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Street Fighter Set 1

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Street Fighter Set 1: 143 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
002 **Chun-Li** Character  Starter Rare  search
020 **Dhalsim** Character  Starter Rare  search
038 **Ken** Character  Starter Rare  search
056 **Ryu** Character  Starter Rare  search
073 **Sagat** Character  Rare  search
091 **Zangief** Character  Rare  search
001 *Chun-Li* Character  Super Rare  search
019 *Dhalsim* Character  Super Rare  search
037 *Ken* Character  Super Rare  search
055 *Ryu* Character  Super Rare  search
074 *Sagat* Character  Super Rare  search
092 *Zangief* Character  Super Rare  search
059 ...To Stand A Chance Action  Common  search
077 ...You Are A Beginner! Action  Uncommon  search
095 Abdominal Claw Attack  Uncommon  search
132 Aerial Combatant Foundation  Common  search
096 Air Throw Attack  Uncommon  search
071 Apt Pupil Foundation  Common  search
005 Backflip Kick Attack  Uncommon  search
119 Balanced Stance Asset  Common  search
097 Banishing Punch Attack  Rare  search
133 Beefy Foundation  Common  search
136 Beginner's Luck Foundation  Common  search
109 Block Action  Common  search
098 Body Press Attack  Uncommon  search
034 Calm Mind Foundation  Common  search
087 Champion Foundation  Uncommon  search
052 Charisma Foundation  Common  search
123 Close Throw Attack  Uncommon  search
110 Crouch Action  Uncommon  search
120 Crouching Stance Asset  Uncommon  search
121 Defensive Stance Asset  Uncommon  search
016 Determined Pursuit Foundation  Uncommon  search
111 Dodge Action  Common  search
099 Double German Suplex Attack  Rare  search
023 Drill Headthrust Attack  Rare  search
024 Drill Kick Attack  Rare  search
134 Experienced Foundation  Uncommon  search
078 Eye Patch Asset  Rare  search
100 Face Claw Attack  Uncommon  search
135 Feels No Pain Foundation  Starter Rare  search
039 Fierce Determination Action  Common  search
124 Fierce Punch Attack  Uncommon  search
112 Fighting Spirit Action  Common  search
101 Final Atomic Buster Attack  Super Rare  search
057 Finesse Action  Starter Rare  search
041 Flaming Shoryuken Attack  Starter Rare  search
060 Foot Sweep Attack  Common  search
125 Forward Kick Attack  Uncommon  search
042 Fumikomi Mae Geri Attack  Uncommon  search
106 Grappler Foundation  Common  search
137 Ground Fighter Foundation  Common  search
079 Ground Tiger Shot Attack  Rare  search
088 Hardened Veteran Foundation  Common  search
006 Heel Stomp Attack  Uncommon  search
043 Hiza Geri Attack  Uncommon  search
044 Hold For A Second Overhead Kick Attack  Common  search
007 Hyakuretsu Kyaku Attack  Rare  search
045 Inazuma Kakato Wari Attack  Common  search
017 Interpol Training Foundation  Rare  search
046 Jigoku Guruma Attack  Uncommon  search
061 Jodan Sokuto Geri Attack  Rare  search
113 Jump Action  Common  search
080 Jumping Knee Strike Attack  Common  search
008 Kakushu Raku Kyaku Attack  Uncommon  search
047 Ken's Hadoken Attack  Rare  search
048 Ken's Seoi Nage Attack  Uncommon  search
049 Ken's Tatsumaki Attack  Rare  search
009 Knee Flip Kick Attack  Uncommon  search
010 Koshu To Attack  Rare  search
062 Kyubi Kudaki Attack  Common  search
075 Muay Thai Defence Action  Common  search
089 Muay Thai Discipline Foundation  Uncommon  search
081 Muay Thai Punch Attack  Common  search
093 My Strength Is Much Greater Than Yours Action  Uncommon  search
035 Mystic Foundation  Common  search
107 National Hero Foundation  Rare  search
122 Offensive Stance Asset  Uncommon  search
082 Overhand Throw Attack  Uncommon  search
094 Overwhelming Strength Asset  Rare  search
138 Physically Fit Foundation  Uncommon  search
102 Pile Driver Attack  Uncommon  search
114 Power Up Action  Super Rare  search
139 Quick Foundation  Common  search
126 Quick Elbow Attack  Common  search
040 Ready For You Action  Rare  search
115 Revenge Action  Rare  search
116 Reversal Action  Super Rare  search
108 Ring Veteran Foundation  Common  search
127 Roundhouse Kick Attack  Uncommon  search
103 Russian Double Knee Press Attack  Uncommon  search
063 Ryu's Hadoken Attack  Rare  search
064 Ryu's Seoi Nage Attack  Uncommon  search
065 Ryu's Shoryuken Attack  Rare  search
066 Ryu's Tatsumaki Attack  Rare  search
067 Sakotsu Wari Attack  Uncommon  search
003 Sankaku Tobi Action  Common  search
140 Scrapper Foundation  Rare  search
011 Senjo Shu Attack  Common  search
012 Senretsukyaku Attack  Super Rare  search
068 Shakunetsu Hadoken Attack  Starter Rare  search
050 Shinden Kakato Otoshi Attack  Uncommon  search
069 Shinku Hadoken Attack  Super Rare  search
128 Short Kick Attack  Common  search
051 Shoryureppa Attack  Super Rare  search
053 Shotokan Master Foundation  Starter Rare  search
054 Shotokan Training Foundation  Common  search
141 Signature Style Foundation  Super Rare  search
090 Size And Speed Foundation  Uncommon  search
072 Skilled Fighter Foundation  Common  search
022 Skull Necklace Asset  Starter Rare  search
117 Smack Talk Action  Rare  search
013 Soren Sho Attack  Common  search
014 Spinning Bird Kick Attack  Starter Rare  search
104 Spinning Lariat Attack  Rare  search
105 Spinning Pile Driver Attack  Rare  search
129 Strong Punch Attack  Common  search
130 Super Kick Attack  Rare  search
131 Super Punch Attack  Rare  search
118 Taunt Action  Uncommon  search
015 Tenshin Shu Kyaku Attack  Common  search
083 Tiger Genocide Attack  Super Rare  search
084 Tiger Knee Attack  Rare  search
085 Tiger Shot Attack  Rare  search
086 Tiger Uppercut Attack  Rare  search
070 Tomoe Nage Attack  Uncommon  search
142 Too Fast To See Foundation  Uncommon  search
143 Tricky Foundation  Common  search
018 World's Strongest Woman Foundation  Starter Rare  search
004 Yatta! Action  Rare  search
025 Yoga Blast Attack  Starter Rare  search
026 Yoga Fierce Punch Attack  Common  search
027 Yoga Fire Attack  Uncommon  search
028 Yoga Flame Attack  Rare  search
029 Yoga Inferno Attack  Super Rare  search
030 Yoga Jab Attack  Uncommon  search
036 Yoga Mastery Foundation  Uncommon  search
031 Yoga Roundhouse Kick Attack  Common  search
032 Yoga Short Kick Attack  Common  search
033 Yoga Strong Punch Attack  Common  search
021 Yoga Teleport Action  Rare  search
076 You Aren't A Warrior… Action  Rare  search
058 You Must Defeat Sheng Long… Action  Rare  search

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