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A Hero's Passing

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A Hero's Passing: 243 cards
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42-60 A Job Well Done Event  PC  search
84-140 A New Day Event  search
57-140 Alchemical Amateur, Desperate Soul Ally  search
34-60 Alchemist's Cadaceus Attachment  PC  search
9-140 Alex Louis Armstrong, Expert Envoy Leader  search
23-60 Alex Louis Armstrong, Strong and Beautiful Ally  PC  search
45-140 Alex Louis Armstrong, Uncomfortably Outspoken Ally  search
85-140 Alone in the Dark Event  search
1-5e Alphonse Elric, Conflicted Soul Leader  search
1-140 Alphonse Elric, Fearless Brother Leader  search
21-140 Alphonse Elric, Noble Kinsman Ally  search
15-60 Alphonse Elric, Pure of Heart Ally  PC  search
1-60 Alphonse Elric, Seven Feet of Trouble Leader  PC  search
22-140 Alphonse Elric, The Voice of Conscience Ally  search
2-140 Alphonse Elric, Wrecked Armor Leader  search
AE-1-1 Alphonse Elric, Wrecked Armor Leader  search
2-6a Alphonse, The Voice of Conscience Ally  search
27-60 Angry Mob, Citizens of Liore Ally  PC  search
86-140 Another Perspective Event  search
57-60 Arid Desert Location  PC  search
10-140 Basque Grand, Conscienceless Officer Leader  search
BG-1-1 Basque Grand, Conscienceless Officer Leader  search
8-60 Basque Grand, Tucker's Patron Leader  PC  search
69-140 Bike Gang, Mobile Trouble Ally  search
4-6b Binoculars Attachment  search
72-140 Binoculars Attachment  search
87-140 Birthday Party Event  search
117-140 Birthday Present Advantage  search
5-6a Birthday Present Advantage  search
73-140 Bitter Memories Attachment  search
88-140 Break the Seal Event  search
89-140 Bull's-eye Event  search
43-60 Burning the Past Event  PC  search
44-60 Cage Event  PC  search
127-140 Central Hospital Location  search
6-6c Central Hospital Location  search
118-140 Charismatic Leader Advantage  search
58-140 Chimera Pack, Guardians Ally  search
28-60 Claire, Nurse Ally  PC  search
90-140 Combined Arms Event  search
4-6c Congratulations Event  search
91-140 Congratulations Event  search
92-140 Countercharge Event  search
93-140 Counterterrorism Event  search
74-140 Custom Work Attachment  search
45-60 Daring Gambit Event  PC  search
128-140 Dark Alleys Location  search
6-6a Dark Alleys Location  search
4-6a Diligent Event  search
94-140 Diligent Event  search
95-140 Disengage Event  search
119-140 Drink Your Milk Advantage  search
96-140 Easily Overlooked Event  search
23-140 Edward Elric, Auto-mail Warrior Ally  search
24-140 Edward Elric, Hard-Luck Case Ally  search
1-6a Edward Elric, In-Patient Leader  search
3-140 Edward Elric, In-Patient Leader  search
2-60 Edward Elric, Novice Leader  PC  search
16-60 Edward Elric, Researcher Ally  PC  search
SIG1 Edward Elric, Researcher Ally  SIG  search
25-140 Edward Elric, Strategist Ally  search
3-60 Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist Leader  PC  search
46-140 Elysia Hughes, Orphan Ally  search
59-140 Enforcer, No Job Too Small Ally  search
19-60 Envy, Doppelganger Ally  PC  search
1-6b Envy, Hiding in Plain Sight Leader  search
5-140 Envy, Hiding in Plain Sight Leader  search
33-140 Envy, Just a Rumor Ally  search
2-5e Envy, Mind Games Leader  search
11-140 Envy, Mole Leader  search
6-140 Envy, Reversal of Fortune Leader  search
5-60 Envy, Vain Leader  PC  search
7-140 Envy, Vicious Leader  search
EN-1-1 Envy, Vicious Leader  search
129-140 Express Train Location  search
130-140 Farmer's Market Location  search
16-140 Father Cornello, Leto's Zealot Leader  search
FC-1-1 Father Cornello, Leto's Zealot Leader  search
20-60 Father Cornello, Lust's Ringbearer Ally  PC  search
11-60 Father Cornello, Smug Fool Leader  PC  search
34-140 Father Cornello, Warden Ally  search
97-140 Flesh Wound Event  search
26-140 Fletcher Tringham, Petulant Child Ally  search
60-140 Freelancer, Alchemist Mercenary Ally  search
46-60 Frenzy Event  PC  search
98-140 Going It Alone Event  search
131-140 Goma Street Location  search
47-140 Gracia Hughes, Widow Ally  search
2-6d Greed, Rebellious Sin Ally  search
61-140 Greed, Rebellious Sin Ally  search
24-60 Hakuro, General Ally  PC  search
35-60 Hawkeye's Pistol Attachment  PC  search
132-140 Hideout Location  search
99-140 Impromptu Weapon Event  search
47-60 Ingredients Event  PC  search
62-140 Insurgent, Child Soldier Ally  search
48-60 Intimidation Event  PC  search
1-1x Izumi Curtis, Sensei Leader  search
48-140 Kain Fuery, Master Sergeant Ally  search
49-140 King Bradley, War Leader Ally  search
63-140 Leo, Survivor Ally  search
120-140 Limitless Numbers Advantage  search
5-6d Limitless Numbers Advantage  search
25-60 Liza Hawkeye, Sharpshooter Ally  PC  search
8-140 Lust, Blackmailer Leader  search
LU-1-1 Lust, Blackmailer Leader  search
21-60 Lust, Cloaked Stranger Ally  PC  search
SIG2 Lust, Cloaked Stranger Ally  SIG  search
6-60 Lust, Femme Fatale Leader  PC  search
35-140 Lust, Homunculus Ally  search
36-140 Lust, Not Quite Human Ally  search
7-60 Lust, Vision of Beauty Leader  PC  search
31-60 Lyra, Upstart Alchemist Ally  PC  search
12-140 Maes Hughes, Always Prepared Leader  search
13-140 Maes Hughes, Analyst Leader  search
MH-1-1 Maes Hughes, Analyst Leader  search
26-60 Maes Hughes, Dedicated Soldier Ally  PC  search
SIG3 Maes Hughes, Dedicated Soldier Ally  SIG  search
50-140 Maes Hughes, Disingenuous Ally  search
4-5e Maes Hughes, Family Man Leader  search
1-6c Maes Hughes, Hero of the Day Leader  search
14-140 Maes Hughes, Hero of the Day Leader  search
9-60 Maes Hughes, Smitten Husband Leader  PC  search
51-140 Maes Hughes, Trusted Friend Ally  search
100-140 Maes' Funeral Event  search
75-140 Maes' Throwing Knives Attachment  search
32-60 Majhal, Friendly Neighbor Ally  PC  search
70-140 Majhal, Lost to the Past Ally  search
20-140 Majhal, Zombie Master Leader  search
MJ-1-1 Majhal, Zombie Master Leader  search
52-140 Maria Ross, Insubordinate Ally  search
36-60 Mark of the Ouroboros Attachment  PC  search
121-140 Medical Care Advantage  search
133-140 Military Cemetary Location  search
37-60 Military Commission Attachment  PC  search
122-140 Military Records Advantage  search
29-60 Militia, Citizens of Liore Ally  PC  search
101-140 Mindless Violence Event  search
49-60 More Event  PC  search
58-60 Mugear's Manse Location  PC  search
37-140 Mugear, Fall Guy Ally  search
27-140 Nash Tringham, Reclusive Researcher Ally  search
38-140 Number 48, The Slicer Brothers Ally  search
2-6b Number 66, Barry the Chopper Ally  search
39-140 Number 66, Barry the Chopper Ally  search
64-140 Number 66, Loose Cannon Ally  search
102-140 Old Tricks Work Best Event  search
134-140 On the Road Location  search
103-140 Overwhelmed Event  search
4-6d Overwhelmed Event  search
104-140 Pillar of the People Event  search
50-60 Plan B Event  PC  search
105-140 Plans Within Plans Event  search
65-140 Police Squad, Citizens of Aquroya Ally  search
33-60 Policeman, Citizen of Linter Ally  PC  search
51-60 Pressure Event  PC  search
3-6c Privileged Position Attachment  search
76-140 Privileged Position Attachment  search
12-60 Psiren, Folk Hero Leader  PC  search
17-140 Psiren, Swordswoman Leader  search
77-140 Psychological Tortore Attachment  search
123-140 Raw Firepower Advantage  search
38-60 Rebel Brand Attachment  PC  search
39-60 Red Water Fever Attachment  PC  search
52-60 Reinforcements Event  PC  search
59-60 Resembool Graveyard Location  PC  search
106-140 Revered Counselor Event  search
66-140 Rick, Careless Ally  search
135-140 River Dock Location  search
6-6d River Dock Location  search
3-6d Rocket Launcher Attachment  search
78-140 Rocket Launcher Attachment  search
71-140 Rose Thomas, Disobedient Servant Ally  search
22-60 Rose Thomas, Hapless Pawn Ally  PC  search
28-140 Roy Mustang, Daring Gambler Ally  search
15-140 Roy Mustang, Friend of the Fallen Leader  search
53-140 Roy Mustang, Haunted Past Ally  search
10-60 Roy Mustang, Jaded Officer Leader  PC  search
29-140 Russell Tringham Ally  search
67-140 Scar, Cold Hearted Ally  search
SIG4 Scar, Cold Hearted Ally  SIG  search
1-6d Scar, Driven Leader  search
18-140 Scar, Driven Leader  search
SC-1-1 Scar, Driven Leader  search
13-60 Scar, Harbinger of Chaos Leader  PC  search
19-140 Scar, Hard to Kill Leader  search
14-60 Scar, Ishbala's Crusader Leader  PC  search
5-5e Scar, Life on the Run Leader  search
30-60 Scar, Stalker Ally  PC  search
136-140 Seedy Hotel Location  search
107-140 Selfless Support Event  search
108-140 Shapeshifting Event  search
54-140 Sheska, Unemployed Ally  search
40-140 Shou Tucker, Accomplice Ally  search
2-6c Shou Tucker, Civilian Ally  search
55-140 Shou Tucker, Civilian Ally  search
3-5e Shou Tucker, Educated Fool Leader  search
17-60 Shou's New Chimera, Nina and Alexander Ally  PC  search
41-140 Slavering Beast, Dark Experiment Ally  search
3-6b Sloth, Miss Director Ally  search
42-140 Sloth, Miss Director Ally  search
43-140 Sloth, Miss Guidance Ally  search
44-140 Sloth, Miss Information Ally  search
79-140 Smoke Grenade Attachment  search
53-60 Sneak Thief Event  PC  search
40-60 Spear Attachment  PC  search
54-60 Spoils of War Event  PC  search
109-140 Standoff Event  search
5-6c Standoff Event  search
55-60 Stone Wall Event  PC  search
137-140 Storm Drains Location  search
41-60 Stray Kitten Attachment  PC  search
68-140 Street Gang, Citizens of Liore Ally  search
138-140 Streetside Pub Location  search
124-140 Subtle Corruption Advantage  search
56-60 Suppressing Fire Event  PC  search
80-140 Swimsuit Edition Attachment  search
81-140 Taboo Circles Attachment  search
110-140 Take Hostages Event  search
139-140 Temple of Ishbala Location  search
111-140 Terrorist Threats Event  search
125-140 The Brigadier General Advantage  search
6-6b The Brigadier General Advantage  search
112-140 The Right Kind of People Event  search
4-140 Tim Marcoh, On a Mission Leader  search
TM-1-1 Tim Marcoh, On a Mission Leader  search
30-140 Tim Marcoh, Penitent Soldier Ally  search
31-140 Tim Marcoh, Renegade Doctor Ally  search
4-60 Tim Marcoh, Soldier with a Conscience Leader  PC  search
82-140 Too Many Books Attachment  search
113-140 Trapped Event  search
5-6b Trapped Event  search
18-60 Trisha Elric, Supportive Mother Ally  PC  search
126-140 Undying Loyalty Advantage  search
114-140 Up Against the Wall Event  search
140-140 Uptown Location  search
3-6a Utility Automotive Attachment  search
83-140 Utility Automotive Attachment  search
115-140 Walking Tall Event  search
116-140 Well Hidden Event  search
32-140 Winry Rockbell, Young, Gifted Auto-Mail Engineer Ally  search
60-60 Youswell Inn Location  PC  search
56-140 Zolf J. Kimbly, The Crimson Alchemist Ally  search

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