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Rise of Saruman

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Rise of Saruman: 148 cards
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67 A Defiled Charge Condition  search
15 A New Light Event  search
27 Anduril, Sword That Was Broken Artifact  search
93 Aragorn, Defender of Rohan Companion  search
1 Armor of Khazad Possession  search
5 Axe-Work Event  search
2 Balin Avenged Condition  search
16 Barliman Butterbur, Red-Faced Landlord Companion  search
40 Beast of War Possession  search
112 Blade of the White Hand Possession  search
41 Ceremonial Armor Possession  search
68 Chaotic Clash Condition  search
69 Cry and Panic Condition  search
113 Deathly Roar Condition  search
94 Dispatched with Haste Condition  search
145 Dol Guldur Site  search
3 Dwarven Stratagem Event  search
42 Easterling Dispatcher Minion  search
43 Easterling Sneak Minion  search
7 Elven Guardian Companion  search
95 Eomer, Northman Companion  search
96 Eowyn, Northwoman Companion  search
146 Falls of Rauros Site  search
28 Faramir, Bearer of Quality Companion  search
29 Faramir´s Bow, Ithilien Longbow Possession  search
70 Feral Ride Event  search
97 For Death and Glory Condition . Support Area  search
17 Gandalf, Returned Companion  search
18 Glamdring, Orc Beater Possession  search
44 Grima's Dagger Possession  search
71 Grishnakh, Treacherous Captain Minion  search
19 Guidance of the Istari Event  search
20 Gwaihir, The Windlord Follower  search
106 Halfling Leaf Condition  search
99 Hama, Northman Companion  search
8 Hearth and Hall Event  search
108 Hornblower Leaf Condition  search
147 Imladris Site  search
45 In the Wild Men´s Wake Event  search
100 Into the Caves Condition  search
114 Land had Changed Event  search
21 Long-Stemmed Pipe Condition  search
9 Lothlorien Guides Event  search
30 Madril, Loyal Lieutenant Companion  search
22 Meneldor, Misty Mountain Eagle Follower  search
107 Merry, In the Bloom of Health Companion  search
10 Namárie Condition  search
31 Narsil, Forged by Telchar Artifact  search
32 Nimble Attack Event  search
148 Nurn Site  search
72 Orkish Assassin Minion  search
73 Orkish Berserker Minion  search
74 Orkish Cavalry Minion  search
75 Orkish Dreg Minion  search
76 Orkish Fiend Minion  search
77 Orkish Flanker Minion  search
78 Orkish Footman Minion  search
79 Orkish Invader Minion  search
80 Orkish Lackey Minion  search
81 Orkish Maurader Minion  search
82 Orkish Rider Minion  search
83 Orkish Runner Minion  search
84 Orkish Scout Minion  search
85 Orkish Traveller Minion  search
86 Orkish Veteran Minion  search
87 Orkish Warg-Master Minion  search
88 Orkish Warrior Minion  search
11 Orophin, Silvan Elf Companion  search
46 Pandemonium Event  search
109 Pippin, In the Bloom of Health Companion  search
47 Primitive Brand Possession  search
33 Ranger of the White Tree Companion  search
89 Relentless Warg Possession  search
90 Rider´s Gear Possession  search
4 Ring of Artifice Artifact  search
142 Ring of Savagery Artifact  search
143 Ring of Terror Artifact  search
12 Rumil, Silvan Elf Companion  search
48 Saruman, Coldly Still Minion  search
115 Saruman, Curunir Minion  search
37 Saruman, Instigator of Insurrection Minion  search
116 Saruman, Master of the White Hand Minion  search
38 Saruman, Servant of Sauron Follower  search
23 Scintilating Bird Condition  search
24 Shadowfax, Gratest of the Mearas Possession  search
101 Soldier of Rohan Companion  search
35 Soldier´s Cache Condition  search
110 Southfarthing Leaf Condition  search
111 Southlinch Leaf Condition  search
117 Spear of the White Hand Possession  search
34 Spirit of the White Tree Condition  search
49 Stampeding Chief Minion  search
50 Stampeding Hillsman Minion  search
51 Stampeding Madman Minion  search
52 Stampeding Ransacker Minion  search
53 Stampeding Savage Minion  search
54 Stampeding Shepherd Minion  search
55 Sunland Guard Minion  search
56 Sunland Scout Minion  search
57 Sunland Skirmisher Minion  search
58 Sunland Sneak Minion  search
59 Sunland Trooper Minion  search
60 Sunland Warrior Minion  search
61 Sunland WeaponMaster Minion  search
25 The Sap is in the Bough Event  search
144 The Witch King, Conqueror of Arthedain Minion  search
13 The Wolrd Ahead Condition  search
102 Theoden, Northman, King of Rohan Companion  search
6 Thorin III, Stonehelm Companion  search
91 Threatening Warg Possession  search
39 Throne of Isengard Artifact  search
36 Throne of Minas Tirith Artifact  search
105 Throne of The Dark Lord Artifact  search
98 Throne of the Golden Hall Artifact  search
139 Ulaire Cantea, Duplicitous Assassin Minion  search
140 Ulaire Enquea, Duplicitous Lieutenant Minion  search
141 Ulaire Otsea, Duplicitous Specter Minion  search
64 Vengeful Pillager Minion  search
65 Vengeful Primitive Minion  search
62 Vengeful Savage Minion  search
63 Vengeful Wild Man Minion  search
92 Vicious Warg Possession  search
118 Vile Pit Possession  search
104 Warrior of Rohan Companion  search
14 Weapons of Lothlorien Event  search
103 Where Now The Horse Event  search
119 White Hand Aggressor Minion  search
120 White Hand Attacker Minion  search
121 White Hand Berserker Minion  search
122 White Hand Butcher Minion  search
123 White Hand Captain Minion  search
124 White Hand Destroyer Minion  search
125 White Hand Enforcer Minion  search
126 White Hand Guard Minion  search
127 White Hand Intruder Minion  search
128 White Hand Invader Minion  search
129 White Hand Legion Minion  search
130 White Hand Scout Minion  search
131 White Hand Slayer Minion  search
132 White Hand Taskmaster Minion  search
133 White Hand Trooper Minion  search
134 White Hand Vanquisher Minion  search
135 White Hand Veteran Minion  search
136 White Hand Warrior Minion  search
66 Wildman´s Oath Possession  search
26 Woodland Onod Companion  search
137 You Do Not Know Fear Event  search
138 You Do Not Know Pain Condition  search

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