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Sword of Caine

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Sword of Caine: 60 cards
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1 Appius Claudius Corvus Vampire  search
2 Arianne, The Conqueror Vampire  search
3 Ash Harrison Vampire  search
21 Biothaumaturgic Experiment Action  search
22 Black Hand Emissary Action  search
23 Blind Spot Master  search
24 Cadet Master  search
4 Carmen Vampire  search
25 Census Taker Master  search
26 Cloak of Blood Action  search
5 Dr. Morrow, The Skindoctor Vampire  search
27 Drink the Blood of Ahriman Action  search
28 Drop Point Network Master  search
29 Eccentric Billionaire Ally  search
6 Elimelech the Twice-Damned Vampire  search
30 Empowering the Puppet King Action Modifier  search
31 Enrage Action  search
32 Epiphany Action  search
7 Fairuza Vampire  search
33 Follow the Blood Reaction  search
34 Forced Vigilance Reaction  search
35 Framing an Ancient Grudge Master  search
8 Gatjil Munyarryun Vampire  search
36 Guarded Rubrics Equipment  search
9 Hagar Stone Vampire  search
37 Hand Contract Master  search
38 Joseph Pander Master  search
10 Kestrelle Hayes Vampire  search
39 Liquefy the Mortal Coil Combat  search
11 Lubomira Hradok Vampire  search
40 Mantle of the Bestial Majesty Action  search
12 Marge Khan Vampire  search
41 Mustajib Action  search
13 Nails Vampire  search
14 Nizzam al-Latif Vampire  search
42 Nocturn Ally  search
43 Notorious Brutality Action Modifier  search
15 Ondine "Boudicca" Sinclair Vampire  search
44 Praetorian Backer Action  search
45 Prison of the Mind Action  search
46 Psychic Assault Combat  search
16 Rashid Stockton Vampire  search
47 Ruins of Ceoris Equipment  search
48 Sanguinary Wind Combat  search
17 Saul Meira Vampire  search
49 Seraph's Second Action Modifier  search
18 Shaggydog Vampire  search
19 Stephen Bateson Vampire  search
50 Tattoo Signal Action  search
51 Taunt the Caged Beast Action  search
52 The Uncoiling Event  search
53 Touch of Pain Reaction  search
54 Tribunal Judgment Political Action  search
55 Trophy: Chosen Master  search
56 Truth in Ink Reaction  search
57 Unexpected Coalition Action Modifier/Reaction  search
58 Veil the Legions Action Modifier  search
59 Vermin Channel Action  search
60 Watchtower: The Wolves Feed Master  search
20 Zubeida Vampire  search

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