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World Warriors - Street Fighter Set 2

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World Warriors - Street Fighter Set 2: 126 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
002 **Balrog** Character  Rare  search
020 **Blanka** Character  Rare  search
038 **E.Honda** Character  Rare  search
056 **Guile** Character  Rare  search
074 **M.Bison** Character  Rare  search
092 **Vega** Character  Rare  search
001 *Balrog* Character  Super Rare  search
019 *Blanka* Character  Super Rare  search
037 *E.Honda* Character  Super Rare  search
055 *Guile* Character  Super Rare  search
073 *M.Bison* Character  Super Rare  search
091 *Vega* Character  Super Rare  search
099 Airborne Izuna Drop Attack  Uncommon  search
052 All Muscle Foundation  Common  search
072 Army Training Foundation  Uncommon  search
024 Backflip Roundhouse Attack  Common  search
025 Backstep Rolling Attack Attack  Rare  search
042 Bear Hug Attack  Uncommon  search
003 Below The Belt Action  Common  search
033 Bestial Fury Foundation  Common  search
004 Bob and Weave Action  Uncommon  search
113 Boxing Ring Asset  Uncommon  search
006 Buffalo Headbutt Attack  Common  search
057 Calculated Strike Of Fury Action  Common  search
039 Can't You Do Better Than That? Action  Common  search
118 Chicanery Foundation  Uncommon  search
114 City Square Asset  Rare  search
005 Combination of Blows Action  Common  search
060 Commando Forward Kick Attack  Common  search
007 Crazy Buffalo Attack  Super Rare  search
008 Dash Uppercut Attack  Rare  search
088 Demon Eyes Foundation  Common  search
078 Devil Reverse Attack  Rare  search
034 Dirty Fighter Foundation  Common  search
070 Disciplined Foundation  Common  search
059 Dog Tags Asset  Super Rare  search
061 Double Somersault Kick Attack  Rare  search
043 Double Sumo Headbutt Attack  Rare  search
026 Electric Thunder Attack  Rare  search
109 Exertion Action  Uncommon  search
119 Expanded Options Foundation  Common  search
062 Extended Roundhouse Sweep Attack  Uncommon  search
016 Fists of Iron Foundation  Common  search
100 Flip Kick Attack  Common  search
017 Float Like A Butterfly... Foundation  Common  search
101 Flying Barcelona Attack Attack  Rare  search
106 For The Ladies Foundation  Common  search
063 German Suplex Attack  Uncommon  search
075 Get Lost… Action  Common  search
027 Ground Shave Rolling Attack  Super Rare  search
040 Grounded Stance Action  Rare  search
094 Handsome Fighters Never Lose Action  Common  search
009 Haymaker Attack  Rare  search
079 Head Press Attack  Uncommon  search
080 Head Press Somersault Skull Diver Attack  Rare  search
028 Headbutt Attack  Common  search
021 Hop Action  Common  search
044 Hundred Hand Slap Attack  Super Rare  search
102 Izuna Drop Attack  Uncommon  search
081 Jumping Strong Punch Attack  Common  search
010 Kidney Blow Attack  Common  search
064 Knee Bazooka Attack  Rare  search
082 Knee Press Nightmare Attack  Super Rare  search
110 Knock Down, Drag Out… Action  Common  search
065 Leaping Commando Kick Attack  Common  search
120 Loving Devotion Foundation  Common  search
053 Low Center of Gravity Foundation  Common  search
011 Low Dash Attack  Uncommon  search
121 Lower Body Strength Foundation  Common  search
035 Man Beast Foundation  Uncommon  search
058 Man On A Mission Action  Rare  search
089 Megalomania Foundation  Uncommon  search
071 Methodical Foundation  Common  search
111 Methodical Fighter Action  Super Rare  search
066 Mid Air German Suplex Attack  Uncommon  search
012 Multiple Headbutts Attack  Rare  search
095 Not The Face Action  Common  search
045 Ohicho Throw Attack  Rare  search
046 Over the Shoulder Throw Attack  Uncommon  search
029 Overhand Claw Attack  Common  search
098 Pit Arena Asset  Uncommon  search
107 Pit Fighter Foundation  Common  search
018 Prize Fighter Foundation  Uncommon  search
083 Psycho Crusher Attack  Rare  search
084 Psycho Double Knee Press Attack  Rare  search
076 Psycho Focus Action  Super Rare  search
090 Psycho Power Foundation  Uncommon  search
085 Psycho Power Punch Attack  Common  search
030 Rake Attack  Common  search
116 Reverse Heel Kick Attack  Uncommon  search
067 Reverse Spin Kick Attack  Common  search
031 Rolling Attack Attack  Rare  search
103 Rolling Crystal Flash Attack  Rare  search
104 Rolling Izuna Drop Attack  Rare  search
022 Seeing You In Action Is A Joke Action  Uncommon  search
122 Seeking Answers Foundation  Uncommon  search
105 Sky High Claw Attack  Rare  search
023 Slide Action  Uncommon  search
086 Slide Tackle Attack  Common  search
124 Someone In Your Corner Foundation  Uncommon  search
068 Somersault Kick Attack  Rare  search
069 Sonic Boom Attack  Rare  search
087 Spinning Throw Attack  Uncommon  search
115 Sports Car Asset  Uncommon  search
013 Straight Dash Attack  Common  search
123 Street Brawling Foundation  Uncommon  search
117 Stunning Blow Attack  Common  search
047 Sumo Headbutt Attack  Rare  search
048 Sumo Knee To Face Attack  Uncommon  search
049 Sumo Smash Attack  Uncommon  search
050 Sumo Splash Attack  Uncommon  search
041 Sumo Stance Action  Uncommon  search
051 Sweep Attack  Uncommon  search
112 To The Bone Action  Common  search
014 Turn Punch Attack  Common  search
036 Unorthodox Fighting Style Foundation  Uncommon  search
125 Unstoppable Foundation  Uncommon  search
015 Uppercut Attack  Common  search
093 Vega's Backflip Action  Uncommon  search
096 Vega's Claw Asset  Rare  search
097 Vega's Mask Asset  Super Rare  search
032 Vertical Rolling Attack Attack  Rare  search
108 Vicious Foundation  Uncommon  search
126 Wandering Master Foundation  Uncommon  search
054 Yokozuna Foundation  Uncommon  search
077 … You Can't Compare Action  Common  search

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