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The Dominion Expansion

The Dominion Expansion: 134 cards
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119 10 and 01 Personnel: Non-aligned  search
109 Admiral Leyton Personnel: Federation  search
110 Admiral Riker Personnel: Federation  Pv  search
77 Amat'igan Personnel: Dominion  search
120 Anya Personnel: Non-aligned  search
78 Arak'Taral Personnel: Dominion  search
45 Archanis Dispute Mission  search
115 Atul Personnel: Klingon  search
79 Azet'izan Personnel: Dominion  search
4 Berserk Changeling Dilemma  search
46 Betazed Invasion Mission  search
47 Bioweapon Ruse Mission  search
80 Borath Personnel: Dominion  search
111 Captain Kirk Personnel: Federation  Pv  search
38 Caught Red-Handed Interrupt  search
116 Ch'Pok Personnel: Klingon  search
5 Chula: Pick One to Save Two Dilemma  search
6 Chula: The Chandra Dilemma  search
7 Chula: The Dice Dilemma  search
48 Construct Depot Mission  search
20 Crew Reassignment Event  search
8 Crisis Dilemma  search
1 Croden's Key Artifacts  search
134 D'deridex Advanced Ships: Romulan  search
70 Damar Personnel: Cardassian  search
71 Daro Personnel: Cardassian  search
72 Dejar Personnel: Cardassian  search
15 Dominion PADD Equipment  search
37 Empok Nor Facilities: Stations  search
57 Engage Cloak Objectives  search
81 Eris Personnel: Dominion  search
21 Espionage – Dominion on Federation Event  search
22 Espionage – Dominion on Klingon Event  search
23 Espionage – Dominion on Romulan Event  search
58 Establish Dominion Foothold Objectives  search
24 Fair Play Event  search
39 Flight of the Intruder Interrupt  search
82 Founder Personnel: Dominion  search
83 Founder Leader Personnel: Dominion  search
9 Founder Secret Dilemma  search
10 Friendly Fire Dilemma  search
73 Garak Personnel: Cardassian  search
64 General Hazar Personnel: Bajoran  search
84 Goran'Agar Personnel: Dominion  search
85 Gurat'urak Personnel: Dominion  search
133 I.K.C. Rotarran Ships: Klingon  search
40 In the Bag Interrupt  search
59 Install Autonomic Systems Parasite Objectives  search
49 Intelligence Operation Mission  search
25 Invasive Beam-In Event  search
50 Investigate Coup Mission  search
60 Issue Secret Orders Objectives  search
112 Jaresh-Inyo Personnel: Federation  search
128 Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Ships: Dominion  search
16 Jem'Hadar Birthing Chamber Equipment  search
17 Jem'Hadar Disruptor Equipment  search
18 Jem'Hadar Disruptor Rifle Equipment  search
41 Jem'Hadar Sacrifice Interrupt  search
129 Jem'Hadar Warship Ships: Dominion  search
65 Kai Winn Personnel: Bajoran  search
86 Keevan Personnel: Dominion  search
66 Keeve Falor Personnel: Bajoran  search
126 Keldon Advanced Ships: Cardassian  search
113 Keogh Personnel: Federation  search
19 Ketracel-White Equipment  search
87 Kilana Personnel: Dominion  search
88 Kira Founder Personnel: Dominion  search
89 Koret'alak Personnel: Dominion  search
90 Leyton Founder Personnel: Dominion  search
91 Limara'Son Personnel: Dominion  search
123 Lovok Personnel: Romulan  search
92 Lovok Founder Personnel: Dominion  search
74 Macet Personnel: Cardassian  search
93 Makla'Gor Personnel: Dominion  search
117 Martok Personnel: Klingon  search
94 Martok Founder Personnel: Dominion  search
95 Meso'Clan Personnel: Dominion  search
114 Michael Eddington Personnel: Federation  search
51 Mining Survey Mission  search
11 Mission Fatigue Dilemma  search
12 Navigational Hazards Dilemma  search
96 O'Brien Founder Personnel: Dominion  search
31 Office of the President Facilities: Headquarters  search
32 Office of the Proconsul Facilities: Headquarters  search
97 Omet'iklan Personnel: Dominion  search
61 Operate Wormhole Relays Objectives  search
2 Orb of Prophecy and Change Artifacts  search
98 Ornithar Personnel: Dominion  search
67 Orta Personnel: Bajoran  search
62 Post Garrison Objectives  search
35 Primary Supply Depot Facilities: Outposts  search
52 Protect Shipment Mission  search
53 Quest for the Sword Mission  search
99 Remata'Klan Personnel: Dominion  search
36 Remote Supply Depot Facilities: Outposts  search
54 Rescue Founder Mission  search
121 Salia Personnel: Non-aligned  search
55 Security Briefing Mission  search
124 Senator Vreenak Personnel: Romulan  search
69 Seven of Nine Personnel: Borg  Pv  search
42 Shape-Shift Interrupt  search
75 Silarin Prin Personnel: Cardassian  search
26 Sisko 197 Subroutine Event  search
13 Sleeper Trap Dilemma  search
122 Soto Personnel: Non-aligned  search
43 Strike Three Interrupt  search
63 Subjugate Planet Objectives  search
14 Surprise Assault Dilemma  search
125 T'Rul Personnel: Romulan  search
27 Tactical Console Event  search
100 Talak'talan Personnel: Dominion  search
76 Telle Personnel: Cardassian  search
101 Temo'Zuma Personnel: Dominion  search
3 The Earring of Li Nalas Artifacts  search
33 The Great Hall Facilities: Headquarters  search
34 The Great Link Facilities: Headquarters  search
102 Toman'torax Personnel: Dominion  search
127 Trager Ships: Cardassian  search
28 Treaty: Bajoran/Dominion Event  search
29 Treaty: Cardassian/Dominion Event  search
30 Treaty: Romulan/Dominion Event  search
130 U.S.S. Defiant Ships: Federation  search
131 U.S.S. Odyssey Ships: Federation  search
132 U.S.S. Rio Grande Ships: Federation  search
56 Uncover DNA Clues Mission  search
103 Virak'kara Personnel: Dominion  search
104 Weyoun Personnel: Dominion  search
118 Worf Son of Mogh Personnel: Klingon  Pv  search
105 Yak'Talon Personnel: Dominion  search
106 Yelgren Personnel: Dominion  search
44 You Dirty Rat Interrupt  search
107 Young Jem'Hadar Personnel: Dominion  search
68 Zayra Personnel: Bajoran  search
108 Zyree Personnel: Dominion  search
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