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Demo-A: 34 cards
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19 Aggressive Swing Move  search
3 Aquilonian Footsoldier Foe  search
32 Carousing Action  search
11 Cimmerian Swordsman Foe  search
16 Cimmerian Warrior Foe  search
23 Cleave From Shoulder to Groin Move  search
1 Conan, the Bold Conan  search
14 Death Knight Foe  search
26 Desperate Lunge Move  search
15 Ghost Snake Foe  search
28 Gleaming Arc of Steel Move  search
22 Gut-Rending Blow Move  search
4 Gwarunga Foe  search
30 Heathen War Cry Action  search
8 Hyrkanian Swordsman Foe  search
34 I Am a Cimmerian! Action  search
20 Incendiary Arrows Move  search
2 Khitai Bowman Foe  search
5 Khitai Peasant Foe  search
12 Kushite Lion Foe  search
25 Lightning Slash Move  search
13 Man Ape of the North Foe  search
21 Mauling grab Move  search
10 Ravenous Wolf Foe  search
7 Saber-Toothed Tiger Foe  search
24 Stomp into Submission Move  search
33 Storytelling Action  search
29 Telling Blow Action  search
6 Thak Foe  search
9 Thing of Fire and Earth Foe  search
18 Throwing Axe Item  search
27 Tremendous Cleave Move  search
31 Warrior Born Action  search
17 Wineskin Item  search

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