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Promo Cards: 70 cards
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PR6-2 A Hero's Passing Advantage  PR2006  search
OP5-4 A Job Well Done Event  OP2005  search
OP6-1 Alchemist Testing Grounds Location  OP2006  search
PR6-8 Alchemists' Gate Location  PR2006  search
JOY-1 Alex Louis Armstrong, Strong and Beautiful Ally  JOY  search
PR5-4 Alphonse Elric, "The Fullmetal Alchemist" Leader  PR2005  search
OP6-10 Alphonse Elric, False Memories Ally  OP2006  search
CON6-1 Alphonse Elric, Impenetrable Armor Ally  CON2006  search
CON6-2 Alphonse Elric, Impenetrable Armor Ally  CON2006  search
CON6-3 Alphonse Elric, Impenetrable Armor Ally  CON2006  search
CON6-4 Alphonse Elric, Impenetrable Armor Ally  CON2006  search
CON6-5 Alphonse Elric, Impenetrable Armor Ally  CON2006  search
CON6-6 Alphonse Elric, Impenetrable Armor Ally  CON2006  search
PR6-9 Alphonse Elric, Light on His Feet Leader  PR2006  search
OP5-6 Alphonse Elric, Martial Artist Ally  OP2005  search
HD-1 Alphonse Elric, Protective Soul Leader  HD  search
JOY-2 Alphonse Elric, Shy Young Boy Ally  JOY  search
OP5-10 Alphonse Elric, Tireless Fighter Ally  OP2005  search
PR5-7 Artificial Human Event  PR2005  search
PR5-6 Blood and Water Event  PR2005  search
OP5-7 Caught Off Guard Event  OP2005  search
PR6-1 Common Ground Event  PR2006  search
OP5-8 Edward Elric's Arm Blade Attachment  OP2005  search
PR6-4 Edward Elric, Hard-Luck Case Ally  PR2006  search
OP5-3 Edward Elric, Hero of the People Ally  OP2005  search
JOY-3 Edward Elric, Quick Thinker Ally  JOY  search
OP6-2 Edward Elric, Self Righteous Ally  OP2006  search
PR5-5 Edward Elric, Shrimp Leader  PR2005  search
1-8 Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist Leader  CON2005  search
HD-2 Edward Elric, Unbeliever Leader  HD  search
HDB-1 Elric HD back Card Back  HD  search
HD-3 Envy, Basque Grand Leader  HD  search
OP6-7 Envy, Homunculus Ally  OP2006  search
PR6-5 Envy, Just a Rumor Ally  PR2006  search
OP6-3 Expertise Event  OP2006  search
OP6-11 Goodbye Event  OP2006  search
OP6-5 Greed, Reckless Ally  OP2006  search
PR5-3 Gunslinging Event  PR2005  search
HDB-2 Homunculus HD back Card Back  HD  search
OP5-9 I've Got The Stones Event  OP2005  search
OP6-6 Izumi Curtis, One With All Ally  OP2006  search
PR6-3 Izumi Curtis, One With All Leader  PR2006  search
PR6-12 Liza Hawkeye, Aegis Ally  PR2006  search
OP6-8 Looking Back Ally  OP2006  search
OP6-4 Lust, Artificial Human Ally  OP2006  search
HD-4 Lust, Pure Evil Leader  HD  search
PR5-1 Lust, Vision of Beauty Leader  PR2005  search
JOY-4 Maes Hughes, Dedicated Solider Ally  JOY  search
OP6-9 Maes Hughes, Mentor Ally  OP2006  search
HD-5 Maes Hughes, Senior Investigator Leader  HD  search
HDB-3 Military HD back Card Back  HD  search
HD-7 Psiren, Master Thief Leader  HD  search
HDB-4 Rebel HD back Card Back  HD  search
HD-6 Roy Mustang, Administrator Leader  HD  search
PR6-6 Roy Mustang, Haunted Past Ally  PR2006  search
JOY-5 Roy Mustang, Pragmatist Ally  JOY  search
OP5-1 Roy Mustang, State Alchemist Ally  OP2005  search
PR6-7 Scar, Cold Hearted Ally  PR2006  search
PR5-2 Scar, Ishbala's Crusader Leader  PR2005  search
PR6-10 Scar, Righteous Killer Leader  PR2006  search
HD-8 Scar, Single Minded Leader  HD  search
JOY-6 Scar, Stalker Ally  JOY  search
PR6-11 Seven Deadly Sins Advantage  PR2006  search
OP5-2 Spoils of War Event  OP2005  search
PR5-8 State Alchemists, Dogs of the Military Ally  PR2005  search
OP5-11 The Elric Brothers, Edward and Alphonse Leader  OP2005  search
OP6-12 The Elric Brothers, The Only Family They've Got Ally  OP2006  search
OP5-5 Veteran Alchemists, Military Elite Ally  OP2005  search
JOY-7 Winry Rockbell, Gearhead Ally  JOY  search
15 Zolf J Kimbly, Mercenary Ally  Promo  search
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