foil  search
32 Cauldron of Blood Unit  Foil  search
121 Chain Lightning Action  Common  search
122 Change of Plan Action  Uncommon  search
123 Channel Your Power Action  Common  search
124 Choosing a General Action  Rare  search
125 Command the Heights Action  Common  search
126 Contingency Plan Action  Common  search
127 Counter Spell Action  Common  search
128 Critical Strike Action  Uncommon  search
8 Crom's Chosen Unit  Uncommon  search
129 Crush the Weak Action  Common  search
130 Crushing Tactics Action  Rare  search
131 Cunning Raid Action  Common  search
89 Curse of Years Action  Common  search
9 D'aggorn the Exalted – Veteran of Chaos Unit  Rare  search
10 D'aggorn's Deathblades Unit  Common  search
11 Daemonettes of Slaanesh Unit  Rare  search
132 Danger to the Wind Action  Uncommon  search
133 Deadly Games Action  Rare  search
134 Death From Afar Action  Common  search
135 Death of a Hero Action  Uncommon  search
136 Defense of the Empire Action  Common  search
137 Destiny Now Action  Rare  search
138 Devil's Bargain Action  Rare  search
383 Devotion to a Cause Action  Common  search
33 Dhargethen's Duskreavers Unit  Rare  search
326 Dieter Menschaff Unit  Uncommon  search
139 Dissipate Magic Action  Rare  search
140 Diversion Action  Common  search
141 Diversity of Arms Action  Common  search
296 Dorgan's Ironshields Unit  Common  search
297 Drong's Slayer Pirates Unit  Rare  search
142 Duplicate Action  Foil  search
143 Earthquake Action  Rare  search
362 Elduranel's Brilliant Lancers Unit  Rare  search
283 Enchanted Armor Attachment  Common  search
284 Enchanted Shield Attachment  Common  search
144 Enervation Action  Common  search
145 Enough! Action  Common  search
146 Epic Duel Action  Rare  search
61 Facebeata's Big'Uns Unit  Common  search
62 Facebeata's Dark Boyz Unit  Common  search
147 Fading Winds Action  Uncommon  search
148 Faithful Devotion Action  Common  search
149 Fandelhoch's Folly Action  Uncommon  search
327 Fandelhoch's Huntsmen Unit  Uncommon  search
150 Fast March Action  Common  search
151 Feint Action  Rare  search
34 Fell Sisters of Clar Karond Unit  Rare  search
12 Feytor Unit  Rare  search
152 Fiery Blast Action  Common  search
153 Fight As One Action  Uncommon  search
154 Fight Until Dawn Action  Rare  search
155 Fire as They Come Action  Rare  search
156 Fire on them Both Action  Uncommon  search
157 Flanking Charge Action  Rare  search
158 For the Greater Glory Action  Rare  search
159 Fortune Favours the Brave Action  Uncommon  search
384 Freedom is not Free Action  Common  search
90 From Hell's Heart Action  Common  search
160 Full Charge Action  Common  search
161 Furious Charge Action  Rare  search
363 Galathel's Greycloaks Unit  Uncommon  search
35 Ganethia Blacksoul Unit  Uncommon  search
298 Ganulf's Crack Shots Unit  Uncommon  search
299 Ganulf's Forest Walkers Unit  Uncommon  search
300 Ganulf's Ironworkers Unit  Common  search
301 Ganulf's Youngbeards Unit  Rare  search
328 Gausser's Lead Breather Unit  Rare  search
329 Gausser's Veterans Unit  Rare  search
91 Gaze of Nagash Action  Common  search
352 Gerhart Brennend, Bright Wizard Attachment  Rare  search
162 Get Back Here! Action  Rare  search
13 Gibbering Hordes Unit  Common  search
63 Gitnob's Gitz Unit  Common  search
163 Glory Favors the Brave Action  Rare  search
364 Glory's Fading Unit  Uncommon  search
64 Gobbo Elfchasers Unit  Common  search
330 Grand Master Hans Leitdorf Unit  Foil  search
164 Great Leadership Action  Uncommon  search
302 Greyfathers of Karak-Hirn Unit  Common  search
165 Grim Resolution Action  Uncommon  search
303 Grimjaw's Dwarfs of Vigilance Unit  Common  search
304 Grimjaw's Flying Hammers Unit  Rare  search
305 Grimjaw's Greying Veterans Unit  Common  search
306 Grimjaw's Stouthearts Unit  Common  search
307 Grimjaw's Undying Slayers Unit  Uncommon  search
308 Grimjaw's Woodland Rangers Unit  Rare  search
65 Grubbi Hookblade Unit  Rare  search
66 Grubbi's High Boys Unit  Uncommon  search
67 Grubbi's Skullcracker Unit  Common  search
68 Grubbi's Wolf Raiders Unit  Rare  search
102 Grunson's Marauders Unit  Rare  search
331 Gunther's Carroburgers Unit  Common  search
37 Ha'asek's Black Riders Unit  Uncommon  search
38 Ha'asek's Bolt Slinger Unit  Uncommon  search
166 Ha'asek's Grief Action  Rare  search
39 Ha'asek's Hands of Retribution Unit  Common  search
40 Ha'asek's Knights of Terror Unit  Uncommon  search
41 Ha'asek's Standing Guard Unit  Common  search
36 Ha'asek, The Archon of Twilight Unit  Foil  search
42 Ha'aseks Personal Guard Unit  Rare  search
14 Haargoth's Bloodletters Unit  Uncommon  search
167 Hail of Doom Action  Rare  search
168 Hail of Fire Action  Uncommon  search
169 Heart of Darkness Action  Rare  search
170 Heavy Cavalry Charge Action  Rare  search
171 Heavy Rains Action  Uncommon  search
92 Hellish Vigor Action  Uncommon  search
332 Heralds of Sigmar's Blood Unit  Common  search
15 Herd of Skulkkoth Unit  Common  search
172 Heroic Resolve Action  Common  search
173 Hex Action  Common  search
333 High Priest Udo Latnehr Unit  Uncommon  search
174 High Winds Action  Uncommon  search
175 Hold Nothing Back Action  Rare  search
365 Imrik, Dragon Prince of Caledor Unit  Foil  search
176 Increased Supplies Action  Uncommon  search
177 Inner Strength Action  Rare  search
178 Inspirational Victory Action  Rare  search
179 Intervention Action  Rare  search
309 Izzembard's Old Growlers Unit  Uncommon  search
310 Izzumbard Endrinkuli Unit  Rare  search
69 Jezzi Poisonbite Unit  Foil  search
98 Karkov's Winged Lancers Unit  Uncommon  search
366 Keepers of the Flame Unit  Rare  search
43 Keth Zarene Unit  Uncommon  search
334 Kirenwulf Jasenland Unit  Rare  search
335 Knight General Mikael Kobernecht Unit  Rare  search
16 Kordel Shogaar, Standard Bearer Unit  Rare  search
44 Korhadril's Nighthaunters Unit  Common  search
367 Korrim's Grey Avengers Unit  Uncommon  search
17 Korvin, Champion of Khorne Unit  Foil  search
70 Kurgrot's Doom Divers Unit  Common  search
381 Lady Ellaneil the Dawnbringer Attachment  Rare  search
285 Lance of Piercing Attachment  Uncommon  search
180 Lasting Sting Action  Uncommon  search
181 Lay of the Land Action  Uncommon  search
336 Lector Wilhelm Faustus Unit  Rare  search
182 Leitdorf Maneuver Action  Rare  search
183 Leitdorf's Plan Action  Common  search
184 Level the Field Action  Uncommon  search
337 Lietdorf's Blood-Oathed Unit  Common  search
338 Lifeguard of Frote Unit  Common  search
368 Lindanel's Seeking Blades Unit  Uncommon  search
185 Look Out, Sir! Action  Uncommon  search
186 Look Them in the Eyes Action  Common  search
187 Look to the Sky Action  Uncommon  search
369 Lord Korrim Swifteagle Unit  Rare  search
188 Low Morale Action  Rare  search
189 Luck Action  Common  search
45 Lukhdror Fastdoom Unit  Uncommon  search
190 Magnify Terror Action  Rare  search
311 Makaisson's Belly of Fire Unit  Common  search
191 Make Something from Nothing Action  Uncommon  search
321 Malakai Makaisson Attachment  Uncommon  search
312 Malakai Makaisson's Goblin-hewer Unit  Rare  search
71 Manmangler's Armoured Orcs Unit  Uncommon  search
72 Manmangler's Brute Boyz Unit  Rare  search
73 Manmangler's Flailing Gobbos Unit  Uncommon  search
74 Manmangler's River Trolls Unit  Uncommon  search
286 Maps Attachment  Rare  search
192 March of the Damned Action  Common  search
193 Marsh of Morr Action  Uncommon  search
194 Mass Confusion Action  Rare  search
195 Master of the Field Action  Common  search
196 Matter of Honor Action  Common  search
287 Maximillion Gluttonfist Attachment  Uncommon  search
18 Melekh the Changer Unit  Rare  search
19 Melekh's Horrors Unit  Uncommon  search
197 Melkior's Gambit Action  Common  search
46 Menghil's Mankillers Unit  Rare  search
198 Mettle Action  Common  search
339 Middenland Battalion Unit  Uncommon  search
340 Middenland Swordsmen Unit  Uncommon  search
199 Might of Heroes Action  Uncommon  search
288 Mighty Warhorn Attachment  Uncommon  search
47 Morathi, the Hag Sorceress Unit  Foil  search
48 Morbeth's Hellblades Unit  Uncommon  search
289 Musician Attachment  Uncommon  search
75 Nhaga's Ladz Unit  Uncommon  search
200 No Quarter! Action  Rare  search
201 Nobody Lives Forever! Action  Rare  search
202 Not Without a Plan Action  Common  search
76 Ogdrag's 'Arrer Boyz Unit  Uncommon  search
341 Old Reliable Unit  Foil  search
203 One Defeat Follows Another Action  Common  search
204 One Last Charge Action  Common  search
205 One Tree Falls for Another Action  Uncommon  search
206 Only One Shall Fall Action  Rare  search
207 Onward! Action  Rare  search
208 Open Field Action  Uncommon  search
209 Out Think Action  Rare  search
210 Outflank Action  Uncommon  search
211 Overload Action  Uncommon  search
77 Ozol's Netterboyz Unit  Uncommon  search
78 Ozol's Squig Chasers Unit  Common  search
79 Ozzi Batchewer Unit  Rare  search
80 Ozzi's Night Guard Unit  Common  search
342 Pfanelholt's Swordsmen Unit  Common  search
212 Pick a Fight in the Enemy's Home Action  Uncommon  search
343 Piotr's Gryphon Legion Unit  Uncommon  search
213 Plotting Revenge Action  Common  search
214 Point Blank Shot Action  Common  search
215 Possession Action  Uncommon  search
216 Prepare for the Worst Action  Uncommon  search
217 Prepare Yourselves! Action  Common  search
218 Press the Advantage Action  Uncommon  search
219 Proven Tactics Action  Rare  search
29 Raaghra the Culler Attachment  Uncommon  search
20 Rack of the Damned Unit  Common  search
220 Raise the Dead Action  Rare  search
221 Rallying Cry Action  Rare  search
344 Ratai's Horse Archers Unit  Common  search
49 Raven's Scythe Unit  Common  search
222 Reap the Rewards Action  Common  search
223 Reckless Assault Action  Uncommon  search
21 Regiment of Khorne Unit  Common  search
224 Relent or We Both Die! Action  Uncommon  search
225 Relentless Advance Action  Rare  search
226 Relentless March Action  Rare  search
227 Reliable Support Action  Common  search
228 Renewal of Power Action  Common  search
370 Rhyian Dawnrider Unit  Uncommon  search
50 Rikhaine's Black Legion Unit  Common  search
229 Rivalry Action  Rare  search
230 Rob a Burning House Action  Rare  search
313 Rockgrinder Unit  Foil  search
81 Roklog's Tuskas Unit  Rare  search
82 Rotfang's Brawlerz Unit  Uncommon  search
314 Runesmith Gottri Grimsson Unit  Uncommon  search
315 Runesmith Morangrin Unit  Uncommon  search
231 Rush the Flank Action  Uncommon  search
51 Sa'har's Ashen Wraiths Unit  Uncommon  search
232 Sacrifice Action  Rare  search
52 Saerith the Bladed Unit  Rare  search
233 Scatter the Ranks Action  Common  search
234 Scheme With an Empty Castle Action  Foil  search
235 Scheme With Beauties Action  Foil  search
236 Scheme with Self Inflicted Wounds Action  Common  search
237 See Through the Diversion Action  Uncommon  search
99 Sengupta's Cobra Cult Unit  Common  search
238 Shield Wall Action  Rare  search
239 Show of Force Action  Common  search
240 Siphon Strength Action  Uncommon  search
83 Skinripper's Hoppin' Boyz Unit  Rare  search
84 Skinripper's Horde of Greenies Unit  Common  search
22 Skulkkoth the Defiler Unit  Rare  search
322 Snorri Nosebiter Attachment  Uncommon  search
371 Spearmen of the Golden Star Unit  Common  search
53 Spirithaunters of Hag Graef Unit  Common  search
290 Standard of Faith Attachment  Common  search
241 Stare Into the Face of Death Action  Common  search
242 Steal a Sheep In Passing Action  Foil  search
291 Steelheart Shield Attachment  Common  search
243 Stomach for the Fight Action  Uncommon  search
244 Stout of Heart Action  Uncommon  search
245 Strategems Action  Rare  search
246 Strategic Withdrawal Action  Uncommon  search
247 Strength of Forethought Action  Rare  search
248 Strength of Iron Action  Rare  search
249 Strike As They Are Falling Action  Common  search
250 Stunning Blast Action  Uncommon  search
23 Styrkaar's Bearers of Enigma Unit  Uncommon  search
24 Styrkaar's Chariot of Sisters Unit  Rare  search
251 Sudden Attack Action  Common  search
252 Sunrise Action  Uncommon  search
253 Supporting Fire Action  Rare  search
254 Surge of Power Action  Rare  search
255 Sweeping Flank Maneuver Action  Uncommon  search
256 Take the Firewood from Under the Pot Action  Uncommon  search
257 Take Up the Charge Action  Common  search
292 Talisman of Strength Attachment  Rare  search
316 Thagrund's War Cannon Unit  Common  search
345 The Black Raiders of Middenland Unit  Uncommon  search
258 The Conscripts Arrive Action  Rare  search
100 The Crowmaster Unit  Foil  search
54 The Dread Knights of Twilight Unit  Rare  search
385 The Enemy is Ours Action  Uncommon  search
372 The Fair Maiden of Uthuan Unit  Uncommon  search
386 The Grand Alliance Action  Common  search
93 The Hordes of Darkness Action  Common  search
346 The Penitents of Altdorf Unit  Rare  search
55 The Silent Brothers of Twilight Unit  Common  search
259 The Silver Serpent Sheds its Skin Action  Foil  search
25 The Skull Pack Unit  Uncommon  search
260 The Time is Not Right Action  Rare  search
261 The Triumph of Huss Action  Rare  search
56 The Twilight Company Unit  Rare  search
262 The Weak Fall, The Strong Stand Action  Rare  search
347 Theodoric Gausser, Guardian of the Empire Unit  Foil  search
348 Theodoric's Sharp Shooters Unit  Common  search
317 Thorgrim's Steel Hammers Unit  Uncommon  search
263 Threaten Action  Rare  search
318 Thunderhead's Air Cavalry Unit  Rare  search
264 Tighten the Noose Action  Rare  search
265 To Our Last Man Action  Rare  search
266 To the Bone Action  Uncommon  search
267 To The Last Man Action  Uncommon  search
268 Triumphant Celebration Action  Uncommon  search
373 Tyrion's Silver Riders Unit  Common  search
349 Tzarina Katarin the Ice Queen Unit  Rare  search
26 Tzeentch Screamers Unit  Rare  search
319 Ulfrik's Axe-bearers Unit  Rare  search
269 Underhanded Tricks Action  Uncommon  search
270 Unexpected Turn of Events Action  Uncommon  search
271 Unfortunate News Action  Common  search
272 Unity Action  Common  search
387 Valor and Vigilance Action  Common  search
94 Vanhel's Danse Macabre Action  Uncommon  search
273 Veteran Action  Uncommon  search
95 Vial of Unicorn Blood Attachment  Uncommon  search
103 Voland's Venators Unit  Rare  search
388 War is Cruelty Action  Common  search
85 Warboss Urguck Man-mangler Unit  Rare  search
293 Ward of Wisdom Attachment  Common  search
274 Warrior's Rage Action  Rare  search
374 Warriors of the Fallen Tree Unit  Rare  search
104 Watch Tower Unit  Common  search
86 Wazzi Moonscowler Unit  Uncommon  search
87 Wazzi's Lunatic Gitz Unit  Rare  search
275 Weapons Master Action  Common  search
276 When You Need It the Most Action  Common  search
350 White Plain Kossars Unit  Common  search
375 Whitestar's Archers of the White Pillar Unit  Common  search
376 Whitestar's Coastal Guardians Unit  Rare  search
377 Whitestar's Guardians Unit  Common  search
378 Whitestar's Guardians of the Sky Unit  Common  search
379 Whitestar's Silverhelms Unit  Rare  search
380 Whitestar's White Lions Unit  Uncommon  search
277 Wind of Death Action  Foil  search
278 Winds of Fate Action  Foil  search
279 Wings of the Harpy Action  Rare  search
280 Winter's Chill Action  Uncommon  search
351 Wolf Kin Skirmishers Unit  Uncommon  search
27 Xaphen Kell, Keeper of Secrets Unit  Rare  search
57 Yrleth Soaringvale Unit  Rare  search
59 Zelekendel's Blackblades Unit  Common  search
58 Zelekendel, Blade of Khaine Unit  Uncommon  search

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