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Deep Space Nine Expansion

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Deep Space Nine Expansion: 278 cards
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5 "Pup" Dilemma  search
6 "Subspace Seaweed" Dilemma  search
175 Aamin Marritza Personnel: Cardassian  search
105 Access Relay Station Mission  search
106 Acquire Illicit Explosives Mission  CS  search
85 Activate Tractor Beam Interrupt  search
107 Aid Fugitives Mission  search
42 Airlock Doorways  search
251 Aldara Ships: Cardassian  search
1 Alien Gambling Device Artifacts  search
108 Alter Records Mission  search
7 Altonian Brain Teaser Dilemma  search
223 Altovar Personnel: Non-aligned  search
224 Amaros Personnel: Non-aligned  search
145 Anara Personnel: Bajoran  search
8 Angry Mob Dilemma  search
9 Aphasia Device Dilemma  search
176 Ari Personnel: Cardassian  search
10 Arms Deal Dilemma  search
11 Assassin's Blade Dilemma  search
247 Assault Vessel Ships: Bajoran  search
56 Automated Security System Event  search
80 Bajoran Facilities: Outposts  search
57 Bajoran Civil War Event  search
248 Bajoran Freighter Ships: Bajoran  search
249 Bajoran Interceptor Ships: Bajoran  search
45 Bajoran PADD Equipment  search
46 Bajoran Phaser Equipment  search
47 Bajoran Phaser Rifle Equipment  search
250 Bajoran Scout Vessel Ships: Bajoran  search
43 Bajoran Wormhole Doorways  search
146 Bareil Antos Personnel: Bajoran  search
86 Baseball Interrupt  search
205 Benjamin Sisko Personnel: Federation  search
133 Beware of Q Objectives  search
217 Bo'rak Personnel: Klingon  search
177 Boheeka Personnel: Cardassian  search
178 Borad Personnel: Cardassian  search
12 Brief Romance Dilemma  search
109 Camping Trip Mission  search
81 Cardassian Facilities: Outposts  search
48 Cardassian Disruptor Equipment  search
49 Cardassian Disruptor Rifle Equipment  search
50 Cardassian PADD Equipment  search
252 Cardassian Shuttle Ships: Cardassian  search
78 Central Command Facilities: Headquarters  search
265 Cha'Joh Ships: Romulan  search
79 Chamber of Ministers Facilities: Headquarters  search
110 Changeling Research Mission  search
111 Characterize Neutrino Emissions Mission  CS  search
13 Clan People Dilemma  search
147 Colonel Day Personnel: Bajoran  search
112 Colony Preparations Mission  search
266 Commander's Office Sites  search
14 Common Thief Dilemma  search
58 Computer Crash Event  search
225 Coutu Personnel: Non-aligned  search
113 Cure Blight Mission  search
218 D'Ghor Personnel: Klingon  search
179 Dakol Personnel: Cardassian  search
15 Dal'Rok Dilemma  search
180 Danar Personnel: Cardassian  search
83 Deep Space 9/Terok Nor Facilities: Stations  search
59 Defiant Dedication Plaque Event  search
114 Deliver Supplies Mission  CS  search
181 Derell Personnel: Cardassian  search
16 DNA Clues Dilemma  search
267 Docking Pads Sites  search
268 Docking Ports Sites  search
87 Docking Procedures Interrupt  search
269 Docking Pylons Sites  search
226 Dr. Nydom Personnel: Non-aligned  search
88 Dropping In Interrupt  search
182 Dukat Personnel: Cardassian  search
17 Duonetic Field Generator Dilemma  search
60 Duranja Event  search
227 E'Tyshra Personnel: Non-aligned  search
183 Elim Garak Personnel: Cardassian  search
115 Eliminate Virus Mission  CS  search
184 Enabran Tain Personnel: Cardassian  search
51 Engineering Tricorder Equipment  search
185 Entek Personnel: Cardassian  search
61 Espionage: Bajoran on Cardassian Event  search
62 Espionage: Cardassian on Bajoran Event  search
63 Espionage: Cardassian on Federation Event  search
64 Espionage: Cardassian on Klingon Event  search
65 Espionage: Romulan on Bajoran Event  search
66 Espionage: Romulan on Cardassian Event  search
67 Establish Landing Protocols Event  search
116 Establish Station Mission  CS  search
134 Establish Tractor Lock Objectives  search
135 Explore Gamma Quadrant Objectives  search
18 Extradition Dilemma  search
89 Extraordinary Methods Interrupt  search
243 Fightin' Words Q Dilemmas  search
136 File Mission Report Objectives  search
19 Flaxian Assassin Dilemma  search
261 Flaxian Scout Vessel Ships: Non-aligned  search
20 Framed for Murder Dilemma  search
253 Galor Ships: Cardassian  search
21 Garak Has Some Issues Dilemma  search
270 Garak's Tailor Shop Sites  search
22 Garanian Bolites Dilemma  search
148 General Krim Personnel: Bajoran  search
186 Ghoren Personnel: Cardassian  search
187 Gilora Rejal Personnel: Cardassian  search
90 Going To The Top Interrupt  search
206 Graham Davis Personnel: Federation  search
219 Grilka Personnel: Klingon  search
254 Groumall Ships: Cardassian  search
271 Guest Quarters Sites  search
23 Harvester Virus Dilemma  search
24 Hate Crime Dilemma  search
91 Hidden Fighter Interrupt  search
188 Hogue Personnel: Cardassian  search
137 HQ: Defensive Measures Objectives  search
138 HQ: Return Orb to Bajor Objectives  search
139 HQ: Secure Homeworld Objectives  search
68 HQ: War Room Event  search
52 Hypospray Equipment  search
244 I Tried To Warn You Q Dilemmas  search
260 I.K.C. Toh'Kaht Ships: Klingon  search
92 Incoming Message – Bajoran Interrupt  search
93 Incoming Message – Cardassian Interrupt  search
272 Infirmary Sites  search
117 Intercept Maquis Mission  CS  search
118 Intercept Renegade Mission  CS  search
119 Investigate Rumors Mission  search
25 Isolinear Puzzle Dilemma  search
149 Jabara Personnel: Bajoran  search
207 Jace Michaels Personnel: Federation  search
208 Jadzia Dax Personnel: Federation  search
228 Jaheel Personnel: Non-aligned  search
209 Jake and Nog Personnel: Federation  search
150 Jaro Essa Personnel: Bajoran  search
189 Jasad Personnel: Cardassian  search
210 Julian Bashir Personnel: Federation  search
190 Jural Personnel: Cardassian  search
151 Kai Opaka Personnel: Bajoran  search
229 Kalita Personnel: Non-aligned  search
152 Kallis Ven Personnel: Bajoran  search
211 Karen Loews Personnel: Federation  search
238 Karina Personnel: Romulan  search
26 Kidnappers Dilemma  search
153 Kira Nerys Personnel: Bajoran  search
82 Klaestron Facilities: Outposts  search
191 Korinas Personnel: Cardassian  search
192 Kotran Pa'Dar Personnel: Cardassian  search
193 Kovat Personnel: Cardassian  search
120 Kressari Rendezvous Mission  CS  search
154 Lenaris Holem Personnel: Bajoran  search
27 Lethean Telepathic Attack Dilemma  search
155 Li Nalas Personnel: Bajoran  search
28 Lockbox Dilemma  search
212 Lojal Personnel: Federation  search
94 Magnetic North Interrupt  search
194 Makbar Personnel: Cardassian  search
230 Martus Mazur Personnel: Non-aligned  search
53 Medical PADD Equipment  search
255 Military Freighter Ships: Cardassian  search
156 Minister Rozahn Personnel: Bajoran  search
262 Miradorn Raider Ships: Non-aligned  search
29 Misguided Activist Dilemma  search
157 Mora Pol Personnel: Bajoran  search
220 Morka Personnel: Klingon  search
2 Mysterious Orb Artifacts  search
158 Nalan Bal Personnel: Bajoran  search
195 Natima Lang Personnel: Cardassian  search
140 Navigate Plasma Storms Objectives  search
159 Neela Personnel: Bajoran  search
30 No Loose Ends Dilemma  search
31 None Shall Pass Dilemma  search
84 Nor Facilities: Stations  search
160 Odo Personnel: Bajoran  search
32 Odo's "Cousin" Dilemma  search
95 Oof! Interrupt  search
273 Ops Sites  search
96 Orb Experience Interrupt  search
3 Orb Fragment Artifacts  search
121 Orb Negotiations Mission  search
274 Ore Processing Unit Sites  search
213 Orren Ran Personnel: Federation  search
161 Pallra Personnel: Bajoran  search
196 Parn Personnel: Cardassian  search
214 Paxton Reese Personnel: Federation  search
197 Perak Personnel: Cardassian  search
198 Plain, Simple Garak Personnel: Cardassian  search
141 Plans of the Obsidian Order Objectives  search
142 Plans of the Tal Shiar Objectives  search
256 Prakesh Ships: Cardassian  search
97 Preparation Interrupt  search
143 Process Ore Objectives  search
275 Promenade Shops Sites  search
98 Protouniverse Interrupt  search
162 Prylar Mond Personnel: Bajoran  search
33 Punishment Box Dilemma  search
163 Rano Dake Personnel: Bajoran  search
164 Rase Norvan Personnel: Bajoran  search
231 Rax'Na Personnel: Non-aligned  search
165 Razka Karn Personnel: Bajoran  search
69 Reaction Control Thrusters Event  search
99 Reclamation Interrupt  search
70 Recruit Mercenaries Event  search
122 Refuse Immigration Mission  CS  search
123 Reignite Dead Star Mission  CS  search
199 Rekelen Personnel: Cardassian  search
124 Relocate Settlers Mission  CS  search
71 Renewal Scroll Event  search
144 Rescue Personnel Objectives  search
125 Rescue Prisoners Mission  CS  search
232 Retaya Personnel: Non-aligned  search
245 Rhetorical Question Q Dilemmas  search
263 Rigelian Freighter Ships: Non-aligned  search
166 Rinnak Pire Personnel: Bajoran  search
233 Rionoj Personnel: Non-aligned  search
246 Risky Business Q Dilemmas  search
239 Ruwon Personnel: Romulan  search
234 Sakonna Personnel: Non-aligned  search
4 Saltah'na Clock Artifacts  search
54 Science Kit Equipment  search
276 Science Lab Sites  search
55 Science PADD Equipment  search
126 Search and Rescue Mission  CS  search
127 Search for Survivors Mission  CS  search
44 Secret Compartment Doorways  search
277 Security Office Sites  search
34 Seismic Quake Dilemma  search
240 Selveth Personnel: Romulan  search
167 Shakaar Edon Personnel: Bajoran  search
235 Sharat Personnel: Non-aligned  search
35 Skullduggery Dilemma  search
100 Smoke Bomb Interrupt  search
241 Sorus Personnel: Romulan  search
128 Study Badlands Mission  search
129 Study Plasma Storm Mission  CS  search
168 Surmak Ren Personnel: Bajoran  search
130 Survey Star System Mission  search
131 Symbiont Diagnosis Mission  search
72 System 5 Disruptors Event  search
221 T'Kar Personnel: Klingon  search
215 T'Lor Personnel: Federation  search
169 Tahna Los Personnel: Bajoran  search
216 Taylor Moore Personnel: Federation  search
200 Tekeny Ghemor Personnel: Cardassian  search
83r Terok Nor/Deep Space 9 Facilities: Stations  search
36 The Three Vipers Dilemma  search
101 The Walls Have Ears Interrupt  search
102 Time To Reconsider Interrupt  search
201 Tora Ziyal Personnel: Cardassian  search
202 Toran Personnel: Cardassian  search
37 Trauma Dilemma  search
170 Trazko Personnel: Bajoran  search
73 Treaty: Bajoran/Klingon Event  search
74 Treaty: Federation/Bajoran Event  search
75 Treaty: Federation/Cardassian Event  search
76 Treaty: Romulan/Cardassian Event  search
203 Turrel Personnel: Cardassian  search
236 Ty Kajada Personnel: Non-aligned  search
257 U.S.S. Danube Ships: Federation  search
258 U.S.S. Defiant Ships: Federation  Pv  search
259 U.S.S. Yangtzee Kiang Ships: Federation  search
204 Ulani Belor Personnel: Cardassian  search
103 Unnatural Causes Interrupt  search
38 Untrustworthy Associate Dilemma  search
242 Vakis Personnel: Romulan  search
39 Vantika's Neural Pathways Dilemma  search
171 Varis Sul Personnel: Bajoran  search
172 Vedek Sorad Personnel: Bajoran  search
173 Vedek Winn Personnel: Bajoran  search
40 Vendetta Dilemma  search
132 Verify Evidence Mission  CS  search
41 Vole Infestation Dilemma  search
77 Weapons Locker Event  search
174 Weld Ram Personnel: Bajoran  search
104 Wormhole Navigation Schematic Interrupt  search
264 Xepolite Freighter Ships: Non-aligned  search
222 Yeto Personnel: Klingon  search
237 Zef'No Personnel: Non-aligned  search

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