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Alchemists' Brotherhood

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Alchemists' Brotherhood: 36 cards
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HOL-6 Aflame Event  HOL  search
FC-23 Alex Louis Armstrong, Overbearing Bodyguard Ally  FC  search
FC-12 Alphonse Elric, Captive Ally  FC  search
FC-30 Antique Armor Attachment  FC  search
FC-22 Artistic Alchemy Event  FC  search
HOL-5 Birthday Party Event  HOL  search
HOL-3 Burning the Past Event  HOL  search
HOL-1 Challenge the Sun Event  HOL  search
FC-25 Custom Work Attachment  FC  search
FC-11 Edward Elric, Inspiring Leader  FC  search
FC-18 Edward Elric, Shrimp Leader  FC  search
FC-3 Edward Elric, Strategist Ally  FC  search
FC-4 Envy, Copycat Ally  FC  search
FC-24 Gluttony, Big Fists Ally  FC  search
FC-16 Greed, Voracious Appetite Leader  FC  search
FC-2 Help Is On the Way Event  FC  search
FC-21 Izumi Curtis, Feigning Defeat Leader  FC  search
FC-6 Lust, Creating an Incident Leader  FC  search
FC-28 Lust, Torturer Ally  FC  search
FC-13 Lyra, Budding Talent Ally  FC  search
FC-19 Maes Hughes, Aggressive Ally  FC  search
FC-7 Mob Mentality Advantage  FC  search
HOL-4 More Event  HOL  search
FC-5 Out the Window Event  FC  search
FC-20 Plan B Event  FC  search
FC-17 Pride, Commander in Chief Ally  FC  search
FC-1 Roy Mustang, In His Footsteps Leader  FC  search
FC-8 Roy Mustang, Sarcastic Ally  FC  search
FC-15 Run, You Coward! Event  FC  search
FC-29 Scar, Hero of Liore Ally  FC  search
FC-9 Scar, In Hiding Ally  FC  search
HOL-2 Sensei's Shadow Event  HOL  search
FC-26 Shou Tucker, Breeder Leader  FC  search
FC-10 Test of Might Event  FC  search
FC-14 The Armstrong Family Gloves Attachment  FC  search
FC-27 Winry Rockbell, Locksmith Ally  FC  search

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