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Alternate Universe Expansion

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Alternate Universe Expansion: 122 cards
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104 Ajur Personnel: Non-aligned  search
8 Alien Labyrinth Dilemma  search
32 Alternate Universe Door Doorways  search
53 Anti-Matter Spread Interrupt  search
54 Barclay Transporter Phobia Interrupt  search
36 Baryon Buildup Event  search
105 Berlingoff Rasmussen Personnel: Non-aligned  search
92 Beverly Picard Personnel: Federation  search
106 Boratus Personnel: Non-aligned  search
55 Brain Drain Interrupt  search
82 Brute Force Mission  search
37 Captain's Log Event  search
9 Cardassian Trap Dilemma  search
10 Coalescent Organism Dilemma  search
111 Commander Tomalak Personnel: Romulan  search
83 Compromised Mission Mission  search
11 Conundrum Dilemma  search
56 Countermanda Interrupt  search
1 Cryosatellite Artifacts  search
112 D'Tan Personnel: Romulan  search
2 Data's Head Artifacts  search
107 Dathon Personnel: Non-aligned  search
57 Dead In Bed Interrupt  search
122 Decius Ships: Romulan  search
58 Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow Interrupt  search
33 Devidian Door Doorways  search
59 Devidian Foragers Interrupt  search
84 Diplomatic Conference Mission  search
34 Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone Equipment  search
12 Edo Probe Dilemma  search
119 Edo Vessel Ships: Non-aligned  search
13 Empathic Echo Dilemma  search
38 Engage Shuttle Operations Event  search
60 Eyes In The Dark Interrupt  search
14 Ferengi Attack Dilemma  search
85 FGC-47 Research Mission  search
61 Fire Sculptor Interrupt  search
86 Fissure Research Mission  search
15 Frame of Mind Dilemma  search
115 Future Enterprise Ships: Federation  UR  search
120 Gomtuu Ships: Non-aligned  search
101 Governor Worf Personnel: Klingon  search
62 Hail Interrupt  search
16 Hidden Entrance Dilemma  search
63 Howard Heirloom Candle Interrupt  search
64 Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Interrupt  search
17 Hunter Gangs Dilemma  search
117 I.K.C. Fek'lhr Ships: Klingon  search
118 I.K.C. K'Ratak Ships: Klingon  search
35 I.P. Scanner Equipment  search
93 Ian Andrew Troi Personnel: Federation  search
3 Iconian Gateway Artifacts  search
65 Incoming Message: Attack Authorization Interrupt  search
18 Interphasic Plasma Creatures Dilemma  search
39 Interrogation Event  search
40 Intruder Force Field Event  search
66 Isabella Interrupt  search
94 Jack Crusher Personnel: Federation  search
67 Jamaharon Interrupt  search
102 K'mtar Personnel: Klingon  search
68 Kevin Uxbridge: Convergence Interrupt  search
41 Klim Dokachin Event  search
69 La Forge Maneuver Interrupt  search
108 Lakanta Personnel: Non-aligned  search
70 Latinum Payoff Interrupt  search
42 Lower Decks Event  search
95 Lt. (j.g.) Picard Personnel: Federation  search
113 Major Rakal Personnel: Romulan  search
19 Malfunctioning Door Dilemma  search
20 Maman Picard Dilemma  search
109 Maques Personnel: Non-aligned  search
110 Mickey D. Personnel: Non-aligned  search
96 Montgomery Scott Personnel: Federation  search
43 Mot's Advice Event  search
52 Neutral Facilities: Outposts  search
4 Ophidian Cane Artifacts  search
21 Outpost Raid Dilemma  search
22 Parallel Romance Dilemma  search
44 Particle Scattering Field Event  search
97 Paul Rice Personnel: Federation  search
71 Phaser Burns Interrupt  search
23 Punishment Zone Dilemma  search
87 Qualor II Rendezvous Mission  search
24 Quantum Singularity Lifeforms Dilemma  search
88 Quash Conspiracy Mission  search
98 Rachel Garrett Personnel: Federation  search
25 Rascals Dilemma  search
5 Receptacle Stones Artifacts  search
72 Rescue Captives Interrupt  search
6 Ressikan Flute Artifacts  search
89 Reunion Mission  search
45 Revolving Door Event  search
99 Richard Castillo Personnel: Federation  search
90 Risa Shore Leave Mission  search
46 Rishon Uxbridge Event  search
73 Romulan Ambush Interrupt  search
26 Royale Casino: Blackjack Dilemma  search
7 Samuel Clemens' Pocketwatch Artifacts  search
74 Security Sacrifice Interrupt  search
75 Seize Wesley Interrupt  search
76 Senior Staff Meeting Interrupt  search
114 Stefan DeSeve Personnel: Romulan  search
121 Tama Ships: Non-aligned  search
103 Targ Personnel: Klingon  search
100 Tasha Yar – Alternate Personnel: Federation  search
77 Temporal Narcosis Interrupt  search
47 The Charybdis Event  search
27 The Gatherers Dilemma  search
28 The Higher… The Fewer Dilemma  search
48 The Mask of Korgano Event  search
49 Thermal Deflectors Event  search
78 Thine Own Self Interrupt  search
29 Thought Fire Dilemma  search
116 U.S.S. Enterprise-C Ships: Federation  search
79 Vorgon Raiders Interrupt  search
80 Vulcan Nerve Pinch Interrupt  search
91 Warped Space Mission  search
50 Wartime Conditions Event  search
81 Wolf Interrupt  search
30 Worshiper Dilemma  search
51 Yellow Alert Event  search
31 Zaldan Dilemma  search

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