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Core Set

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Core Set: 196 cards
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47 A Serving of Scalding Death Action  search
174 Aesir Clan Chief Foe  search
97 Aggressive Swing Move  search
129 Allied Stance Move  search
157 Aquilonian Footsoldier Foe  VC  search
166 Aquilonian Horseman Foe  search
175 Aquilonian Royal Guard Foe  search
158 Archer of Khawarizm Foe  VC  search
69 Arrogance Action  search
48 Arrow Through the Neck Action  search
25 Atlantean Sword Item  search
49 Away with Words! Action  search
119 Axe Throw Move  search
50 Back Against the Wall Action  search
130 Backhand to the Temple Move  search
12 Balthus Ally  search
176 Bat Demon Foe  search
98 Bestial Fury Move  search
177 Black Ones Foe  search
178 Blood Defiler Foe  search
70 Blood for Blood Action  search
159 Blood-Mad Panther Foe  VC  search
120 Bone-Crunching Swing Move  search
21 Bossonian Bow Item  search
85 Break Like Rotten Twig Move  VC  search
31 Breaking Out Action  search
29 Carousing Action  VC  search
99 Carve to the Breastbone Move  search
51 Charge Into Battle Action  search
131 Cimmerian Fury Move  search
86 Cimmerian Lock Move  VC  search
121 Cimmerian Rush Move  search
14 Cimmerian Shield Item  search
145 Cimmerian Sweep Move  UR  search
147 Cimmerian Swordsman Foe  search
148 Cimmerian Warrior Foe  search
17 Coin Purse Item  search
1 Conan the Adventurer Conan  search
5 Conan the Barbarian Conan  search
2 Conan the Bold Conan  search
8 Conan the Champion Conan  UR  search
3 Conan the Cimmerian Conan  search
4 Conan the Defiant Conan  search
6 Conan the Destroyer Conan  search
7 Conan the Savage Conan  search
32 Conan...Triumph You Dogs! Action  search
71 Consumed by Rage Action  search
72 Contemplation Action  search
149 Corpse Risen from Hell Foe  search
33 Cover of Darkness Action  search
132 Cracking Skulls Move  search
87 Crippling Kick Move  VC  search
100 Dagger Toss Move  search
101 Death Blow Move  search
179 Death Knight Foe  search
102 Desperate Attack Move  search
103 Desperate Lunge Move  search
52 Distraction Action  search
73 Disturbed Rest Action  search
83 Don't...Magic and Mummery Action  UR  search
133 Double Stab Move  search
88 Downward Block Move  VC  search
134 Drive Cartilage into Brain Move  search
53 Drowning One's Failures Action  search
135 Each Foe a Potential Weapon Move  search
28 Eiglophian Peaks Region  UR  search
89 Elbow to the Throat Move  VC  search
54 Enemy Reinforced Action  search
74 Entangled Action  search
136 Envenomed Strike Move  search
55 Establish Reputation Action  search
122 Evasive Retreat Move  search
137 Eye Gouge Move  search
56 Fearless Leap Into Danger Action  search
90 Feint Move  VC  search
75 Filling Meal Action  search
123 Fists of Iron Move  search
91 Forceful Lunge Move  VC  search
184 Frost Giant Foe  search
34 Gather Information Action  search
150 Ghost Snake Foe  search
185 Giant Serpent Foe  search
92 Gleaming Arc of Steel Move  VC  search
146 Go for the Throat! Move  UR  search
167 Gray Ape Foe  search
26 Great Axe Item  search
104 Grievous Slash Move  search
35 Grisly Execution Action  search
76 Grisly Trophy Action  search
138 Gut-Rending Blow Move  search
193 Gwarunga Foe  UR  search
77 Harried Action  search
105 Headstrong Rush Move  search
36 Heathen War Cry Action  search
186 Heimdul the Vanir Foe  search
9 Helpless Victim Ally  search
106 Hewing Slice Move  search
107 High-Arcing Slash Move  search
160 Hyrkanian Swordsman Foe  VC  search
37 I Am A Cimmerian! Action  search
38 Icy Ambush Action  search
57 Impale to the Hilt Action  search
124 Improvised Attack Move  search
58 In Chains Action  search
108 Incendiary Arrows Move  search
39 Intimidating Posture Action  search
151 Island Ape Foe  search
152 Kappa Demon Foe  search
161 Keshani Shaman Foe  VC  search
168 Khitai Bowman Foe  search
162 Khitai Peasant Foe  VC  search
187 Khitai Warlord Foe  search
170 Kozaki Outrider Foe  search
169 Kushite Lion Foe  search
180 Kushite War Chief Foe  search
109 Laid Open to the Bone Move  search
93 Lightning Slash Move  VC  search
27 Lost City of Xuchotl Region  search
78 Lured to One's Doom Action  search
15 Mace Item  VC  search
153 Man-Ape of the North Foe  search
195 Many-Tentacled Thing Foe  UR  search
10 Maul Rat Ally  search
125 Mauling Grab Move  search
110 Menacing Advance Move  search
11 Mercenary Knight Ally  search
111 Merciless Stroke Move  search
18 Morning Star Item  search
181 Necromancer Foe  search
59 Opulent Tastes Action  search
94 Overhead Block Move  VC  search
139 Overhead Parry Move  search
112 Palm to the Sternum Move  search
40 Pantherish Leap Action  search
60 Predator's Cunning Action  search
61 Prickled...on One's Scalp Action  search
126 Quick Leap Move  search
113 Raging Dismemberment Move  search
114 Raging Leap Move  search
154 Raging Mammoth Foe  search
163 Ravenous Wolf Foe  VC  search
62 Relaxation Action  search
41 Ringing Block Action  search
115 Run Through Move  search
155 Saber-Toothed Tiger Foe  search
127 Savage Claws Move  search
95 Savage Strength Move  VC  search
22 Scale Armor Item  search
30 Scouting Action  VC  search
140 Separate Head...Shoulders Move  search
171 Servant of Bit-Yakin Foe  search
141 Shear...Flesh and Vertebrae Move  search
23 Shemite Bow Item  search
172 Shemitish Archer Foe  search
42 Shield Bash Action  search
116 Slay from the Saddle Move  search
84 Speed of Hot Passion Action  UR  search
142 Split Head Like Ripe Melon Move  search
79 Spoils of Battle Action  search
143 Spring From the Shadows Move  search
80 Spring Steel Quickness Action  search
96 Stomp Into Submission Move  VC  search
43 Storytelling Action  search
63 Sundered Mail Action  search
128 Sweeping Slash Move  search
81 Tactics of the Battlefield Action  search
44 Telling Blow Action  search
196 Thak Foe  UR  search
182 Thalis the Stygian Foe  search
188 Thaug Foe  search
183 The Crawler Foe  search
197 The Dragon Foe  UR  search
189 The God In The Bowl Foe  search
194 The Starved One Foe  UR  search
64 The Stuff of Legends Action  search
190 The Swamp Devil Foe  search
65 Thews of Iron Action  search
156 Thing of Fire and Earth Foe  search
191 Thoth Amon Foe  search
19 Throwing Axe Item  search
192 Thugra Khotan Foe  search
117 Thundering Charge Move  search
24 Tower Shield Item  search
45 Traitorous Woman Action  search
144 Tremendous Cleave Move  search
13 Valeria Ally  UR  search
66 Valiant Protector Action  search
118 Vicious Upswing Move  search
67 Warrior Born Action  search
46 Well-Deserved Rest Action  search
68 Wenching Action  search
82 Will of Iron Action  search
16 Wineskin Item  VC  search
164 Zamboulan Guard Foe  VC  search
173 Zamboulan Man-At-Arms Foe  search
165 Zamoran Thug Foe  VC  search

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