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Blaze of Glory Expansion

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Blaze of Glory Expansion: 131 cards
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113 "Crimson Forcefield" Tactics  search
45 A Good Day to Live Mission  search
27 Access Denied Incidents  search
69 Admiral Ross Personnel: Federation  search
103 Alpha Attack Ship Ships: Dominion  search
88 Ambassador Tomalak Personnel: Romulan  search
36 Attack Pattern Delta Interrupt  search
111 Attack Wing Tactics  search
13 Bat'leth Equipment  search
46 Bat'leth Tournament Mission  search
11 Battle Bridge Door Doorways  search
28 Blood Oath Incidents  search
56 Boone Impersonator Personnel: Cardassian  search
112 Borg Cutting Beam Tactics  search
29 Captured Incidents  search
47 Chart Stellar Cluster Mission  search
89 Chief O'Brien Personnel: Romulan  search
2 Chula: The Abyss Dilemma  search
3 Chula: The Lights Dilemma  search
48 Commandeer Ship Objectives  search
37 Counterintelligence Interrupt  search
14 D'k Tahg Equipment  search
91 D'Vin Personnel: Romulan  search
20 Defense System Upgrade Event  search
21 Dial Martok for Murder Event  search
57 Dolak Personnel: Cardassian  search
70 Donald Varley Personnel: Federation  search
90 Dr. Koramar Personnel: Romulan  search
4 Drumhead Dilemma  search
61 Duran'Adar Personnel: Dominion  search
22 E-Band Emissions Event  search
58 Elim Personnel: Cardassian  search
23 Engage Shuttle Operations: Dominion Event  search
71 Enrique Muniz Personnel: Federation  search
114 Evasive Manuevers Tactics  search
49 Examine Singularity Objectives  search
24 Fajo's Gallery Event  search
5 Ferengi Ingenuity Dilemma  search
115 Full Phaser Spread Tactics  search
52 Furel Personnel: Bajoran  search
62 Gelnon Personnel: Dominion  search
108 Goraxus Ships: Romulan  search
6 Gravimetric Distortion Dilemma  search
59 Gul Madred Personnel: Cardassian  search
7 Hazardous Duty Dilemma  search
12 Holding Cell Door Doorways  search
75 Hon'Tihl Personnel: Klingon  search
105 I.K.C. Koraga Ships: Klingon  search
106 I.K.C. Lukara Ships: Klingon  search
107 I.K.C. Negh'Var Ships: Klingon  search
60 Ilon Tandro Personnel: Cardassian  search
72 Ilon Tandro Personnel: Federation  search
50 Impersonate Captive Objectives  search
38 Inside Operation Interrupt  search
30 Intruder Alert! Incidents  search
63 Ixtana'Rax Personnel: Dominion  search
76 Jadzia Dax Personnel: Klingon  search
77 Kang Personnel: Klingon  search
15 Kar'takin Equipment  search
78 Kavok Personnel: Klingon  search
101 Keldon Ships: Cardassian  search
16 Klingon Disruptor Rifle Equipment  search
79 Koloth Personnel: Klingon  search
80 Kor Personnel: Klingon  search
102 Kraxon Ships: Cardassian  search
64 Kudak'Etan Personnel: Dominion  search
92 La Forge Impersonator Personnel: Romulan  search
65 Lamat'Ukan Personnel: Dominion  search
100 Locutus' Borg Cube Ships: Borg  search
31 Long Live the Queen Incidents  search
53 Lupaza Personnel: Bajoran  search
116 Maximum Firepower Tactics  search
17 Mek'leth Equipment  search
73 Miles O'Brien Personnel: Federation  search
93 Mopak Personnel: Romulan  search
81 N'Garen Personnel: Klingon  search
94 Navok Personnel: Romulan  search
8 New Essentialists Dilemma  search
66 Odo Founder Personnel: Dominion  search
67 Oken'alak Personnel: Dominion  search
39 Outgunned Interrupt  search
95 Parthok Personnel: Romulan  search
117 Phased Polaron Beam Tactics  search
40 Phaser Array Power Cell Interrupt  search
118 Phaser Banks Tactics  search
119 Photon Torpedo Tactics  search
120 Picard Manuever Tactics  search
121 Plasma Torpedo Tactics  search
51 Prepare the Prisoner Objectives  search
122 Primary Energy Weapon Tactics  search
41 Prisoner Escort Interrupt  search
32 Prisoner Exchange Incidents  search
123 Pulse Disruptor Tactics  search
124 Pulse Phaser Cannons Tactics  search
125 Quantum Torpedo Tactics  search
82 Quark Son of Keldar Personnel: Klingon  search
96 R'Mal Personnel: Romulan  search
54 Riker Wil Personnel: Bajoran  search
55 Ro Laren Personnel: Bajoran  search
18 Romulan Disruptor Rifle Equipment  search
109 Romulan Shuttle Ships: Romulan  search
74 Sarita Carson Personnel: Federation  search
33 Scanner Interference Incidents  search
110 Security Holding Cell Sites  search
97 Senator Letant Personnel: Romulan  search
34 Sniper Incidents  search
126 Spiral-Wave Disruptor Tactics  search
19 Starfleet Type I Phaser Equipment  search
9 Stellar Flare Dilemma  search
127 Strafing Run Tactics  search
1 Sword of Kahless Artifacts  search
98 Tamarith Personnel: Romulan  search
128 Target Engines Tactics  search
129 Target Shields Tactics  search
130 Target These Coordinates Tactics  search
131 Target Weapons Tactics  search
99 Tharket Personnel: Romulan  search
87 The Albino Personnel: Non-aligned  search
25 The Big Picture Event  search
42 The Guardian Interrupt  search
43 The Wake of the Borg Interrupt  search
26 Torture Event  search
104 U.S.S. Thunderchild Ships: Federation  search
35 Ultimatum Incidents  search
68 Umat'Adan Personnel: Dominion  search
10 Under Fire Dilemma  search
44 Victory is Life Interrupt  search
83 Voktak Personnel: Klingon  search
84 Wo'Din Personnel: Klingon  search
85 Worf Son of Mogh Personnel: Klingon  search
86 Zetal Personnel: Klingon  search

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