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Official Tournament Sealed Deck

Official Tournament Sealed Deck: 20 cards
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1 Abandon Ship! Dilemma  search
2 Armus – Sticky Situation Dilemma  search
20 Darmok Ships: Non-aligned  search
10 Establish Relations Mission  search
11 Explore Interstellar Matter Mission  search
19 Hide and Seek Q Dilemma/event  search
3 Hippocratic Oath Dilemma  search
9 Husnock Outpost Facilities: Outposts  search
12 Impose Order Mission  search
13 Investigate Incursion Mission  search
4 Make Us Go Dilemma  search
14 Mineral Survey Mission  search
16 Open Diplomatic Relations Objectives  search
17 Reflection Therapy Objectives  search
6 Space-Time Portal Doorways  search
7 Spacedoor Doorways  search
18 Suna Personnel: Non-aligned  search
15 Test Propulsion Systems Mission  search
8 Treaty: Federation/Romulan/Klingon Event  search
5 Unscientific Method Dilemma  search
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