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Dangerous Missions

Dangerous Missions: 19 cards
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5 Avert Solar Implosion Mission  search
8 Bareil Antos, Escort Personnel: Bajoran  search
1 Bio-neural Computer Core Dilemma  search
14 Charles Tucker, III, Standing In Personnel: Starfleet  search
6 Deliver Ancient Artifact Mission  search
7 Deliver Evidence Mission  search
19 Enterprise, Battle Hardened Ships: Starfleet  search
10 Jadzia Dax, Elder Personnel: Bajoran  search
11 James T. Kirk, Irrational Human Being Personnel: Federation  search
12 Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise Personnel: Federation  search
15 Jonathan Archer, Bearer of Surak's Katra Personnel: Starfleet  search
9 Kira Nerys, Hero of Bajor Personnel: Bajoran  search
3 Maquis Vendetta Dilemma  search
4 Revelry Dilemma  search
2 Shields Up! Dilemma  search
16 T'Pol, Non-believer Personnel: Starfleet  search
18 U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Federation Flagship Ships: Federation  search
17 Vedek Assembly Transport Ships: Bajoran  search
13 William T. Riker, Skilled Commander Personnel: Federation  search
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