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High Stakes Drifter

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High Stakes Drifter: 233 cards
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066 1st Lt. Fred A. Spencer Dude  search
081 A Game for Two Fortune  search
082 According to Plan Fortune  search
154 All Bets Are Off! Gear  search
155 Angry Lynch Mob Gear  search
156 Animal Cunning Gear  search
157 Appaloosa Stallion Gear  search
083 Bad Chili Fortune  search
084 Bad Is Good Fortune  search
158 Barrel Barricade Gear  search
159 Beast of Burden Gear  search
085 Beat the Odds Fortune  search
021 Belle Starr Dude  search
051 Benjamin J. Hodges Dude  CC  search
160 Big, Black Crow Gear  search
052 Bill Cook Dude  search
226 Billy Breckinridge Dude  search
011 Bob Lemmons Dude  search
161 Born Under a Bad Sign Gear  search
086 Boys You Can Count On Fortune  search
162 Braided Rawhide Lariat Gear  search
067 Brig. Gen. Nelson A. Miles Dude  search
001 Bright Coyote Dude  search
036 Buck Harris Dude  search
002 Burning Torch Dude  search
087 Buy Your Stake on Jawbone Fortune  search
163 Calf-Hide Saddle Blanket Gear  search
229 Capt. Francis Baring Dude  search
068 Capt. J. M. Robinson Dude  search
069 Capt. Myles Keogh Dude  search
088 Cards are War Fortune  search
164 Cavalry Support Gear  search
053 Charles Carson Dude  search
012 Charles Goodnight Dude  search
003 Chief Joseph Dude  search
089 Chorus Girl Fortune  search
070 Col. Benjamin Grierson Dude  search
071 Col. Frederick Benteen Dude  search
054 Cole Younger Dude  search
090 Colt .45 Army Revolver Fortune  search
165 Colt 1851 Navy Gear  search
091 Concealed Weapon Fortune  search
092 Counting Coup Fortune  search
093 Coyote Is Always Hungry Fortune  search
094 Crack Shot Fortune  search
095 Cut Your Wolf Loose Fortune  search
022 David Ashley Dude  search
166 Dazzling Smile Gear  search
096 Deductive Reasoning Fortune  search
167 Dependable Horse Gear  search
037 Deputy Marshal George Bartlett Dude  search
097 Determined Resistance Fortune  search
228 Diamondback Kid Dude  search
168 Dime Novel Gear  search
169 Dingus Gear  search
023 Doc Holliday Dude  search
055 Doc Middleton Dude  search
098 Double Down: Luck Fortune  search
099 Double Down: Skill Fortune  search
100 Double Down: Smarts Fortune  search
101 Draw into a Looloo Fortune  search
102 Easy Money Fortune  search
024 Elijah Kirker Dude  search
170 Elusive Road Agent Gear  search
025 Ewen Snively Dude  search
171 Extra Ammo Gear  search
172 Fate Smiles on You Gear  search
103 Fighting Chance Fortune  search
173 Fighting Wages Gear  search
104 Five Beans in the Wheel Fortune  search
105 Fix for High-Riding Fortune  search
106 Follow the Herd Fortune  search
174 Forced Ante Gear  FX  search
107 Fort Up Fortune  search
004 Fortunate Rain Dude  search
056 Frank James Dude  search
057 Frederick Long Dude  search
175 Fry-Sized Cowpuncher Gear  search
176 Gambler's Ghost Gear  search
072 Gen. Meade Dude  search
073 George A. Custer Dude  search
232 George Armstrong Custer Dude  search
074 George D. Wakely Dude  search
075 George Fink Dude  search
005 Geronimo Dude  search
108 Get There with Both Feet Fortune  search
177 Go with What You've Got Gear  search
109 Gotcha Covered Fortune  search
038 Gov. Frederick Walker Pitkin Dude  search
013 Gray Price Dude  search
110 Gunned Down Fortune  FX  search
178 Headstone Gear  search
111 Heat Your Axles Fortune  search
026 Henry Meek Dude  search
058 Henry Stone Dude  search
179 High Ground Gear  search
112 Hit the Trail Fortune  search
180 Hobbled Herd Gear  search
039 Horace 'Hod' Wood Dude  search
113 Hug Rawhide Fortune  search
040 Hugh Butler Dude  search
114 Is That the Best You Got? Fortune  search
115 Itchy Trigger Finger Fortune  search
059 J. W. Bond Dude  search
181 Jackleg Lawyer Gear  search
041 Jake 'Boot' Hill Dude  search
116 Jam the Breeze Fortune  search
042 James K. Sutter Dude  search
014 Jason Newell Dude  search
043 Jed Burnet Dude  search
027 Jennie Metcalf 'Cattle Annie' Dude  search
015 Jesse Chisholm Dude  search
060 Jesse James Dude  search
233 Jesse Woodson James Dude  search
061 Jim Younger Dude  search
076 John Milton Chivington Dude  search
117 Joker's Fortune Fortune  FX  search
182 Joker's Gear Gear  search
227 Jolly Man in Red Dude  search
062 Joseph Duffield Dude  search
044 Judge David Vawter Burns Dude  search
045 Judge Roy Bean Dude  search
063 Julius Dodge Dude  search
183 Killer Instinct Gear  search
184 Knight of the Ribbons Gear  search
185 Known Escape Route Gear  search
016 Lane Powers Dude  search
077 Langford Woods Dude  search
186 Lead the Pelican Gear  search
187 Let's Make This Interesting Gear  search
118 Light a Shuck Fortune  search
119 Loaded for Bear Fortune  search
188 Local Guide Gear  search
189 Local Support Gear  search
120 Locked Spurs Fortune  search
121 Lope into Position Fortune  search
122 Lose Your Hat Fortune  search
078 Lt. Luther Rector Hale Dude  search
123 Luck Be a Lady Fortune  search
190 Luck of the Irish Gear  search
124 Lucky Rabbit's Foot Fortune  search
125 Made Wolf Meat Fortune  search
191 Mail-Order Cowboy Gear  search
064 Marcus Sherman Dude  search
079 Milton Coleman Dude  search
028 Milton Slocum Dude  search
192 Miracle Tonic Gear  search
046 Morgan Earp Dude  search
017 Nathaniel Austin Dude  search
029 Ned Smith Dude  search
126 Nerves of Steel Fortune  search
193 Old-Time Packer Gear  search
127 On the Run Fortune  search
128 Ornery Bunch Fortune  search
194 Pack Master Gear  search
129 Patience Is a Virtue Fortune  search
065 Pete Jeffords Dude  search
030 Philemon Helm Dude  search
195 Plains Saddle Gear  search
130 Plan Ahead Fortune  search
131 Played You Like a Fiddle Fortune  search
196 Prairie Schooner Gear  search
197 Presidential Medal Gear  search
132 Prowling for Prey Fortune  search
133 Pureblood Native Fortune  search
134 Put Up or Shut Up Fortune  search
198 Quick-Draw Artist Gear  search
199 Ready to Ride Gear  search
006 Red Cloud Dude  search
200 Reloading Outfit Gear  search
201 Remington New Model Army Revolver Gear  search
135 Reversal of Fortune: Luck Fortune  search
136 Reversal of Fortune: Skill Fortune  search
137 Reversal of Fortune: Smarts Fortune  search
018 Richard Carson Dude  search
202 Right-Hand Man Gear  search
031 Rip Broderick Dude  search
203 Robbed you Blind Gear  search
138 Rough Ways Fortune  search
204 Roundup Boss Gear  search
231 Roy Bean Dude  search
206 Saddle-Blanket Gambler Gear  search
205 Saddlebags Gear  search
139 Safety in Numbers Fortune  search
140 Saloon Acquaintance Fortune  search
047 Samuel Bingham Dude  search
019 Samuel Hays Dude  search
141 Send for Backup Fortune  search
207 Sharp-Rowelled Spurs Gear  search
142 Shoot Your Ass Fortune  FX  search
143 Side Bet: Luck Fortune  search
144 Side Bet: Skill Fortune  search
145 Side Bet: Smarts Fortune  search
007 Sitting Bull Dude  search
146 Sizing Up the Competition Fortune  search
208 Skilled Orator Gear  search
209 Sleight of Hand Gear  search
008 Snow Fox Dude  search
210 Sombrero Gear  search
211 Spoke in the Wheel Gear  search
009 Stalking Wolf Dude  search
080 Stephen Poston Dude  search
032 Sterling Bridger Dude  search
212 Stout Knobhead Gear  search
213 Stubborn Desert Canary Gear  search
214 Sure-Footed Night Horse Gear  search
147 Swap Lead Fortune  search
215 Swift Palomino Gear  search
148 Takin' You with Me Fortune  search
149 Think on Your Feet Fortune  search
150 Think Ya Used Enough Dynamite? Fortune  search
033 Thomas Warner Dude  search
216 Trail Map Gear  search
217 Trail-Worn Posse Gear  search
218 Travois Gear  search
151 Trusty Sidekick Fortune  search
219 Trusty Slicker Gear  search
152 Twist of Fate Fortune  search
220 Unfavorable Terrain Gear  search
153 Use It or Lose It Fortune  search
020 Walker Sullivan Dude  search
221 War Bonnet Gear  search
222 We Never Sleep Gear  search
223 Well-Oiled Stock Saddle Gear  search
034 Wild Bill Hickok Dude  search
010 Wild Condor Dude  search
048 William Barclay 'Bat' Masterson Dude  search
049 William K. Burchinell Dude  search
224 Wiry Mustang Gear  search
225 Worn Running Iron Gear  search
050 Wyatt Earp Dude  search
230 Yellow Horse Dude  search
035 Zachary Hastings Dude  search

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