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A Tale of Swords and Souls - SoulCalibur III Set 2

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A Tale of Swords and Souls - SoulCalibur III Set 2: 126 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
002 **Ivy** Character  Rare  search
020 **Kilik** Character  Rare  search
038 **Raphael** Character  Rare  search
056 **Setsuka** Character  Rare  search
074 **Tira** Character  Rare  search
092 **Zasalamel** Character  Rare  search
001 *Ivy* Character  Super Rare  search
019 *Kilik* Character  Super Rare  search
037 *Raphael* Character  Super Rare  search
055 *Setsuka* Character  Super Rare  search
073 *Tira* Character  Super Rare  search
091 *Zasalamel* Character  Super Rare  search
097 Adoration of Gilgamesh Attack  Common  search
077 Agrement Double Claw Attack  Uncommon  search
076 Aisel Nedrossel Asset  Super Rare  search
106 Ancient Insight Foundation  Common  search
005 Ancient Wheel Attack  Uncommon  search
041 Assalto Montante Attack  Rare  search
042 Assalto Montante Cresendo Attack  Super Rare  search
034 Atoning For Ancient Sins Foundation  Uncommon  search
043 Attack Au Fer Attack  Common  search
078 Beak Break Toss Attack  Common  search
098 Belitsheri's Spear Attack  Uncommon  search
117 Bell Ringer Attack  Uncommon  search
079 Blazing Cadenza Attack  Rare  search
080 Bloody Tale Attack  Rare  search
059 Blossom Slicer Attack  Common  search
023 Bo Rush Attack  Common  search
024 Bo Smack Down Attack  Rare  search
120 Burning Soul Foundation  Uncommon  search
081 Cadense Side Kick Attack  Uncommon  search
006 Calamity Symphony Attack  Rare  search
082 Chattering Mandible Attack  Uncommon  search
052 Cold Blooded Demeanor Foundation  Uncommon  search
088 Constant Motion Foundation  Common  search
121 Controlled Rage Foundation  Uncommon  search
060 Crimson Death Attack  Uncommon  search
089 Dance of Death Foundation  Uncommon  search
069 Deceptive Maneuvering Foundation  Common  search
093 Diminishing Returns Action  Rare  search
007 Diving Raven Attack  Uncommon  search
083 Diving Wing Flap Attack  Common  search
109 Dominance Action  Super Rare  search
008 Embrace of Lust Attack  Rare  search
099 Enlil's Punishment Attack  Rare  search
044 Fendante Attack  Common  search
025 Festival of the Damned Attack  Rare  search
040 Flambert Asset  Super Rare  search
084 Glass Slippers Attack  Rare  search
122 Glimpse of Fate Foundation  Common  search
094 Hibernation Action  Rare  search
118 High Kick Attack  Common  search
009 Ivy Sweep Attack  Common  search
096 Kafziel Asset  Super Rare  search
022 Kali-Yuga Asset  Super Rare  search
003 Kiss From Your Valentine Action  Uncommon  search
113 Legendary Blade Asset  Rare  search
053 Les Rapier Des Sorel Foundation  Uncommon  search
070 Lightning Reflexes Foundation  Uncommon  search
026 Ling Su Upper Attack  Common  search
045 Lunging Press Attack  Uncommon  search
100 Marduk's Thunder Attack  Uncommon  search
010 Menace Attack  Common  search
095 Mobius Strip Action  Rare  search
046 Moulinet Attack  Common  search
114 Murderous Intent Asset  Common  search
101 Namtar's Claw Attack  Rare  search
102 Nergal's Poison Sting Attack  Common  search
054 New Found Purpose Foundation  Common  search
103 Offering to Kishar Attack  Common  search
061 Oiran Rising Heel Attack  Common  search
107 Original Style Foundation  Uncommon  search
057 Payback Action  Uncommon  search
039 Penetrating Lunge Action  Rare  search
027 Phoenix Flare Attack  Rare  search
028 Phoenix Roar Attack  Rare  search
029 Phoenix Tail Attack  Common  search
047 Pirouette Sweep Attack  Common  search
011 Poison Ivy Attack  Common  search
123 Preparation Foundation  Uncommon  search
021 Punishing Defense Action  Rare  search
030 Raging Phoenix Soul Attack  Uncommon  search
012 Raven Catcher Attack  Common  search
124 Reckless Foundation  Uncommon  search
031 Reverse Sheng Su Low Kick Attack  Uncommon  search
032 Reverse Waterfall Attack  Common  search
075 Ring Barrage Action  Rare  search
062 Sakura Air Combo Attack  Rare  search
063 Sakura Twister Attack  Uncommon  search
110 Second Wind Action  Uncommon  search
035 Secret Art of Ling-Sheng Su Style Foundation  Common  search
064 Shade Dancer Attack  Common  search
065 Shade Roundhouse Attack  Rare  search
066 Shade Thrust Attack  Uncommon  search
067 Shadow Hunter Attack  Rare  search
013 Shameless Attack  Common  search
104 Shamesh The Just Attack  Common  search
071 Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battoujutsu Foundation  Uncommon  search
014 Spiral Dominance Attack  Rare  search
015 Spiral Punishment Attack  Uncommon  search
111 Steel's Bane Action  Uncommon  search
048 Stocatta Rampage Crescendo Attack  Uncommon  search
119 Straight Throw Attack  Common  search
036 Strength of Purpose Foundation  Uncommon  search
033 Sunrise Kick Attack  Rare  search
049 Sweep Kick Attack  Common  search
085 Swing Kick Attack  Uncommon  search
115 Temperance Asset  Rare  search
125 The Legend Will Never Die Foundation  Uncommon  search
105 Tiamat's Rampage Attack  Rare  search
050 Tondo Reversi Attack  Uncommon  search
116 Touch of the Edge Asset  Common  search
090 Trickster Foundation  Common  search
016 Troubled Orphan Foundation  Common  search
112 Turn Loss To Gain Action  Uncommon  search
058 Ugestu Kageuchi Asset  Super Rare  search
072 Underhanded Foundation  Common  search
086 Undertone Rectrix Attack  Common  search
108 Unkown Force Foundation  Uncommon  search
017 Unrelated Link Foundation  Uncommon  search
004 Valentine Asset  Super Rare  search
126 Victorious Foundation  Common  search
051 Violent Blood Attack  Uncommon  search
087 Warbling Pinion Attack  Common  search
068 Winter Funeral Attack  Common  search
018 You're Not My Father Foundation  Uncommon  search

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