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Q-Continuum Expansion

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Q-Continuum Expansion: 122 cards
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92 Aldebaran Serpent Q Events  search
93 Amanda's Parents Q Events  search
93a Amanda's Parents (Revised) Q Events  search
4 Android Nightmares Dilemma  search
16 Anti-Matter Pod Equipment  search
33 Arbiter of Succession Interrupt  search
104 Are These Truly Your Friends, Brother? Q Interrupts  search
18 Barber Pole Event  search
5 Bendii Syndrome Dilemma  search
1 Blade of Tkon Artifacts  search
19 Brainwash Event  search
20 Calamarain Event  search
2 Canar Artifacts  search
6 Chinese Finger Puzzle Dilemma  search
31 Colony Facilities: Stations  search
65 Data's Body Personnel: Non-aligned  search
34 Data's Medals Interrupt  search
21 Discommendation Event  search
94 Door–Net Q Events  search
22 Doppelganger Event  search
105 Dr. Q, Medicine Entity Q Interrupts  search
23 Drag Net Event  search
24 Drought Tree Event  search
35 End Transmission Interrupt  search
95 Frigid Q Events  search
66 Galen Personnel: Non-aligned  search
48 Gibson Personnel: Federation  search
106 Gift of the Tormentor Q Interrupts  search
87 Go Back Whence Thou Camest Q Dilemmas  search
88 Guilty – Provisionally Q Dilemmas  search
25 Heisenberg Compensators Event  search
89 His Honor, the High Sheriff of Nottingham Q Dilemmas  search
26 I Am Not A Merry Man! Event  search
117 I.K.C. Maht-H'a Ships: Klingon  search
118 I.K.C. T'Ong Ships: Klingon  search
27 Immortal Again Event  search
107 Incoming Message – The Continuum Q Interrupts  search
96 Into the Breach Q Events  search
41 Investigate Legend Mission  search
67 Ira Graves Personnel: Non-aligned  search
97 Jealous Amanda Q Events  search
68 Jenice Manheim Personnel: Non-aligned  search
69 John Doe Personnel: Non-aligned  search
49 Juliana Tainer Personnel: Federation  search
61 K'chiQ Personnel: Klingon  search
62 K'nera Personnel: Klingon  search
63 Kahlest Personnel: Klingon  search
70 Kareen Brianon Personnel: Non-aligned  search
50 Katherine Pulaski Personnel: Federation  search
51 Keiko O'Brien Personnel: Federation  search
64 Kitrik Personnel: Klingon  search
28 Klingon Civil War Event  search
36 Klingon Painstik Interrupt  search
71 Kova Tholl Personnel: Non-aligned  search
52 Lal Personnel: Federation  search
108 Lemon-Aid Q Interrupts  search
72 Madam Guinan Personnel: Non-aligned  search
73 Madred Personnel: Non-aligned  search
90 Mandarin Bailiff Q Dilemmas  search
13 Manheim's Dimensional Door Doorways  search
74 Marouk Personnel: Non-aligned  search
98 Military Privilege Q Events  search
53 Mirasta Yale Personnel: Federation  search
3 Mona Lisa Artifacts  search
54 Mordock Personnel: Federation  search
75 Mortal Q Personnel: Non-aligned  search
55 Mr. Homn Personnel: Federation  search
42 Nebula Mission  search
76 Nick Locarno Personnel: Non-aligned  search
37 Off Switch Interrupt  search
38 Parallax Arguers Interrupt  search
77 Paul Manheim Personnel: Non-aligned  search
43 Paxan "Wormhole" Mission  search
99 Penalty Box Q Events  search
44 Plague Planet Mission  search
17 Plasmadyne Relay Equipment  search
91 Pla–Net Q Dilemmas  search
39 Plexing Interrupt  search
115 Q's Planet Q Mission  search
15 Q's Tent Doorways  search
7 Q's Vicious Animal Things Dilemma  search
14 Q-Flash Doorways  search
56 Rager Personnel: Federation  search
57 Robin Lefler Personnel: Federation  search
8 Royale Casino: Craps Dilemma  search
58 Sakkath Personnel: Federation  search
45 Samaritan Snare Mission  search
78 Samuel Clemens Personnel: Non-aligned  search
100 Scottish Setter Q Events  search
9 Security Precautions Dilemma  search
84 Sirol Personnel: Romulan  search
59 Sonya Gomez Personnel: Federation  search
79 Soong-type Android Personnel: Non-aligned  search
46 Space Mission  search
109 Subsection Q, Paragraph 10 Q Interrupts  search
10 System-Wide Cascade Failure Dilemma  search
120 T'Pau Ships: Romulan  search
60 T'Shanik Personnel: Federation  search
47 Tarchannen Study Mission  search
85 Taris Personnel: Romulan  search
80 Tarmin Personnel: Non-aligned  search
86 Telak Personnel: Romulan  search
121 Terix Ships: Romulan  search
32 Terraforming Station Facilities: Stations  search
110 The Higher… The Q-Er Q Interrupts  search
111 The Issue Is Patriotism Q Interrupts  search
112 The Naked Truth Q Interrupts  search
11 The Sheliak Dilemma  search
101 Tijuana Crass Q Events  search
81 Timicin Personnel: Non-aligned  search
29 Transfiguration Event  search
102 Trust Me Q Events  search
116 U.S.S. Stargazer Ships: Federation  search
82 Ves Alkar Personnel: Non-aligned  search
113 Wesley Gets the Point Q Interrupts  search
114 Where's Guinan? Q Interrupts  search
40 Wrong Door Interrupt  search
103 You Will In Time Q Events  search
12 Yuta Dilemma  search
30 Zalkonian Storage Capsule Event  search
119 Zalkonian Vessel Ships: Non-aligned  search
83 Zon Personnel: Non-aligned  search

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