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Penny Arcade Battle Box

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Penny Arcade Battle Box: 45 cards
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11 7 Iron Asset  Starter Rare  search
13 Apathy Foundation  Starter Common  search
34 Calculating Foundation  Starter Rare  search
14 Collector Foundation  Starter Rare  search
22 Critical Strike Attack  Starter Rare  search
23 Diatribe Attack  Starter Rare  search
35 Dirty Pool Foundation  Starter Uncommo  search
36 Double Dealing Foundation  Starter Common  search
30 Dramatic Monologue Action  Starter Uncommo  search
24 Elaborate Mechanism Attack  Starter Uncommo  search
25 Erode the Human Soul Attack  Starter Uncommo  search
31 False Contrition Action  Starter Rare  search
43 Fruit F#@!er Asset  Starter Rare  search
1 Gabe, Boy Wonder Character  Starter Rare  search
15 Gadget Addict Foundation  Starter Uncommo  search
16 Generic Rage Foundation  Starter Uncommo  search
9 Hide Behind the Couch Action  Starter Rare  search
17 Hijinks Foundation  Starter Common  search
26 Inedible Cuisine Attack  Starter Rare  search
27 Large Animal Tranquilizer Attack  Starter Common  search
2 Latent Psychic Ability Attack  Starter Uncommo  search
28 Mantis Technique Attack  Starter Common  search
3 Mein Leapen Attack  Starter Uncommo  search
37 Oneupsmanship Foundation  Starter Uncommo  search
32 Rare Card Asset  Starter Rare  search
29 Really Big Word Attack  Starter Rare  search
18 Secret Obsession Foundation  Starter Uncommo  search
44 Sentient Appliance Asset  Starter Rare  search
12 Sir Quacks-A-Lot Asset  Starter Rare  search
38 Skullduggery Foundation  Starter Rare  search
4 Special Move Attack  Starter Uncommo  search
39 Specialist Knowledge Foundation  Starter Uncommo  search
5 Strange Liquid Attack  Starter Uncommo  search
19 Superhero Blood Transfusion Foundation  Starter Rare  search
6 The Dixie Twist Attack  Starter Uncommo  search
42 The Fleshreaper Attack  Starter Rare  search
10 The Horns Action  Starter Rare  search
45 The Watch Asset  Starter Rare  search
33 Thesaurus Asset  Starter Rare  search
40 Treachery Foundation  Starter Uncommo  search
7 Tube Strike Attack  Starter Common  search
21 Tycho, Evil Genius Character  Starter Rare  search
8 Unsporting Conduct Attack  Starter Common  search
41 Vast Intellect Foundation  Starter Uncommo  search
20 Whimsy Foundation  Starter Rare  search

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